The Interest Period Sample Clauses

The Interest Period. The interest period (the "Interest Period") ------------------- --------------- with respect to (i) any Prime Rate Loan, shall be a period continued from day to day until terminated by the Borrower, such termination to be effective two business days after the selection of a LIBO Rate Loan or Cost of Funds Loan to replace such Prime Rate Loan, (ii) any LIBO Rate Loan, shall be a period of borrowing commencing on and including the date of advance or conversion and ending on the numerically corresponding date that is one, two, three, four, five or six months thereafter, as set forth in the Loan Request and (iii) any Cost of Funds Loan, shall be a period of borrowing commencing on and including the date of advance or conversion and ending on the numerically corresponding date that is 30, 60, 90, 120, 150 or 180 days thereafter, as set forth in the Loan Request. Notwithstanding the foregoing:
The Interest Period. 13.1.1 The Initial Interest Period for any Advance made prior to the Construction Period End Date shall be that period specified in Clause and for any Advance made during the Power Loan Construction Period shall be that period specified in Clause and

Related to The Interest Period

LIBOR Interest Periods In lieu of making any payment pursuant to this Section 5.2 in respect of any LIBOR Loan, other than on the last day of the Interest Period therefor so long as no Event of Default shall have occurred and be continuing, the Borrower at its option may deposit, on behalf of the Borrower, with the Administrative Agent an amount equal to the amount of the LIBOR Loan to be prepaid and such LIBOR Loan shall be repaid on the last day of the Interest Period therefor in the required amount. Such deposit shall be held by the Administrative Agent in a corporate time deposit account established on terms reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent, earning interest at the then customary rate for accounts of such type. The Borrower hereby grants to the Administrative Agent, for the benefit of the Lenders, a security interest in all such cash, deposit accounts and all balances therein and all proceeds of the foregoing. Such deposit shall constitute cash collateral for the LIBOR Loans to be so prepaid; provided that the Borrower may at any time direct that such deposit be applied to make the applicable payment required pursuant to this Section 5.2.
Interest Period With respect to each LIBOR Rate Loan (a) initially, the period commencing on the Drawdown Date of such LIBOR Rate Loan and ending one, two, three or, to the extent available from all Lenders, six months thereafter, and (b) thereafter, each period commencing on the day following the last day of the next preceding Interest Period applicable to such Loan and ending on the last day of one of the periods set forth above, as selected by the Borrower in a Loan Request or Conversion/Continuation Request; provided that all of the foregoing provisions relating to Interest Periods are subject to the following:
Duration of normal Interest Periods Subject to Clauses 6.3 and 6.4, each Interest Period shall be:
Number of Interest Periods There may be no more than 6 different Interest Periods for LIBOR Loans outstanding at the same time.
Interest Periods (a) At the time a Borrower gives a Notice of Borrowing or a Notice of Conversion in respect of the making of, or conversion into, a Borrowing of Eurodollar Loans (in the case of the initial Interest Period applicable thereto) or prior to 12:00 Noon (New York Time) on the third Business Day prior to the expiration of an Interest Period applicable to a Borrowing of Eurodollar Loans, it shall have the right to elect by giving the Administrative Agent written notice (or telephonic notice promptly confirmed in writing) of the Interest Period applicable to such Borrowing, which Interest Period shall, at the option of such Borrower, be a one, two, three or six month period or such other period available to all Lenders. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained above:
Rest Period 27.1 For employees working normal hours, a fifteen (15) minute rest period will be allotted, at the time and in a reasonable location as directed by the Employer, for each half shift worked. Where a half shift is less than four (4) hours, there shall be no rest period.
Notice of Interest Period and Interest Rate Promptly after receipt of a Notice of Borrowing pursuant to Section 2.02(a), a notice of Conversion pursuant to Section 2.09 or a notice of selection of an Interest Period pursuant to the terms of the definition of “Interest Period”, the Administrative Agent shall give notice to the Borrower and each Appropriate Lender of the applicable Interest Period and the applicable interest rate determined by the Administrative Agent for purposes of clause (a)(i) or (a)(ii) above.
Duration of Interest Periods (a) Subject to the provisions of the definition of "Interest Period," the duration of each Interest Period applicable to a LIBOR Loan shall be as specified in the applicable Notice of Borrowing or Conversion. The Borrower shall have the option to elect a subsequent Interest Period to be applicable to such Loan by giving notice of such election to the Bank received no later than 10:00 a.m. on the date that is 3 Business Days before the end of the then applicable Interest Period if such Loan is to be continued as or converted to a LIBOR Loan.
Determination of Interest Periods Every Interest Period shall be of the duration specified by the Borrower pursuant to clause 3.2 but so that:
Notification of Interest Periods and interest rate The Bank shall notify the Borrower promptly of the duration of each Interest Period and of each rate of interest determined by it under this clause 3.