The Duties Sample Clauses

The Duties. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, Company hereby engages Employee to perform, and Employee shall devote substantially all of Employee’s business time and attention to perform, such duties (the “Duties”) as specified in Exhibit A attached hereto, as amended from time to time in writing signed by Company and Employee (the “Scope of Duties”). Employee shall report directly to the COO, CEO, or Board of Directors (the “Board”), or its designee, of ALPP. Employee will not engage in any other business, profession, or occupation for compensation or otherwise which would conflict or interfere with the performance of the Duties either directly or indirectly without the prior written consent of the Board. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Employee will be permitted to (a) with the prior written consent of the Board (which consent will not be unreasonably withheld or delayed) act or serve as a director, trustee, committee member, or principal of any type of business, civic, or charitable organization as long as such activities are disclosed in writing to the Company, and (b) purchase or own less than five percent (5%) of the publicly traded securities of any corporation; provided that, such ownership represents a passive investment and that the Employee is not a controlling person of, or a member of a group that controls, such corporation; provided further that, the activities described in clauses (a) and (b) do not interfere with the performance of the Employee's duties and responsibilities to the Company as provided hereunder.
The Duties of the Servicer shall include, without limitation: (i) preparing and submitting of claims to, and post-billing liaison with, Obligors on Pledged Receivables; (ii) maintaining all necessary Servicing Records with respect to the Pledged Receivables and providing such reports to the Deal Agent in respect of the servicing of the Pledged Receivables (including information relating to its performance under this Agreement) as may be required hereunder or as the Deal Agent may reasonably request; (iii) maintaining and implementing administrative and operating procedures (including, without limitation, an ability to recreate Servicing Records evidencing the Pledged Receivables in the event of the destruction of the originals thereof) and keeping and maintaining all documents, books, records and other information reasonably necessary or advisable for the collection of the Pledged Receivables (including, without limitation, records adequate to permit the identification of each new Pledged Receivable and all Collections of and adjustments to each existing Pledged Receivable); (iv) promptly delivering to the Deal Agent or the Collateral Agent, from time to time, such information and Servicing Records with respect to the Pledged Receivables (including information relating to its performance under this Agreement) as the Deal Agent or the Collateral Agent may from time to time reasonably request; (v) identifying each Pledged Receivable clearly and unambiguously in its Servicing Records to reflect that such Pledged Receivable is owned by the Borrower and pledged to the Collateral Agent; (vi) complying in all material respects with the Credit and Collection Policies in regard to each Pledged Receivable; (vii) complying in all material respects with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and orders with respect to it, its business and properties and all Pledged Receivables and Collections with respect thereto; (viii) preserving and maintaining its existence, rights, franchises and privileges as a limited partnership in the jurisdiction of its organization, and qualifying and remaining qualified in good standing as a foreign limited partnership and qualifying to and remaining authorized to perform obligations as Servicer (including enforcement of collection of Pledged Receivables on behalf of the Lender, each Hedge Counterparty and the Collateral Agent) in each jurisdiction where the failure to preserve and maintain such existence, rights, franchises, privileges and qualific...
The Duties. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, Company hereby engages EMPLOYEE to perform, and EMPLOYEE shall perform, such DUTIES (the “DUTIES”) as specified in Exhibit A attached hereto, as amended from time to time in writing signed by Company and EMPLOYEE (the “Scope of DUTIES”). EMPLOYEE shall report directly to the COO, CEO, or Board of Directors (the “Board”), or its designee, of ALPP.

Related to The Duties

  • Extra Duties The Trustee shall be entitled to refuse to approve any Substituted Obligor if, pursuant to the law of the jurisdiction of incorporation of the Substituted Obligor, the assumption by the Substituted Obligor of its obligations hereunder imposes responsibilities on the Trustee over and above those which have been assumed under this Trust Deed.

  • No Duties Except as Specified in this Agreement or in Instructions. The Owner Trustee shall not have any duty or obligation to manage, make any payment with respect to, register, record, sell, dispose of, or otherwise deal with the Owner Trust Estate, or to otherwise take or refrain from taking any action under, or in connection with, any document contemplated hereby to which the Owner Trustee is a party, except as expressly provided by the terms of this Agreement or in any document or written instruction received by the Owner Trustee pursuant to Section 6.03; and no implied duties or obligations shall be read into this Agreement or any Basic Document against the Owner Trustee. The Owner Trustee shall have no responsibility for filing any financing or continuation statement in any public office at any time or to otherwise perfect or maintain the perfection of any security interest or lien granted to it hereunder or to prepare or file any Securities and Exchange Commission filing for the Trust or to record this Agreement or any Basic Document. The Owner Trustee nevertheless agrees that it will, at its own cost and expense, promptly take all action as may be necessary to discharge any liens on any part of the Owner Trust Estate that result from actions by, or claims against, the Owner Trustee that are not related to the ownership or the administration of the Owner Trust Estate.

