The Extensions of Credit Sample Clauses

The Extensions of Credit. Section 2.01 Commitment to Extend Credit 24 Section 2.02 Method of Borrowing 25 Section 2.03 [Reserved] 26 Section 2.04 [Reserved] 26
The Extensions of Credit. Section 2.01 Commitment to Extend Credit 25 Section 2.02 Method of Borrowing 26 Section 2.03 Method of Swing Line Borrowing 27 Section 2.04 Letters of Credit 30 Section 2.05 Increase of the Commitments 34 Section 2.06 Maturity of Advances; Extension and Termination of Commitment 35 Section 2.07 Evidence of Advances 37 Section 2.08 Interest Rates 37 Section 2.09 Fees 38 Section 2.10 Termination or Reduction of Commitment 39 Section 2.11 Mandatory Prepayments 40 Section 2.12 Optional Prepayments 40 Section 2.13 Compensation after Prepayment or Conversion 40 Section 2.14 General Provisions as to Payments 41 Section 2.15 Computation of Interest and Fees 41 Section 2.16 Compensation, Additional Interest 41 Section 2.17 Taxes 43 Section 2.18 Changed Circumstances 47 Section 2.19 Conversion of Advances 49 Section 2.20 Set off 50 Section 2.21 Pro Rata Treatment 50 Section 2.22 Sharing of Payments 51 Section 2.23 Mitigation of Obligations; Replacement of Lenders 52 Section 2.24 Defaulting Lenders 54 Section 2.25 Cash Collateral 57 ARTICLE III
The Extensions of Credit 

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  • Extensions of Credit The Extensions of Credit made by each Lender shall be evidenced by one or more accounts or records maintained by such Lender and by the Administrative Agent in the ordinary course of business. The accounts or records maintained by the Administrative Agent and each Lender shall be conclusive absent manifest error of the amount of the Extensions of Credit made by the Lenders to the Borrower and the interest and payments thereon. Any failure to so record or any error in doing so shall not, however, limit or otherwise affect the obligation of the Borrower hereunder to pay any amount owing with respect to the Obligations. In the event of any conflict between the accounts and records maintained by any Lender and the accounts and records of the Administrative Agent in respect of such matters, the accounts and records of the Administrative Agent shall control in the absence of manifest error. Upon the request of any Lender made through the Administrative Agent, the Borrower shall execute and deliver to such Lender (through the Administrative Agent) a Revolving Credit Note and/or Swingline Note, as applicable, which shall evidence such Lender’s Revolving Credit Loans and/or Swingline Loans, as applicable, in addition to such accounts or records. Each Lender may attach schedules to its Notes and endorse thereon the date, amount and maturity of its Loans and payments with respect thereto.

  • Conditions to All Extensions of Credit The obligation of each Lender to make any Extension of Credit hereunder is subject to the satisfaction of the following conditions precedent on the date of making such Extension of Credit:

  • Conditions to Initial Extensions of Credit The agreement of each Lender to make the initial extension of credit requested to be made by it is subject to the satisfaction, immediately prior to or concurrently with the making of such extension of credit on the Closing Date, of the following conditions precedent:

  • The Commitments and Credit Extensions 2.01 The Loans.

  • No Outstanding Loans or Other Extensions of Credit The Company does not have any outstanding extension of credit, in the form of a personal loan, to or for any director or executive officer (or equivalent thereof) of the Company except for such extensions of credit as are expressly permitted by Section 13(k) of the Exchange Act.

  • Conditions Precedent to all Extensions of Credit The obligation of the Lender Group (or any member thereof) to make any Revolving Loans hereunder (or to extend any other credit hereunder) at any time shall be subject to the following conditions precedent:

  • Conditions to all Credit Extensions The obligation of each Lender to honor any Request for Credit Extension (other than a Committed Loan Notice requesting only a conversion of Committed Loans to the other Type, or a continuation of Eurodollar Rate Loans) is subject to the following conditions precedent:

  • Extensions of Loans (a) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, pursuant to one or more offers (each, an “Extension Offer”) made from time to time by the Borrower to all Lenders holding Loans of any Class or Commitments of any Class, in each case on a pro rata basis within such Class (based on the aggregate outstanding principal amount of the respective Loans or Commitments of such Class) and on the same terms to each such Lender, the Borrower is hereby permitted to consummate transactions with any individual Lender who accepts the terms contained in the relevant Extension Offer to extend the Maturity Date of all or a portion of such Lender’s Loans and/or Commitments of such Class and otherwise modify the terms of all or a portion of such Loans and/or Commitments pursuant to the terms of the relevant Extension Offer (including by increasing the interest rate or fees payable in respect of such Loans and/or Commitments (and related outstandings) and/or modifying the amortization schedule, if any, in respect of such Loans) (each, an “Extension,” and each group of Loans or Commitments, as applicable, in each case as so extended, and the original Loans and the original Commitments (in each case not so extended), being a “Class”; it being understood that any Extended Term Loans shall constitute a separate Class of Loans from the Class of Loans from which they were converted, so long as the following terms are satisfied:

  • Commitments and Credit Extensions 2.01Loans.

  • Loans and Letters of Credit On the Closing Date: