THE CONFIRMATION. The terms and conditions of each Loan shall be memorialized in a written confirmation (the "Confirmation") in the form attached as Exhibit A. By the close of business on the Business Day following Trade Date for each Loan, the Agent shall send to the Borrower a Confirmation that reflects the principal terms of such Loan, including (i) the identity of the Lender making such Loan, (ii) a description of the Loaned Securities subject thereto, (iii) the basis of compensation for such Loan, (iv) the type and amount of Collateral to be provided for such Loan, (v) the termination date of such Loan, if any, and (vi) any special terms and conditions for such Loan agreed between the parties on the Trade Date. The Borrower shall review such Confirmation in accordance with the procedures set forth therein. This Agreement shall be deemed to be incorporated into each such Confirmation as though set forth therein. The description of the Collateral on the Confirmation shall include the foreign currency market value of the Foreign Securities, the exchange rate used in the calculation of the dollar equivalent of the Foreign Securities, and the dollar value of the Collateral.
THE CONFIRMATION. I/We acknowledge receipt of a copy of this disclosure and confirm my/our understanding of the disclosed agency relationship. COUNTRY CLUB CENTER, LLC. By /s/ XXXXXXX X. XXXXXXXXX 12/1/99 5:00 PM Xxxxxxx X. XxxXxxxxx, Managing Member DATE Time FOOTHILLS PARTNERS By /s/ XXXXXXX X. XXXXXXXXX 12/1/99 5:00 PM Xxxxxxx X. XxxXxxxxx, Managing Partner Foothills Development Company, LLC General Partner DATE Time INTENT TO LEASE OFFICE SPACE PREMISES: MacDonald Corporate Center TENANT: Foothills Partners, a Nevada Limited Partnership LANDLORD: Country Club Center, LLC I, the undersigned, hereby propose to lease, through MacDonald Properties, Ltd., the above-referenced space as follows: USE: Real estate company TERM: Five (5) years, with 2 five (5) year options SQUARE FEET: 9,053 sq. ft. plus a 16% load factor. RENTAL RATE: $1.85 per square foot per month, modified gross ADDITIONAL RENT: Annual CPI adjustment capped at 5% per annum, effective year 3, based upon the previous year; Common area maintenance (CAM) charges, adjusted yearly, after base year; Tenant is responsible for its own electrical, gas, telephone and janitorial. LEASEHOLD IMPROVEMENTS: $30.00 per square feet of actual office area. FIXTURIZATION PERIOD: 45 days after Tenant receives a Certificate of Occupancy on the space. CONTINGENCIES: Tenant will receive 1 free designated covered parking stall for each 1,000 sq. ft. of actual office space rented.
THE CONFIRMATION. When a placement of funds is agreed to, the Chief Financial Officer will e-mail confirmation of the placement to the Qualified Public Depository. The confirmation will contain information including deposit date, maturity date, interest rate, principal amount, number of days, and the interest amounts and due dates. This confirmation must be signed and returned to the Treasury within seven working days of receipt. Failure by Qualified Public Depository to object to any term or provision contained therein within 72 hours of receipt of Treasury confirmation shall constitute complete acceptance of all its terms and provisions.


  • Order Confirmation All TIPS Member Agreement purchase orders are approved daily by TIPS and sent to vendor. The vendor should confirm receipt of orders to the TIPS Member (customer) within 3 business days. • Vendor custom website for TIPS: If Vendor is hosting a custom TIPS website, updated pricing when effective. TIPS shall be notified when prices change in accordance with the award.

  • Ratification and Confirmation Obligors hereby ratify and confirm all of the terms and provisions of the Loan Agreement and the other Loan Documents and agree that all of such terms and provisions, as amended hereby, remain in full force and effect. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Obligors hereby acknowledge and confirm that all of the “Obligations” under and as defined in the Loan Agreement are valid and enforceable and are secured by and entitled to the benefits of the Loan Agreement and the other Loan Documents, and Obligors hereby ratify and confirm the grant of the liens and security interests in the Collateral in favor of Agent, for the benefit of itself and Lenders, pursuant to the Loan Agreement and the other Loan Documents, as security for the Obligations.

  • Reaffirmation and Confirmation Borrower hereby ratifies, affirms, acknowledges and agrees that the Credit Agreement and the other Loan Documents to which it is a party represent the valid, enforceable and collectible obligations of Borrower, and further acknowledges that there are no existing claims, defenses, personal or otherwise, or rights of setoff whatsoever with respect to the Credit Agreement or any other Loan Document. Borrower hereby agrees that this Amendment in no way acts as a release or relinquishment of the Liens and rights securing payments of the Obligations. The Liens and rights securing payment of the Obligations are hereby ratified and confirmed by Borrower in all respects.

  • ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND CONFIRMATION Each party to this Amendment hereby confirms and agrees that, after giving effect to this Amendment and the amendments contemplated hereby, and except as expressly modified hereby, the Credit Agreement and the other Credit Documents to which it is a party remain in full force and effect and enforceable against such party in accordance with their respective terms and shall not be discharged, diminished, limited or otherwise affected in any respect.

  • Ratification and Confirmation of Agreement In the event of a conflict between the terms of this Amendment and the Agreement, it is the intention of the parties that the terms of this Amendment shall control and the Agreement shall be interpreted on that basis. To the extent the provisions of the Agreement have not been amended by this Amendment, the parties hereby confirm and ratify the Agreement.

  • Confirmation The provisions of the Credit Agreement, as amended by this First Amendment, shall remain in full force and effect following the effectiveness of this First Amendment.

  • Lender Status Confirmation Each Lender which becomes a Party to this Agreement after the date of this Agreement shall indicate, in the Transfer Certificate or Assignment Agreement which it executes on becoming a Party, and for the benefit of the Agent and without liability to any Obligor, which of the following categories it falls in:

  • Daily Order Confirmation All Agreement purchase orders will be approved daily by TIPS and sent to vendor. The vendor must confirm receipt of orders to the TIPS Member (customer) within 24 business hours. • Vendor custom website for TIPS: If Vendor is hosting a custom TIPS website, then updated pricing must be posted by 1st of each month.

  • Confirmation of Agreement Except as amended hereby, the Custody Agreement is in full force and effect and as so amended is hereby ratified, approved and confirmed by the Customer and the Bank in all respects.

  • Adoption, Ratification and Confirmation The Original Indenture, as supplemented and amended by this Supplemental Indenture, is in all respects hereby adopted, ratified and confirmed.