The Company acknowledges Sample Clauses

The Company acknowledges a) That the BEP has no obligation to reveal the Nonpublic Information to the Company;
The Company acknowledges. (a) the assignment hereby documented and that the Assignee shall be entitled to all rights, benefits conferred, title, interests, obligations, representations, warranties, and covenants pursuant to the Transaction Documents and the Convertible Debenture.

Related to The Company acknowledges

  • Company Acknowledgment The Company will, at the time of the exercise of the Warrant, upon the request of the Holder hereof acknowledge in writing its continuing obligation to afford to such Holder any rights to which such Holder shall continue to be entitled after such exercise in accordance with the provisions of this Warrant. If the Holder shall fail to make any such request, such failure shall not affect the continuing obligation of the Company to afford to such Holder any such rights.

  • THE ACADEMY 2.1 The Company will establish and maintain, and carry on or provide for the carrying on of the Academy in accordance with the Master Agreement and this Agreement.

  • Limitations on the Company’s Activities (i) This Section 9(j) is being adopted in order to comply with certain provisions required in order to qualify the Company as a “special purpose” entity.

  • NOW THIS AGREEMENT WITNESSETH 1. Subject to the context the words and expressions used in this Agreement have the same meanings respectively as they have in and for the purpose of the Principal Agreement.

  • Benefits Acknowledged The Guaranteeing Subsidiary’s Guarantee is subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Indenture. The Guaranteeing Subsidiary acknowledges that it will receive direct and indirect benefits from the financing arrangements contemplated by the Indenture and this Supplemental Indenture and that the guarantee and waivers made by it pursuant to this Guarantee are knowingly made in contemplation of such benefits.

  • Mutual Acknowledgment Both the Company and Indemnitee acknowledge that, in certain instances, Federal law or applicable public policy may prohibit the Company from indemnifying its directors and officers under this Agreement or otherwise. Indemnitee understands and acknowledges that the Company has undertaken or may be required in the future in certain circumstances to undertake with the Securities and Exchange Commission to submit the question of indemnification to a court for a determination of the Company’s right under public policy to indemnify Indemnitee.

  • NOW THEREFORE THIS AGREEMENT WITNESSETH THAT in consideration of the premises and the mutual covenants, agreements, representations and warranties contained herein and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, Employee and Employer hereby agree as follows:

  • CHANGING THIS AGREEMENT We may change any term of the Agreement at any time. If the change results in increased fees for any services, increased liability for you, fewer types of available electronic fund transfers, or stricter limitations on the frequency or dollar amount of transfers, we agree to give you notice of at least 21 days before the effective date of any such change, unless any immediate change is necessary to maintain the security of an account, or our electronic fund transfer system, or for any security reasons. We will post any required notice of change in terms in the quarterly newsletter, on our web site, personal E-mail, or postal mail. If advance notice of the change is not required, and disclosure does not jeopardize the security of the account or our electronic fund transfer system, we will notify you of the change in terms within 30 days after the change becomes effective. Your continued use of any or all of the subject system services indicates your acceptance of the change in terms. We reserve the right to waive, reduce, or reverse charges or fees in individual situations. You acknowledge and agree that the applicable deposit agreements and disclosures govern changes to fees applicable to specific accounts.