Tax Shelter Sample Clauses

Tax Shelter. In the event the Borrower determines to take any action inconsistent with the representation in Section 6.9.2, it will promptly notify the Administrative Agent thereof. Accordingly, if the Borrower so notifies the Administrative Agent, the Borrower acknowledges that the Administrative Agent and the Lenders may treat the Loans as part of a transaction that is subject to Treasury Regulation Section 301.6112-1, and the Administrative Agent and the Lenders will maintain the lists and other records required by such Treasury Regulation.
Tax Shelter. The Employer agrees to provide the opportunity for employees to participate in one of the tax sheltered annuity programs currently offered by the Employer.
Tax Shelter. Tax sheltering of the individual’s contribution for health costs, unreimbursed medical expenses and dependent coverage will be provided, under IRS Section 125. All COG employers must offer the IRS Section 125 tax shelter provided through the COG. If an employee elects to utilize any of the IRS 125 benefits, the administrative cost shall be shared equally between the employee and the employer.
Tax Shelter. An employee may elect to have a percentage of each monthly gross withheld. Such withholding must be requested in writing by the employee on the appropriate form. The amount so authorized will be transmitted monthly to the employee's Tax Sheltered Annuity Account.
Tax Shelter. The District will cooperate with the Union in establishing a tax shelter program for its teachers. There shall be no more than Five (5) tax shelter companies approved at one time.
Tax Shelter. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, it is hereby agreed that from the commencement of discussions with respect to transactions contemplated by this Agreement (Transactions), any party to this Agreement (and any employee, representative or other agent of any party to this Agreement) may disclose to any and all persons, without limitation of any kind, the tax treatment and tax structure of the Transactions and all materials of any kind (including opinions or other tax analyses) that are provided to it relating to such tax treatment and tax structure.
Tax Shelter. 125 PLAN