  • Job Duties Company employs, engages and hires Executive as its Chief Information Officer, and Executive accepts and agrees to such employment, engagement and hiring. Executive’s duties and authority during the Employment Period shall be such executive and managerial duties as the Chief Executive Officer of Company, or the Chief Executive Officer’s designee, shall reasonably determine. Executive will devote full time on behalf of Company, or such lesser amount of time as the Chief Executive Officer, or the Chief Executive Officer’s designee, may determine, reasonable absences because of illness, personal and family exigencies excepted.

  • Other Duties The Transfer Agent may perform other duties for additional compensation if agreed to in writing by the parties to this Agreement.

  • Exclusive Nature of Duties The Distributor shall be the exclusive principal underwriter and distributor of each Fund, except that the exclusive rights granted to the Distributor to sell the Shares shall not apply to Shares issued by each Fund: (i) in connection with the merger or consolidation of any other investment company or personal holding company with the Fund or the acquisition by purchase or otherwise of all (or substantially all) the assets or the outstanding shares of any such company by the Fund; (ii) pursuant to reinvestment of dividends or capital gains distributions; or (iii) pursuant to the reinstatement privilege afforded redeeming shareholders. SECTION 3.

  • Certain Duties and Responsibilities (a) Except during the continuance of an Event of Default,

  • Performance of Duties Each of the Credit Party’s obligations under this Agreement and each of the other Loan Documents shall be performed by such Credit Party at its sole cost and expense.

  • Basic Duties 1. For each product the basic duty to which the successive reductions set out in this Agreement are to be applied, shall be the most-favoured-nation rate of duty applied on 2 April 2000.

  • Nature of Duties (a) The Administrative Agent shall not have any duties or responsibilities except those expressly set forth in this Agreement and in the other Credit Documents. Neither the Administrative Agent nor any of its officers, directors, agents, employees or affiliates shall be liable for any action taken or omitted by it or them hereunder or under any other Credit Document or in connection herewith or therewith, unless caused by its or their gross negligence or willful misconduct (as determined by a court of competent jurisdiction in a final and non-appealable decision). The duties of the Administrative Agent shall be mechanical and administrative in nature; the Administrative Agent shall not have by reason of this Agreement or any other Credit Document a fiduciary relationship in respect of any Lender or the holder of any Note; and nothing in this Agreement or in any other Credit Document, expressed or implied, is intended to or shall be so construed as to impose upon the Administrative Agent any obligations in respect of this Agreement or any other Credit Document except as expressly set forth herein or therein.

