The Closing Payment Sample Clauses

The Closing Payment. The Closing Payment (less the Escrow Amount and the DLJ Fee) to the Company and the Escrow Amount to the Escrow Agent and the DLJ Fee to DLJ Securities.
The Closing Payment. At the Closing, PURCHASER shall pay to SELLER an amount equal to Three Hundred Twenty Million Dollars ($320,000,000) (the "Closing Payment") as the purchase price, payable by wire transfer of immediately available funds to such account as SELLER shall designate.
The Closing Payment. 2. A certified copy of the resolutions of Buyer’s board of directors and shareholders authorizing the purchase of the Rig for the Sale Price and the other transactions contemplated herein and authorizing the issuance of a power of attorney in favor of the representatives of Buyer and authorizing such representative(s) to sign all necessary documents relating to such transactions.
The Closing Payment 

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  • Closing Payment The balance of the Purchase Price, as adjusted by the application of the Escrow Deposit and by the prorations and credits specified herein, shall be paid in cash on the Closing Date (the amount to be paid under this subparagraph C being herein called the "Closing Payment"). 4.

  • Closing Payments At the Closing, Buyer will pay or cause to be paid from the Closing Purchase Price as set forth in the Pre-Closing Statement, subject to any mutually agreed adjustments determined by Buyer and Seller pursuant to Section 3.4(a), the following amounts to Seller or such other Persons as follows:

  • Post-Closing Payments Should P66 Company or any of its Subsidiaries, after Closing, receive any payments attributable to accounts receivable or otherwise to which the Partnership or any of its Subsidiaries is entitled pursuant to this Agreement, then P66 Company or its applicable Subsidiaries shall, within thirty (30) days of receipt of such payments, forward such payments to the Partnership. If any demand is made on P66 Company or any of its Subsidiaries after Closing to pay any invoice or other obligation contracted or incurred in connection with the operation of the Businesses, the Partnership shall pay the same to the extent such invoice or obligation constitutes an Assumed Liability.

  • Payment at Closing The Borrower shall have paid (A) to the Administrative Agent, the Arranger and the Lenders the fees set forth or referenced in Section 5.3 and any other accrued and unpaid fees or commissions due hereunder, (B) all fees, charges and disbursements of counsel to the Administrative Agent (directly to such counsel if requested by the Administrative Agent) to the extent accrued and unpaid prior to or on the Closing Date, plus such additional amounts of such fees, charges and disbursements as shall constitute its reasonable estimate of such fees, charges and disbursements incurred or to be incurred by it through the closing proceedings (provided that such estimate shall not thereafter preclude a final settling of accounts between the Borrower and the Administrative Agent) and (C) to any other Person such amount as may be due thereto in connection with the transactions contemplated hereby, including all taxes, fees and other charges in connection with the execution, delivery, recording, filing and registration of any of the Loan Documents.

  • Purchase Price Closing (a) The total amount which the buying party shall pay the selling party in a purchase shall be the amount that the selling party would have received if the Company (i) sold the Property for an amount equal to the Buy-Sell Stated Value, (ii) satisfied the indebtedness of the Company specifically referred to in subsection (b) below (and no other liabilities) out of the sale proceeds and (iii) distributed the remaining balance to Administrative Agent and PACOP in accordance with their respective percentage ownership interests in the Company (i.e., 51%, in the case of PACOP, and up to 49%, in the case of Administrative Agent).

  • Closing Purchase Price The closing of the Transactions (the "Closing") shall take place at Cooper, White & Cooper, 1333 North California Boulevard, Suite 400, Xxlnut Creek, XX 00596, xx 00:00 x.x., xxxxx xxxx, xx xx xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx 00, 0000, (xxx "Closing Date"). At the Closing, each of the parties shall deliver such bills of sale, assignments, assumptions of liabilities, opinions and other instruments and documents as are described in this Agreement or as may be otherwise reasonably requested by the parties and their respective counsel. The purchase price for the Diablo Assets and the Diablo Business (the "Purchase Price") shall be an amount equal to $4,500,000, plus an amount equal to the sum of the Interim Adjustment and Prepaid Expenses and deposits and minus an amount equal to the sum of (i) the Diablo Nonassumed Obligations, if any, which ATS agrees to assume at the request of Diablo and (ii)

  • Consideration; Closing If the consideration proposed to be paid for the Transfer Stock is in property, services or other non-cash consideration, the fair market value of the consideration shall be as determined in good faith by the Board of Directors and as set forth in the Company Notice. If the Company or any Investor cannot for any reason pay for the Transfer Stock in the same form of non-cash consideration, the Company or such Investor may pay the cash value equivalent thereof, as determined in good faith by the Board of Directors and as set forth in the Company Notice. The closing of the purchase of Transfer Stock by the Company and the Investors shall take place, and all payments from the Company and the Investors shall have been delivered to the selling Key Holder, by the later of (i) the date specified in the Proposed Transfer Notice as the intended date of the Proposed Key Holder Transfer; and (ii) forty-five (45) days after delivery of the Proposed Transfer Notice.

  • Closing Consideration The closing consideration shall be delivered at the Closing as follows:

  • Second Closing The “Second Closing Date” shall be on or before the fifth business day after the compliance with the Second Closing Condition as defined in Section 1(d) of this Agreement (the “Second Closing Date”). Subject to the satisfaction or waiver of the conditions to Closing, on the Second Closing Date, each Subscriber shall purchase and the Company shall sell to each Subscriber a Note in the principal amount set forth on the signature page hereto (“Second Closing Notes”) and Warrants as described in Section 2 of this Agreement (“Second Closing Warrants”). The Second Closing Notes shall be of the same tenor as the Notes issuable on the Initial Closing Date and have the same maturity date as the Initial Closing Notes. The principal amount of the Notes to be purchased by the Subscribers on the Second Closing Date shall be Six Hundred Thousand Dollars ($600,000) (the “Second Closing Purchase Price”).

  • Subsequent Closing Following the initial Closing, the Company may sell additional notes (the “Additional Notes”) and additional warrants (the “Additional Warrants”) to the same or other investors (the “Additional Investors”) on the same terms set forth in this Agreement. The Company shall revise Schedule I to this Agreement to reflect such additional sales. The closing of the purchases and sales of the Additional Notes and Additional Warrants shall take place at such times and places as the Company and the Additional Investor(s) shall mutually agree (each closing a “Subsequent Closing”). At the Subsequent Closing, the Company will deliver to each of the Additional Investors the respective Note and Warrant to be purchased by such Additional Investor, against receipt by the Company of the corresponding purchase price set forth on Schedule I hereto (also, the “Purchase Price”). Each of the Notes and Warrants will be registered in such Additional Investor’s name in the Company’s records. Unless the context requires otherwise, the Closing and any Subsequent Closing is generally referred to as a “Closing”, and each Investor and each Additional Investor is generally referred to as an “Investor.” Each Additional Investor under this Section 1(c) shall be deemed to be an Investor under this Agreement subject to the terms and conditions hereunder, and any Additional Notes and Additional Warrants purchased and sold in a Subsequent Closing shall be deemed respectively to be “Notes” and “Warrants” (as defined in Section 1(a) of this Agreement).