Technical Knowledge Transfer and Transition to SERS IT Staff Sample Clauses

Technical Knowledge Transfer and Transition to SERS IT Staff. The Contractor shall conduct technical knowledge transfer and transition to new SERS IT Staff for not less than sixty (60) days following the successful hiring of additional SERS IT employees in each of the position groupings specified in Section I-3.B. Personnel. The Contractor shall execute a thorough and effective resource transition and transfer of all Project knowledge to SERS staff throughout the life of the Contract. This shall include updating all system documentation and mentoring SERS IT staff. Knowledge Transfer shall be provided through documentation and interactive methods including, but not limited to, one-on-one mentoring, individual and small group training, job shadowing, and staff meetings. This training and actual transition of responsibility to SERS IT Staff shall occur in a phased manner, and by the end of the term of the Contract, the Contractor shall ensure that SERS IT Staff can assume all support and maintenance responsibilities of SERIS 2.0 including the ability to: