The AUTHORITY shall Sample Clauses

The AUTHORITY shall. (A) treat as confidential all Confidential Information, obtained from the CONTRACTOR or any Subcontractors, including but not limited to any Source Code; and
The AUTHORITY shall. (a) notify the Supplier in writing of any IPR Claim of which it is aware;

Related to The AUTHORITY shall

  • The Authority 3.1 The Parties acknowledge that the legal and official title of the Authority is as set out in 1.1 above.

  • Power; Authority It has all requisite power and authority to enter into this Agreement, to perform its obligations hereunder and to consummate the transactions contemplated hereby. The execution, delivery and performance of this Agreement, the purchase of the Transferred Assets and the consummation of the transactions provided for herein have been duly authorized by all necessary action on the part of the Buyer. This Agreement has been duly executed and delivered by the Buyer and constitutes the legal, valid and binding obligation of the Buyer enforceable against the Buyer in accordance with its terms, except as such enforceability may be limited by bankruptcy, insolvency, reorganization, moratorium or other laws affecting creditors’ rights and by general principles of equity (whether applied in a proceeding at law or in equity).

  • Notice to the Authority No later than 15 (fifteen) days after the date of this Agreement, the Contractor shall by notice furnish to the Authority, in reasonable detail, information in respect of the insurances that it proposes to effect and maintain in accordance with this Article 18. Within 15 (fifteen) days of receipt of such notice, the Authority may require the Contractor to effect and maintain such other insurances as may be necessary pursuant hereto, and in the event of any difference or disagreement relating to any such insurance, the Dispute Resolution Procedure shall apply.

  • Developer Authority Consistent with Good Utility Practice and this Agreement, the Developer may take whatever actions or inactions with regard to the Large Generating Facility or the Developer Attachment Facilities during an Emergency State in order to (i) preserve public health and safety, (ii) preserve the reliability of the Large Generating Facility or the Developer Attachment Facilities, (iii) limit or prevent damage, and (iv) expedite restoration of service. Developer shall use Reasonable Efforts to minimize the effect of such actions or inactions on the New York State Transmission System and the Connecting Transmission Owner’s Attachment Facilities. NYISO and Connecting Transmission Owner shall use Reasonable Efforts to assist Developer in such actions.

  • Full Authority The Parent has the corporate power and authority and has obtained all licenses, permits, qualifications, and other documentation (including permits required under applicable Environmental Law, as defined in Exhibit 2) necessary to own and/or operate its businesses, properties and assets and to carry on its businesses as being conducted on the date of this Agreement, except such licenses, permits, qualifications or other documentation, the failure to obtain which is not reasonably likely to result in a Parent Material Adverse Effect, and such businesses are now being conducted and such assets and properties are being owned and/or operated in compliance with all applicable laws (including Environmental Law), ordinances, rules and regulations of any governmental agency of the United States, any state or political subdivision thereof, or any foreign jurisdiction, all applicable court or administrative agency decrees, awards and orders and all such licenses, permits, qualifications and other documentation, except where the failure to comply will not have a Parent Material Adverse Effect, and there is no existing condition or state of facts that would give rise to a violation thereof or a liability or default thereunder that is reasonably likely to have a Parent Material Adverse Effect.

  • Authority of the Administrator The Plan Administrator, which is the Company’s Compensation Committee, shall have full authority to interpret and construe the terms of the Plan and this Agreement. The determination of the administrator as to any such matter of interpretation or construction shall be final, binding and conclusive.

  • Authority Provider represents that it is authorized to bind to the terms of this Agreement, including confidentiality and destruction of Student Data and any portion thereof contained therein, all related or associated institutions, individuals, employees or contractors who may have access to the Student Data and/or any portion thereof, or may own, lease or control equipment or facilities of any kind where the Student Data and portion thereof stored, maintained or used in any way.

  • Authority of the Arbitrator i. It is the intent of both parties to this Collective Agreement that no grievance shall be defeated merely because of a technical error in processing the grievance through the grievance procedure. To this end an arbitrator shall have the power to allow all necessary amendments to the grievance and the power to waive formal procedural irregularities in the processing of a grievance in order to determine the real matter in dispute and to render a decision according to equitable principles and the justice of the case.

  • Outage Authority and Coordination Developer and Connecting Transmission Owner may each, in accordance with NYISO procedures and Good Utility Practice and in coordination with the other Party, remove from service any of its respective Attachment Facilities or System Upgrade Facilities and System Deliverability Upgrades that may impact the other Party’s facilities as necessary to perform maintenance or testing or to install or replace equipment. Absent an Emergency State, the Party scheduling a removal of such facility(ies) from service will use Reasonable Efforts to schedule such removal on a date and time mutually acceptable to both the Developer and the Connecting Transmission Owner. In all circumstances either Party planning to remove such facility(ies) from service shall use Reasonable Efforts to minimize the effect on the other Party of such removal.

  • PROPER AUTHORITY Each Party represents and warrants that the person executing this Contract on its behalf has full power and authority to enter into this Contract.