Tax Treaties Sample Clauses

Tax Treaties. (a) The Borrower shall not be required to make any additional payments under Clauses 12.1 or 12.2 if and to the extent that:
Tax Treaties. The Lender shall notify the Borrower of any tax treaty exemptions from withholding tax that may be available to the Lender in connection with any sum payable under this Agreement and submit to the Borrower the necessary documents for purposes of confirming such exemption.

Related to Tax Treaties

  • Tax Treatment If any interest in any Loan Document is transferred to any Transferee which is organized under the laws of any jurisdiction other than the United States or any State thereof, the transferor Lender shall cause such Transferee, concurrently with the effectiveness of such transfer, to comply with the provisions of Section 3.5(iv).

  • Income Tax Treatment Employee and the Company acknowledge that it is the intention of the Company to deduct all amounts paid under Section 2 hereof as ordinary and necessary business expenses for income tax purposes. Employee agrees and represents that he will treat all amounts paid hereunder as ordinary income for income tax purposes, and should he report such amounts as other than ordinary income for income tax purposes, he will indemnify and hold the Company harmless from and against any and all taxes, penalties, interest, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys' and accounting fees and costs, which are incurred by the Company directly or indirectly as a result thereof.

  • Intended Tax Treatment Neither Parent nor any of its Subsidiaries has taken or agreed to take any action, and to the Knowledge of Parent there exists no fact or circumstance, that is reasonably likely to prevent or impede the Merger from qualifying as a “reorganization” within the meaning of Section 368(a) of the Code.

  • Agreed Tax Treatment Each Security issued hereunder shall provide that the Company and, by its acceptance or acquisition of a Security or a beneficial interest therein, the Holder of, and any Person that acquires a direct or indirect beneficial interest in, such Security, intend and agree to treat such Security as indebtedness of the Company for United States Federal, state and local tax purposes and to treat the Preferred Securities (including but not limited to all payments and proceeds with respect to the Preferred Securities) as an undivided beneficial ownership interest in the Securities (and payments and proceeds therefrom, respectively) for United States Federal, state and local tax purposes. The provisions of this Indenture shall be interpreted to further this intention and agreement of the parties.

  • Special Tax Treatment Capital gains treatment and 10-year forward income averaging authorized by IRC Sec. 402 do not apply to IRA distributions.

  • Federal Income Tax Treatment It is the intention of the Trust Depositor that the Trust be disregarded as a separate entity for federal income tax purposes pursuant to Treasury Regulations Section 301.7701-3(b)(1)(ii) as in effect for periods after January 1, 1997. The Equity Certificate constitutes the sole equity interest in the Trust and must at all times be held by either the Trust Depositor or its transferee as sole Owner. The Trust Depositor agrees not to take any action inconsistent with such intended federal income tax treatment. Because for federal income tax purposes the Trust will be disregarded as a separate entity, Trust items of income, gain, loss and deduction for any month as determined for federal income tax purposes shall be allocated entirely to the Owner; provided, that this sentence shall not limit or otherwise affect the provisions of the Transaction Documents pertaining to distributions of Trust Assets or proceeds thereof to Persons other than the Trust Depositor.

  • Tax Rulings Neither the Company nor any of its subsidiaries has received a Tax Ruling (as defined below) or entered into a Closing Agreement (as defined below) with any taxing authority that would have a continuing adverse effect after the Closing Date. "Tax Ruling," as used in this Agreement, shall mean a written ruling of a taxing authority relating to Taxes. "Closing Agreement," as used in this Agreement, shall mean a written and legally binding agreement with a taxing authority relating to Taxes.

  • Tax Treatment of Payments Unless otherwise required by a Final Determination, this Agreement or the Tax Matters Agreement or otherwise agreed to among the Parties, for U.S. federal Tax purposes, any payment made pursuant to this Agreement (other than any payment of interest pursuant to Section 10.11) by: (i) Versum to Air Products shall be treated for all Tax purposes as a distribution by Versum to Air Products with respect to stock of Versum occurring immediately before the Distribution; or (ii) Air Products to Versum shall be treated for all Tax purposes as a tax-free contribution by Air Products to Versum with respect to its stock occurring immediately before the Distribution; and in each case, no Party shall take any position inconsistent with such treatment. In the event that a Taxing Authority asserts that a Party’s treatment of a payment pursuant to this Agreement should be other than as set forth in the preceding sentence, such Party shall use its commercially reasonable efforts to contest such challenge.

  • Accounting and Tax Treatment Each of the Parties undertakes and agrees to use its reasonable efforts to cause the Merger, and to take no action which would cause the Merger not, to qualify for treatment as a pooling of interests for accounting purposes or as a "reorganization" within the meaning of Section 368(a) of the Internal Revenue Code for federal income tax purposes.

  • Tax Treatment of Indemnity Payments The Seller and the Purchaser agree to treat any indemnity payment made pursuant to this Article 9 as an adjustment to the Purchase Price for federal, state, local and foreign income tax purposes.