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The Colleges. An important element of the University’s organisational reform program was the integration of VET and higher education delivery into a more focused college structure, allowing for stronger pathway and development opportunities for students from 2013. Importantly, our existing strengths in learning and teaching and research and knowledge exchange have driven the design of the seven new integrated Colleges. The new Colleges, established 1 January 2013, are: • College of Arts • College of BusinessCollege of EducationCollege of Engineering and Science • College of Health and Biomedicine • College of Law and Justice • College of Sport and Exercise Science These seven integrated Colleges join the existing VU College which supports language and learning development for students across the institution, together with the newly established Trades College which focuses on vocational training and pre-tertiary curriculum approaches. During 2013, each of the Colleges will develop a strategic plan which outlines how they intend to deliver on the objectives of the Strategic Plan. These new academic entities will be critical to delivering VU’s aspiration of providing our diverse range of students a high quality, well- supported and exciting learning experience. Learner Support Empowering students from diverse countries and cultures, socio-economic and educational backgrounds through a distinctive, excellent and supported learning experience is a priority for VU. Successful transitions at all levels will be supported by a transitions pedagogy approach which draws upon a range of evidence-based teaching and learner support strategies to increase retention and completion. These approaches include peer to peer learning support, embedded literacy and numeracy development, co-curricular academic skills development, and structured formative assessment and feedback processes. Transitions pedagogy at particular hot spots such as the first year of the proposed Career Start Bachelor degrees will be a focus. VU College provides expert support in transitions pedagogy and learner support in general, and supports the integrated Colleges in collaboration with the Educational Development Team within the Centre for Collaborative Learning & Teaching. These new support services coupled with the new integrated College structures will provide a sound basis from which we can focus on improving the quality of the student experience. Blended Learning The implementation of an innovative, inst...

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  • CENTRAL GRIEVANCE PROCESS The following process pertains exclusively to grievances on central matters that have been referred to the central process. In accordance with the School Boards Collective Bargaining Act central matters may also be grieved locally, in which case local grievance processes will apply.

  • Grievance Processing Union stewards or Union officials shall be permitted to have time off without loss of pay for the investigation and processing of grievances and arbitrations. Requests for such time off shall be made in advance and shall not be unreasonably denied. The Union will furnish the Employer with a list of Union stewards and their jurisdictions. The Union shall delineate the jurisdiction of Union stewards so that no xxxxxxx need travel between work locations or sub-divisions thereof while investigating grievances. Grievants shall be permitted to have time off without loss of pay for processing their grievances through the contractual grievance procedure, except that for class action grievances no more than three (3) grievants shall be granted such leave.

  • Group Grievance Where a number of employees have identical grievances and each employee would be entitled to grieve separately they may present a group grievance in writing signed by each employee who is grieving to the Administrator or her designate within ten (10) days after the circumstances giving rise to the grievance have occurred or ought reasonably to have come to the attention of the employee(s). The grievance shall then be treated as being initiated at Step No. 1 and the applicable provisions of this Article shall then apply with respect to the processing of such grievance.

  • Disputes Not Related to Contract Services The Engineer shall be responsible for the settlement of all contractual and administrative issues arising out of any procurement made by the Engineer in support of the services authorized herein.

  • TEACHER IN CHARGE 30.01 A teacher may be appointed by the Centre or its agent as a Teacher in Charge in accordance with this Article.

  • Cooperation With Regard to Litigation Executive agrees to cooperate with the Bank and the Company, during the Term and thereafter (including following Executive’s termination of employment for any reason), by making himself available to testify on behalf of the Bank or the Company or any subsidiary or affiliate of the Bank or the Company, in any action, suit, or proceeding, whether civil, criminal, administrative, or investigative, and to assist the Bank and the Company, or any subsidiary or affiliate of the Company, in any such action, suit, or proceeding, by providing information and meeting and consulting with the Board or its representatives or counsel, or representatives or counsel to the Bank or the Company, or any subsidiary or affiliate of the Company, as requested. The Bank agrees to reimburse Executive, on an after tax basis each calendar quarter, for all expenses actually incurred in connection with his provision of testimony or assistance in accordance with the provisions of Section 7(g) of this Agreement but not later than the last day of the year in which the expense was incurred.

  • Assistance in Litigation or Administrative Proceedings Contractor shall make itself and any subcontractors, employees, or agents assisting Contractor in the performance of its obligations under this Agreement, available to the Department at no cost to the Department to testify as witnesses, or otherwise, in the event of litigation or administrative proceedings being commenced against the Department, its directors, officers or employees based upon claimed violation of HIPAA, or the HIPAA regulations, which involves inactions or actions by the Contractor, except where Contractor or its subcontractor, employee or agent is a named adverse party.

  • GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE (Continued ten (10) work days following the Union request for a Step 3 meeting at a time mutually agreeable to the parties. At this meeting all pertinent facts shall be presented by the Union and the Employer. If the grievance is settled as a result of such a meeting, the settlement shall be reduced to writing and signed by the Director of Human Resources or designee and the Union. If no settlement is reached the Director of Human Resources or designee shall give the Employer's written answer to the Union within ten (10) work days following the meeting.

  • Grievance Process (a) Either party, with the agreement of the other party, may submit a grievance to Grievance Mediation at any time within ten (10) working days after the Employer’s decision has been rendered at the step prior to arbitration. Where the matter is so referred, the mediation process shall take place before the matter is referred to Arbitrator.

  • Reimbursement for Expenses of a Witness or in Response to a Subpoena Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, to the extent that Indemnitee, by reason of his or her Corporate Status, (i) is a witness in any Proceeding to which Indemnitee is not a party and is not threatened to be made a party or (ii) receives a subpoena with respect to any Proceeding to which Indemnitee is not a party and is not threatened to be made a party, the Company shall reimburse Indemnitee for all Expenses actually and reasonably incurred by him or her or on his or her behalf in connection therewith.