The Complaint Sample Clauses

The Complaint a. Any person or entity may initiate a Nexus Dispute by submitting a complaint in accordance with the Policy and these Rules to the Provider.
The Complaint. (a) Any person or entity may initiate a URS proceeding by submitting a Complaint in accordance with the URS Procedure, these Rules and the approved Supplemental Rules of the Provider administering the proceeding.
The Complaint. The complaint accompanying the Proposed Consent Order alleges that acquisition would substantially lessen competition in violation of Section 7 of the Xxxxxxx as amended, 15 and Section 5 of the FTC as 15 45. According to the complaint, the relevant line of commerce (i.e., product market) is the distribution of multi-channel video programming by cable television. The distribution of multi-channel video programming by technologies other than cable television (e.g., Direct Broadcast Satellite or Multichannel Distribution Systems is not included in the relevant product market because they do not have a significant price-constraining effect on the prices charged by cable operators to subscribers. Most cable television subscribers are not likely to switch to another technology (e.g., DBS or in response to a small price increase by cable television providers. In cable television operators do not typically change their prices in response to prices charged by other providers of multi-channel video programming. According to the draft complaint, the relevant sections of the country (i.e., the geographic markets) in which to analyze the acquisition by CVS of cc-gain TCI cable television systems are the boroughs of and New Jersey. As in the draft these markets are highly concentrated, with only CVS and TCI providing cable television service in and The acquisition would significantly increase concentration in and with only CVS left to provide cable television service. According to the complaint, entry into the distribution of multi-channel video programming by cable television is unlikely to be timely or effective to prevent effects in the relevant geographic markets. CVS’S acquisition of the cable systems may substantially reduce competition in the relevant geographic markets by eliminating actual competition between CVS and to serve existing neighborhoods, hotels, and apartment complexes, by eliminating actual competition between CVS and TCI to serve new residential homes, neighborhoods, hotels, and apartment complexes, and by eliminating actual and potential competition between CVS and TCI to extend their cable systems throughout the relevant geographic areas. Each of these effects increases the likelihood that the price of cable television services will increase, or the quality of that service will decrease in the relevant sections of the country.
The Complaint. If you have any reason for complaint whilst on your pilgrimage, Travel, tours or any other reservations made through us, this must be brought to the attention of The Company’s local appointed representative/agent or the hotel management or other supplier immediately so that action can be taken to tackle the problem. If your representative/agent or the hotel management be unable to resolve the problem, please contact The Company office in the UK immediately. If the problem being still unresolved, record your complaints on a client comment form available on request, forward it together with full details of your complaint to The Company within 15 days after the end of your Travel. If you do not follow the above procedure, The Company will be deprived of the opportunity to investigate, rectify your complaint whilst you are on Umrah.

Related to The Complaint

  • Complaint To commence a proceeding, the complaining party (or parties) shall provide by certified mail, return receipt requested, a written Complaint to the BCBSA Corporate Secretary (which shall also constitute service on BCBSA if it is a respondent) and to any Plan(s) and/or Controlled Affiliate(s) named therein. The Complaint shall contain:

  • Complaints If you have a complaint relating to the sale of energy by us to you, or this contract generally, you may lodge a complaint with us in accordance with our standard complaints and dispute resolution procedures. Note: Our standard complaints and dispute resolution procedures are published on our website.

  • Complaints Investigation ‌ An employee who complains of harassment under the provisions of the Human Rights Code of British Columbia may refer the complaint to either one or other of the following processes:

  • Complaints Process The School shall establish and adhere to a process for resolving public complaints which shall include an opportunity for complainants to be heard. The final administrative appeal shall be heard by the School's Governing Board, except where the complaint pertains to a possible violation of any law or term under this Contract. The complaints process shall be readily accessible from the School’s website, as described in Section 11.4.1.

  • Customer Complaints Each party hereby agrees to promptly provide to the other party copies of any written or otherwise documented complaints from customers of Dealer received by such party relating in any way to the Offering (including, but not limited to, the manner in which the Shares are offered by the Dealer Manager or Dealer), the Shares or the Company.

  • Product Complaints Subdistributor shall promptly notify Distributor of (but in no event later than 24 hours after receipt), and provide, upon Distributor’s request, reasonable assistance to address and investigate, any complaint or adverse claim about any Product or its use of which Subdistributor becomes aware;

  • Complaints Procedure 18.1 If the Client has any cause for complaint in relation to the services provided by the Company, he should file a complaint as per the Company’s Complaint Handling policy which is available on the Company’s website.

  • Complaint Procedure If an employee has a complaint which is not a proper subject for a grievance under the grievance procedure, the employee may discuss it with his/her immediate supervisor. The employee may submit the complaint in writing. The employee may have the assistance of the Local President in presenting the complaint. Complaints shall be answered as soon as reasonably possible, but in no event shall an answer be delayed more than five (5) calendar days, unless the time for an answer is extended by mutual agreement. If the employee and the Union are dissatisfied with the answer, they may request a Special Conference.

  • Grievance A grievance arising directly between the Hospital and the Union concerning the interpretation, application or alleged violation of the Agreement shall be originated at Step No. within fourteen (14) calendar days following the circumstances giving rise to the grievance. It is expressly understood, however, that the provisions of this Article may not be used with respect to a grievance directly affecting an employee which he could have instituted himself and the regular grievance procedure shall not be thereby bypassed. Where the grievance is a Hospital grievance it shall be filed with the Local Union President or designate.