The Cardmember Sample Clauses

The Cardmember. (a) consents to the Bank’s disclosure of his personal data (limited to his name and contact details) to organisations within the OCBC Group (in Malaysia) which are in an arrangement or alliance with the Bank, for the purpose of direct marketing of these organisations’ products and services. The Cardmember may at any time withdraw his consent for direct marketing of such products or services by written request to the Bank; and
The Cardmember is responsible for any use of the Card until the Card is returned to the Bank cut diagonally into half; and • must liquidate the outstanding immediately.

Related to The Cardmember

  • The Card 2.1 The Card is and will be, at all times, the property of the Bank and must be surrendered to the Bank immediately upon request by the Bank or its duly authorized agent.

  • Merchant has the power and authority to authorize the automatic funds transfer provided for in this Merchant Agreement;

  • PROCUREMENT CARD The State has entered into an agreement for purchasing card services. The Purchasing Card enables Authorized Users to make authorized purchases directly from a Contractor without processing Purchase Orders or Purchase Authorizations. Purchasing Cards are issued to selected employees authorized to purchase for the Authorized User and having direct contact with Contractors. Cardholders can make purchases directly from any Contractor that accepts the Purchasing Card. The Contractor shall not process a transaction for payment through the credit card clearinghouse until the purchased Products have been shipped or services performed. Unless the cardholder requests correction or replacement of a defective or faulty Product in accordance with other Contract requirements, the Contractor shall immediately credit a cardholder’s account for Products returned as defective or faulty.

  • The Customer a) It refers to the Natural or Juridical Person signing this BANKING PRODUCTS AND SERVICES AGREEMENT by stamping their signature on the activation form of any banking service or by signing on the signature cards of the account (s) as it appears in the files of THE BANK, and the persons appointed by him in any accounts or BANK SERVICES and includes its successors and persons authorized by him to carry out any banking operation, to draw, to dispose of the funds deposited in THE BANK and to instruct the BANK, or the person (s) joining this BANKING PRODUCTS AND SERVICES AGREEMENT by including them in an activation form for any banking service or by signing the account (s), as it appears in the files of THE BANK. Therefore, references to THE CUSTOMER in this BANKING PRODUCTS AND SERVICES AGREEMENT shall be applied and shall be binding upon each and every one of the persons having the status of CUSTOMER, and the assignees, agents or representatives thereof, who declare that they accept each and every one of the terms and conditions set forth in this BANKING PRODUCTS AND SERVICES AGREEMENT, and also declares that the information supplied by them to the BANK is true.

  • The Merchant Registered company name (according to registration CoC): Trade name: hereafter: your Company* CoC-Number: VAT-Number: Are you exempted from VAT? Fill in your RSIN number: *The Terms and Conditions may use the term “the Acceptant” instead of “your company”. This is the same thing. Office address Street name & number (no PO): Postal code: City: Phone number: Website: Contact person: Mr. Mrs. Legal representative Initials: Surname: Mr. Mrs. General E-mail address: Invoicing E-mail address: Correspondence address Same as office address PO Box or Street name & number: Postal code: City: Phone number: Contact person Same as office address Initials: Surname: Mr. Mrs. E-mail address: Same as General E-mail Same as Invoice E-mail Other Online Transaction Overviews Do you wish to have an online account to access your processed and paid transactions? Yes No Name of primary user*: E-mail address of primary user:

  • Wholesaler is not allowed to use MMCAP Infuse’s contract pricing to calculate its Generic Drug Program Pricing.

  • Customer The agency or eligible user that purchases commodities or contractual services pursuant to the Contract.

  • End User This agreement shall bind the ordering activity as end user but shall not operate to bind a Government employee or person acting on behalf of the Government in his or her personal capacity.

  • Contract Manager The Contract Manager for the Board is Xxxxxxx Xxxxx. The Contract Manager for the Contractor is the Contractor. The parties shall direct all matters arising in connection with the performance of this Agreement, other than notices, to the attention of the Contract Managers for attempted resolution or action. The Contract Managers shall be responsible for overall resolution, action, coordination, and oversight relating to the performance of this Agreement.

  • Time Cards Employees may be required to complete their own time cards and submit them to their respective Supervisor. The supervisors shall be responsible for completing the time card for an absent employee. Employees are to be notified on the following working day of changes made to their time cards.