  • Normal Duties In addition to performing the duties described in the Technician II Marketing Presentations Code 733, directs, instructs, coordinates and monitors the production stages of standard and customized presentations ie. audio visual requirements, printed materials and promotional items for Marketing, Sales and other senior management; obtains materials, determines layout, and techniques to be used; assess the need for outside services and recommends and coordinates the work of outside companies; liaise with outside suppliers on production methods and pricing, compares sample materials and obtain quotations etc.; instructs and advises video crews and photographers; ensures that accurate and prompt documentation of technical information is incorporated into all presentation materials distributed worldwide; responsible for authorizing expenditures and obtaining approvals as related to presentation budgets; assists Management in the day to day operations of the departments presentation requirements; assigns, verifies and coordinates the work of other classifications. Effective March 14, 2003 CLERK FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING – SENIOR CODE 1035 Job Requirement: Requires post-secondary diploma in accounting/business or equivalent, combined with several years experience in an accounting environment. Must have thorough knowledge of financial accounting principles including a good understanding of the profit/loss statement, balance sheet and how transactions affect each; the recognition of sales revenue, and concessions. Must be conversant with the requirements and procedures of related departments, combined with good personal computer skills and the ability to use relevant software; requires good organizational and administrative skills and the ability to work under minimum direction. Normal Duties: Review and record aircraft sales, concessions and program costs (ODCs) based on summaries of contracts. Maintain system for contract employees to produce labour and overheads in accordance with Bombardier accounting. Maintain customer advance sub ledgers and perform the appropriate accounting ensuring that balances are accurate and reconciled and report discrepancies to senior management. Prepare and ensure accuracy of financial schedules and general ledger accounts and compare to budget and forecast identifying and explaining variances for prepaid expense, advances, advances in excess of inventory, provisions and other expense. Perform appropriate accounting for lease subsidies distinguishing between profit and loss and balance sheet charges. Assign, check and coordinate the work of accounting clerks in lower classifications. Performs other clearly related duties as assigned. Effective March 14, 2003 WORK & MATERIAL PLANNER – ICODE 1036 Job Requirement: Requires a post secondary Degree in Materials Management, Business Management, Operations Management or equivalent, and be actively enrolled in an “Inventory Management Program (A.P.I.C.S./C.A.P.I.C.S.) or College Diploma and actively enrolled in an “Inventory Management Program” (A.P.I..C.S./C.A.P.I.C.S.) and A.P.I.C.S. certified in Inventory Management, Materials and Capacity Planning and Production Control; combined with three (3) years experience in a computerized manufacturing environment; must have a thorough understanding of M.R.P. II and its components and the ability to apply PERT and Critical Path Theory methodologies; requires a general knowledge of the Aerospace manufacturing environment combined with computer skills and the ability to use relevant software; must have good organizational and administrative skills and the ability to work under minimum supervision. Normal Duties: In addition to duties of Work & Material Planner II – 736 also develops master production schedules in accordance with production plans and identifies deviations and coordinates corrective actions; develops detailed execution plans to support budget, production plan, and inventory and build policies; monitors budget, production plan and inventory and build policies; develops recovery plans; develops and maintain manpower plans for each work centre; establishes shop capacity and load plans; plans fabrication workload by machine/work centre based on capacity and schedule requirements; identifies offload requirements and execution plans to support; assesses the suitability of and provides W.M.P. commitments for proposed customer requests, program directives, planning directives and product modifications. Performs other related tasks and duties as assigned. Effective June 28, 1997 WRITER – PRODUCTION PROCESS STANDARDS – SR. CODE 1202 Job Requirement: Prepare production process standards and specifications. Have good working knowledge of chemical and heat treatments, finishes, materials and inspectional aids, and be capable of investigating problems connected with these processes. Be acquainted with and capable of interpreting government specifications and standards. The ability to read a variety of instructions, specifications and standards on specific subjects and sort out the pertinent data into one clear, concise instruction. Normal Duties: Investigate existing and new production techniques, determining best procedure to be followed and may have to determine equipment required, is required to establish a method of carrying out procedure including requirements for inspection and quality control; determine and lay down all materials and equipment required for carrying out the process, also procurement sources for ordering purposes; prepare sketches for clarification of instruction. Plan and write up a complete process standard in correct operational sequence; carry out investigations into problems on production procedures; recommend changes in production techniques to facilitate production; supply technical information and advice regarding materials, finishes, treatments and techniques to Production Engineering and shop personnel. May assign, coordinate and check the work of others. Own work subject to spot check. Effective June 18, 1981 PROGRAMMER NUMERICAL CONTROL MACHINE – SR. CODE 1203 Job Requirement: Requires a comprehensive knowledge of manufacturing and Engineering routines related to the machining of tooling, parts and/or components on Numerical Control machines, and a thorough knowledge of Numerical Control machines and Numerical Control machine systems, their capabilities and limitations. Must be a sight reader of drawings of the highest degree of complexity and have a broad background in analytical geometry and other mathematical surface development techniques required to generate continuous path machining in three (3) or more axis of motion. Works with minimum supervision. Normal Duties: Works from Engineering or Tool Design drawings, loft data and/or related source material; produces planning and tool design outlines to determine machining requirements; prepares a complete mathematical framework of the work by writing equations for the surfaces to be machined; plans and develops detailed cutter paths, considering limitations imposed by N/C and method