The Assessment Sample Clauses

The Assessment. The Property Owner hereby freely and willingly agrees that an assessment in the amount specified in Exhibit B (the “Assessment”) shall be levied by the Authority on the Property pursuant to Chapter 29. The Assessment set forth in Exhibit B is an estimate only and will be modified and finalized by means of an Addendum to this Contract in substantially the form set forth as Exhibit C hereto (the “Addendum”) upon completion of the Improvements. If no Addendum is required then the estimated Assessment set forth in Exhibit B shall become the final Assessment upon completion of the Improvements. The amount of the Assessment shall be the amount specified in Exhibit B, which includes an amount to pay the costs of the Improvements, an amount to pay incidental expenses and, if so specified in Exhibit B, an amount for capitalized interest on bonds to be issued. The Property Owner acknowledges and agrees that the amount of the Assessment does not exceed the special benefit conferred on the Property by the installation of the Improvements thereon.

Related to The Assessment

  • Risk Assessment An assessment of any risks inherent in the work requirements and actions to mitigate these risks.

  • PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT 6.1 The Performance Plan (Annexure A) to this Agreement sets out key performance indicators and competencies that needs to be evaluated in terms of –

  • Environmental Assessment In connection with its surrender of the Premises, Tenant shall submit to Landlord, at least fifteen (15) days prior to the expiration date of this Lease (or in the event of an earlier termination of this Lease, as soon as reasonably possible following such termination), an environmental Assessment of the Premises by a competent and experienced environmental engineer or engineering firm reasonably satisfactory to Landlord (pursuant to a contract approved by Landlord and providing that Landlord can rely on the Environmental Assessment). If such Environmental Assessment reveals that remediation or Clean-up is required under any Environmental Laws that Tenant is responsible for under this Lease, Tenant shall submit a remediation plan prepared by a recognized environmental consultant and shall be responsible for all costs of remediation and Clean-up, as more particularly provided in Section 5.3, above.

  • Joint Assessment If the Building is not separately assessed, Real Property Taxes allocated to the Building shall be an equitable proportion of the Real Property Taxes for all of the land and improvements included within the tax parcel assessed, such proportion to be determined by Lessor from the respective valuations assigned in the assessor's work sheets or such other information as may be reasonably available. Lessor's reasonable determination thereof, in good faith, shall be conclusive.

  • Risk Assessments a. Risk Assessment - Transfer Agent shall, at least annually, perform risk assessments that are designed to identify material threats (both internal and external) against Fund Data, the likelihood of those threats occurring and the impact of those threats upon the Transfer Agent organization to evaluate and analyze the appropriate level of information security safeguards (“Risk Assessments”).

  • Diagnostic Assessment 6.3.1 Boards shall provide a list of pre-approved assessment tools consistent with their Board improvement plan for student achievement and which is compliant with Ministry of Education PPM (PPM 155: Diagnostic Assessment in Support of Student Learning, date of issue January 7, 2013).

  • Conformity Assessment Procedures 1. The Parties recognize that a broad range of mechanisms exists to facilitate the acceptance in a Party's territory of the results of conformity assessment procedures conducted in the other Party's territory. The Parties shall exchange information on the range of mechanisms used in their territories. 2. The Parties shall accept, whenever possible, the results of the conformity assessment procedures conducted in the territory of the other Party, even when those procedures differ from its own, provided that those procedures offer a satisfactory assurance of conformity with applicable technical regulations or standards equivalent to its own procedures. Where a Party does not accept the results of conformity assessment procedures conducted in the other Party, it shall, upon request of the other Party, explain the reasons for its decision. 3. Prior to accepting the results of a conformity assessment procedure in accordance with paragraph 2, the Parties may consult on matters such as the technical competence of the conformity assessment bodies involved in order to enhance confidence in the permanent reliability of each one of the conformity assessment results. 4. Each Party may accredit or otherwise recognize conformity assessment bodies in the territory of the other Party on terms no less favorable than those it accords to conformity assessment bodies in its territory. If a Party accredits or otherwise recognizes a body assessing conformity with a particular technical regulation or standard in its territory and it refuses to accredit or otherwise recognize a body in the territory of the other Party assessing conformity with that technical regulation or standard, it shall, upon request of the other Party, explain the reasons for its decision. 5. The Parties shall give positive consideration to a request by the other Party to negotiate agreements for the mutual recognition of the results of their respective conformity assessment procedures. Where a Party declines such request, it shall, upon request of the other Party, explain the reasons for its decision. The Parties shall work together to implement the mutual recognition agreements to which both Parties are party.

  • Data Protection Impact Assessment If, pursuant to Data Protection Law, Customer (or its Controllers) are required to perform a data protection impact assessment or prior consultation with a regulator, at Customer’s request, SAP will provide such documents as are generally available for the Cloud Service (for example, this DPA, the Agreement, audit reports or certifications). Any additional assistance shall be mutually agreed between the Parties.

  • No Joint Assessment Borrower shall not suffer, permit or initiate the joint assessment of the Property (a) with any other real property constituting a tax lot separate from the Property, and (b) which constitutes real property with any portion of the Property which may be deemed to constitute personal property, or any other procedure whereby the lien of any taxes which may be levied against such personal property shall be assessed or levied or charged to such real property portion of the Property.

  • Environmental Assessments If the Agent reasonably believes, after discussion with the Borrower and review of any environmental reports provided by the Borrower, that a Disqualifying Environmental Event has occurred with respect to any one or more of the Eligible Unencumbered Properties, whether or not a Default or an Event of Default shall have occurred, the Agent may, from time to time, for the purpose of assessing and determining whether a Disqualifying Environmental Event has in fact occurred, cause the Borrower to obtain one or more environmental assessments or audits of such Eligible Unencumbered Property prepared by a hydrogeologist, an independent engineer or other qualified consultant or expert approved by the Agent to evaluate or confirm (i) whether any Hazardous Substances are present in the soil or water at such Eligible Unencumbered Property and (ii) whether the use and operation of such Eligible Unencumbered Property complies with all Environmental Laws. Environmental assessments may include without limitation detailed visual inspections of such Eligible Unencumbered Property including, without limitation, any and all storage areas, storage tanks, drains, dry xxxxx and leaching areas, and, if and to the extent reasonable, appropriate and required pursuant to applicable Environmental Laws, the taking of soil samples, surface water samples and ground water samples, as well as such other investigations or analyses as the Agent deems appropriate. All such environmental assessments shall be at the sole cost and expense of the Borrower.