TERMINATION OF THESE TERMS OR A CONTRACT. 14.1 Our right to terminate: We may terminate all or part of any Contract without giving prior notice or any liability to you at any time after the occurrence of any of the following events:


  • Termination of Contract The Department may terminate the Contract for refusal by the Contractor to comply with this section by not allowing access to all public records, as defined in Chapter 119, F. S., made or received by the Contractor in conjunction with the Contract.

  • Termination of the Option The Option shall terminate and may no longer be exercised after the first to occur of (a) the close of business on the Option Expiration Date, (b) the close of business on the last date for exercising the Option following termination of the Participant’s Service as described in Section 7, or (c) a Change in Control to the extent provided in Section 8.

  • Termination of this Contract Subject to any restrictions under the terms of the Plan, including the spousal consent rules set forth in Section 3.06, the Owner may elect by written notice to terminate this Contract. We will determine the Cash Value of this Contract as of the Transaction Date. If this Contract is terminated, surrendered or exchanged prior to the Retirement Date, any applicable tax charges we have paid may be deducted. If we have previously deducted charges for applicable taxes from Contributions pursuant to Section 2.01, we will not again deduct charges for the same taxes on terminations, unless a change in applicable law has occurred with respect to this Contract. The payment of such Cash Value may be deferred by us in accordance with the provisions of Section 4.07. Subject to the terms of the Plan, we reserve the right to pay the Annuity Account Value less any outstanding loan under this Contract and terminate this Contract if (i) no Contributions are made on your behalf during the last three completed Contract Years, and the Annuity Account Value is less than $500 or (ii) a partial withdrawal is made that would result in your Annuity Account Value falling below $500. We reserve the right to terminate this Contract if no contributions have been made within 120 days of the Contract Date. Upon payment pursuant to this Section or the fourth paragraph of Section 2.07, the amount in the Divisions under this Contract and the Annuity Account Value with respect to this Contract shall be zero. We will be released from any and all liability for payments with respect to the Contributions from which the Annuity Account Value arose.

  • TERM AND TERMINATION OF THIS AGREEMENT; NO ASSIGNMENT (a) This Agreement shall go into effect as to the Fund on the date set forth above and shall, unless terminated as hereinafter provided, continue in effect for a period of two years from the date of approval by shareholders of the Fund at a meeting called for the purpose of such approval. This Agreement shall continue in effect thereafter for additional periods not exceeding one (l) year so long as such continuation is approved for the Fund at least annually by (i) the Board of Trustees of the Trust or by the vote of a majority of the outstanding voting securities of the Fund and (ii) the vote of a majority of the Trustees of the Trust who are not parties to this Agreement nor interested persons thereof, cast in person at a meeting called for the purpose of voting on such approval. The terms “majority of the outstanding voting securities” and “interested persons” shall have the meanings as set forth in the 1940 Act;

  • Termination of Engagement (a) This Agreement shall terminate (i) immediately upon the death of Consultant, (ii) at the option of either party hereto without cause upon thirty (30) days advance written notice from the terminating party to the other party, or (iii) upon the termination of this Agreement by the Contractor for "cause." For the purposes of this Agreement, "

  • Termination of the Contract 11.1. The Coordinator may terminate the contract if the Co-beneficiary has inadequately discharged or failed to discharge any of the contractual obligations, insofar as this is not due to force majeure, after notification of the Co-beneficiary by registered letter has remained without effect for one month.

  • Termination of this Agreement Prior to the First Closing Date, this Agreement may be terminated by the Representatives by notice given to the Company if at any time (i) trading or quotation in any of the Company's securities shall have been suspended or limited by the Commission or by the Nasdaq Stock Market, or trading in securities generally on either the Nasdaq Stock Market or the New York Stock Exchange shall have been suspended or limited, or minimum or maximum prices shall have been generally established on any of such stock exchanges by the Commission or the National Association of Securities Dealers, LLC; (ii) a general banking moratorium shall have been declared by any of federal, New York, Delaware or California authorities; (iii) there shall have occurred any outbreak or escalation of national or international hostilities or any crisis or calamity, or any change in the United States or international financial markets, or any substantial change or development involving a prospective change in United States' or international political, financial or economic conditions, as in the judgment of the Representatives is material and adverse and makes it impracticable or inadvisable to market the Common Shares in the manner and on the terms described in the Prospectus or to enforce contracts for the sale of securities; (iv) in the judgment of the Representatives there shall have occurred any Material Adverse Change; or (v) the Company shall have sustained a loss by strike, fire, flood, earthquake, accident or other calamity of such character as in the judgment of the Representatives may interfere materially with the conduct of the business and operations of the Company regardless of whether or not such loss shall have been insured. Any termination pursuant to this Section 9 shall be without liability on the part of (a) the Company to any Underwriter, except that the Company shall be obligated to reimburse the expenses of the Representatives and the Underwriters pursuant to Sections 5 and 6 hereof, (b) any Underwriter to the Company, or (c) of any party hereto to any other party except that the provisions of Section 7 shall at all times be effective and shall survive such termination.

  • Termination of Relationship In the event an Optionee's Continuous Status as an Employee or Consultant terminates, Optionee may, to the extent otherwise so entitled at the date of such termination (the "Termination Date"), exercise this Option during the Termination Period set out in the Notice of Grant. To the extent that Optionee was not entitled to exercise this Option at the date of such termination, or if Optionee does not exercise this Option within the time specified herein, the Option shall terminate.

  • DURATION OF CONTRACT 2. If the contract is not signed by the Individual Specialist and returned to UNESCO by [dd/mm/yyyy] at the latest, it will be considered null and void. This date is subject to modification upon agreement of both parties.

  • Transfer of Responsibility on Expiry or Termination 15.1 The Contractor shall, at no cost to the Department, promptly provide such assistance and comply with such timetable as the Department may reasonably require for the purpose of ensuring an orderly transfer of responsibility upon the expiry or other termination of this Contract. The Department shall be entitled to require the provision of such assistance both prior to and, for a reasonable period of time after the expiry or other termination of this Contract.