of tooling; utilizes knowledge of the applicable machine tool and control systems and proper coordination of speeds, feeds and types of cutters in order to obtain maximum efficiency and performance; prepares layouts and drawings as necessary to assist in coordinating the program requirements. Determines the method or combination of methods of mathematical calculations (such as desk calculator, APT or other applicable computer programs) used to define the path of cutter centre lines; prepares work sheets for the purpose of loading necessary information such as mathematical definition of work to be processed, coordinates of centre direction change points, machine feeds, speeds, cutter selection, stops for cutter change, coolant on-off signals, etc. into the computer; analyses computer output to check for completeness or errors; prepares data transfer media for computing equipment and/or tape preparation, providing machine and control data; works with Engineering, Planning, Lofting, Tool Design, Manufacturing and other personnel to ensure that programs will comply with requirements and specifications; makes revisions in N/C programs as necessary. May keypunch any required corrections. May assign and check the work of juniors. Performs clearly related duties as assigned. When the Company sees the need to appoint an NC Programmer Leader for a project team, it shall appoint a Programmer Code 1203, to such a position. For the duration of the appointment, the Programmer will receive a premium of $35.00 per week. Effective June 23, 1990 DIGTAL/IMAGING SPECIALISTCODE 1205 Job Requirement: A three or four year bachelor’s or diploma in a Fine Art program with additional training or background in technical drawing and advanced knowledge of commercial illustration and retouching is required. A minimum of three years experience in retouching images at an advertising agency or design studio is also required. Must have advanced skills in Adobe Photoshop as well as knowledge of other industry software such as Quark Xpress, Adobe Illustrator, Alias Maya, Adobe After Effects, Macromedia Flash, Poser and others. Must be used to working with critical internal and external art directors and be able to take direction to achieve desired image effects. Should also have knowledge of airline industry, including airline liveries and markings as well as different aircraft types. A demonstrated understanding of colour theory and an ability to draw with an understanding of photography and four-eight colour custom print experience is necessary. Xxxx also have an understanding of commercial artwork skills such as typography and layout. Xxxx possess aptitude to meet deadlines and deal with stress while working both independently at times and in collaboration with others both internally and externally. Must possess problem-solving skills and critical eye for detail to provide alternative solutions to visual projects and adjust work to meet timings and budgets. Professional portfolio of examples of artist’s work a prerequisite to employment. Keeps current with graphic trends and technologies. Normal Duties: Conceives, generates and coordinates graphic visuals and options for advertisements, brochures, invitations, trade shows and multimedia/web promotional pieces that convey mood, emphasis, insight, company viewpoint and similar visual impressions. Build and maintain retouching, scanning and image correction and manipulation capabilities to ensure exceptional quality, high-resolution images of aircraft, aircraft interiors (including passengers) and aviation-related subjects Making photos look “real” after retouching, especially in areas of surfaces, skin tones, skies, etc.. Work in RGB, CMYK modes and channels, ability to adjust layers and perform complex masking with demonstrable proficiency Prepare files for accurate reproduction on press and on screen; assemble composite layouts manually and electronically for presentation. Properly names files and add to server promptly for group use in appropriate format and size as well as manage personal file inventory in a clear and understandable way. Notify supervisor and other members of team of deadline schedule conflicts and delays and provides alternative solutions May attend press checks and quality control sessions with suppliers. Effective March 14, 2003 QUALITY ASSURANCE TECHNICIAN – SENIOR CODE 1206 Job Requirement: Requires a post-secondary degree, diploma or certificate in Quality, Aeronautical, Mechanical, Industrial or Manufacturing Engineering. This will be combined with a minimum of five (5) years of practical experience in a similar manufacturing environment including three (3) years experience in a Quality Control or Quality Assurance function. Requires an in-depth knowledge of aerospace manufacturing, industry standards, practices and specifications. Must be a sight-reader of drawings. Must be cognisant of AS9100 and ISO9001 standards. Familiarization with regulatory requirements is a strong asset. Must be familiar with Engineering, Methods, Work and Material Planning and how they relate to Quality activities. Must possess a strong working knowledge of computer applications including word processing and databases. Able to work in a team environment and must possess team facilitation skills. Requires good organizational skills and the ability to set and prioritize tasks and the ability to work independently. Normal Duties: Compiles Quality audit check lists based on AS9100 and ISO9001 standards including previous findings and corrective action records; performs audits as defined in the check lists; analyses auditee compliance with applicable Quality System elements, relevant standards and processes and initiates any required corrective and preventive actions; prepares and distributes audit report(s); verifies the response and effectiveness of the implementation(s). Analyses existing quality techniques; develops and prepares new or revised quality techniques and other like instructions. Recognizes the need for and initiates corrective and preventive action(s) for product or process discrepancies. Reviews production documentation for compliance and adequacy of inspection call outs and as necessary, develops required inspection criteria for the production of quality products. May review engineering drawings and specifications to ensure that all necessary Quality requirements have been included and may recommend changes to Quality or Engineering Management. Reviews production standards and Functional Test Procedures for correct inclusion of Quality System requirements; may act as an authorized Quality representative on the Material Review Board (MRB). Actions Quality Investigation Requests (QIR) and provides response of corrective and preventive action(s) and report(s) to field services, as required. Performs other clearly related duties as assigned. Note: In addition to the above, the following also applies to the technician working in the Supplier Compliance Representative role: Job Requirements: Required to be eligible for international travel at all times and must be available for travel at short notice.