The Archi understanding of program. The A Sample Clauses

The Archi understanding of program. The A tect and its consultants shall promptly review all information furnished by the Owner, confirm its program requirements with the Owner, and work with Owner to further refine and define the rchitect shall familiarize itself with laws, codes, regulations and Governmental Requirementsapplicable to the Architect’s services. The Architect shall conduct a reasonable review the information made available by the Owner regarding site utility services and site features, including existing construction, and shall inspect the Project site and existing facilities. The Architect shall assess the reliability of the Owner’s information based on such inspection, and make recommendations for additional testing and investigations as necessary toproperly coordinate the Project. The Architect shall provide a preliminary evaluation of the program, budget and schedule requirements, each in terms of the other. The Architect shall review with the Owner and its consultants site use and improvements, selection of materials, building systems and equipment. The Architect shall attend meetings during the Schematic Design Phase, as requested by Owner.