The Association and Sample Clauses

The Association and the Employer may at any time by mutual agreement negotiate revisions to the local matters contained in this Collective Agreement. Any such revisions shall become effective from the date mutually agreed upon by the Parties.

Related to The Association and

  • ASSOCIATION AND TEACHER RIGHTS A. Pursuant to the Michigan Employment Relations Act, the District hereby agrees that every teacher employed by the District shall have the right to freely join, not join, maintain or terminate his/her membership in the Association for the purpose of engaging in collective bargaining or negotiations. The District agrees that it will not directly or indirectly discourage, deprive, or coerce any teacher in the enjoyment of rights conferred by the Michigan Employment Relations Act, or other Laws of Michigan or the Constitution of Michigan and/or the United States; that it will not discriminate against any teacher with respect to hours, wages, terms or conditions of employment.