THE PERSONAL DATA the personal data [and sensitive personal data] detailed in Schedule 2 and to be shared between the parties under clause 5 of this Agreement.
THE PERSONAL DATA. You will Process the Personal Data solely for the purposes of providing the translation Services to Us on behalf of Our Clients.
THE PERSONAL DATA. The nature and purpose of the processing You will process the personal data for the purposes of providing the interpreting services to us on behalf of our Clients. Types of personal data The personal data which is shared with you when providing interpreting services face to face or over the telephone, and the personal data in any associated documentation provided to you. Categories of data subjects Our Clients their employees. And or their service users The individual who you are interpreting on behalf of, and any other individuals which you are provided with personal data about when providing the interpreting services and/or in associated documentation.
THE PERSONAL DATA will be held only as long as is necessary to implement, administer and manage the Participant’s participation in the Plan. The Participant may, at any time and without cost, contact Long-term Incentive Plan Administration at Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx, 000 Xxxxxx Xxxxx Irving, TX 75038, USA to enforce his or her rights under the data protection laws in the Participant's country, which may include the right to (i) request access or copies of Personal Data subject to processing; (ii) request rectification of incorrect Personal Data; (iii) request deletion of Personal Data; (iv) request restriction on processing of Personal Data; (v)
THE PERSONAL DATA. The nature and purpose of the Processing You will Process the Personal Data solely for the purposes of providing the interpreting Services to Us.


  • Personal Data Registry Operator shall (i) notify each ICANN-­‐accredited registrar that is a party to the registry-­‐registrar agreement for the TLD of the purposes for which data about any identified or identifiable natural person (“Personal Data”) submitted to Registry Operator by such registrar is collected and used under this Agreement or otherwise and the intended recipients (or categories of recipients) of such Personal Data, and (ii) require such registrar to obtain the consent of each registrant in the TLD for such collection and use of Personal Data. Registry Operator shall take reasonable steps to protect Personal Data collected from such registrar from loss, misuse, unauthorized disclosure, alteration or destruction. Registry Operator shall not use or authorize the use of Personal Data in a way that is incompatible with the notice provided to registrars.

  • Shared Personal Data This clause sets out the framework for the sharing of personal data between the parties as data controllers. Each party acknowledges that one party (the Data Discloser) will regularly disclose to the other party (the Data Recipient) Shared Personal Data collected by the Data Discloser for the Agreed Purposes.

  • PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION 7.1 By accessing ESZAM AUCTIONEER SDN BHD website, the E-Bidders acknowledge and agree that ESZAM AUCTIONEER SDN BHD website may collect, retain, or disclose the E-Bidder’s information or any information by the e-bidders for the effectiveness of services, and the collected, retained or disclosed information shall comply with Personal Data Protection Act 2010 and any regulations, laws or rules applicable from time to time.

  • Personal Data Processing 2.1 The Processor shall process Personal Data only on the basis of corresponding recorded orders from the Controller.

  • Personal Information Each party shall comply with their respective obligations under applicable data protection legislation. HPE does not intend to have access to personally identifiable information (“PII”) of Customer in providing services. To the extent HPE has access to Customer PII stored on a system or device of Customer, such access will likely be incidental and Customer will remain the data controller of Customer PII at all times. HPE will use any PII to which it has access strictly for purposes of delivering the services ordered.

  • Authorization to Share Personal Data The Employee authorizes the Company or any Affiliate of the Company that has or lawfully obtains personal data relating to the Employee to divulge or transfer such personal data to the Company or to a third party, in each case in any jurisdiction, if and to the extent reasonably appropriate in connection with this Agreement or the administration of the Plan.

  • Personal Day All employees shall receive a personal day in each contract year. This personal day is in addition to the holidays listed in paragraph 3 above. The personal day shall be scheduled in accordance with the following provision: Employees may select such day off on five (5) days’ notice to the Employer provided such selection does not result in a reduction of employees in the building below 75% of the normal work staff. Such selection shall be made in accordance with seniority.

  • Processing of Personal Data 1.1. With regard to the Processing of Personal Data, You are the controller and determine the purposes and means of Processing of Personal Data You provide to Us (“Controller”) and You appoint Us as a processor (“Processor”) to process such Personal Data (hereinafter, “Data”) on Your behalf (hereinafter, “Processing”).

  • Protection of Personal Data 25.1 The Parties agree that they may obtain and have access to personal data for the duration of the Agreement for the fulfilment of the rights and obligations contained herein. In performing the obligations as set out in this Agreement, the Parties shall at all times ensure that:

  • Use of Personal Data By executing this Stock Agreement, Participant acknowledges and agrees to the collection, use, processing and transfer of certain personal data, including his or her name, salary, nationality, job title, position and details of all past Awards and current Awards outstanding under the Plan (“Data”), for the purpose of managing and administering the Plan. The Participant is not obliged to consent to such collection, use, processing and transfer of personal data, but a refusal to provide such consent may affect his or her ability to participate in the Plan. The Company, or its Subsidiaries, may transfer Data among themselves or to third parties as necessary for the purpose of implementation, administration and management of the Plan. These various recipients of Data may be located elsewhere throughout the world. The Participant authorizes these various recipients of Data to receive, possess, use, retain and transfer the Data, in electronic or other form, for the purposes of implementing, administering and managing the Plan. The Participant may, at any time, review Data with respect to the Participant and require any necessary amendments to such Data. The Participant may withdraw his or her consent to use Data herein by notifying the Company in writing; however, the Participant understands that by withdrawing his or her consent to use Data, the Participant may affect his or her ability to participate in the Plan.