TAX EXEMPTION Sample Clauses

TAX EXEMPTION. 18.1 Section 7 of the Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the United Nations provides, inter-alia that the United Nations, including its subsidiary organs, is exempt from all direct taxes, except charges for public utility services, and is exempt from customs duties and charges of a similar nature in respect of articles imported or exported for its official use. In the event any governmental authority refuses to recognize the United Nations exemption from such taxes, duties or charges, the Contractor shall immediately consult with the UNDP to determine a mutually acceptable procedure.
TAX EXEMPTION. It is the responsibility of Freedom to provide BellSouth with a properly completed tax exemption certificate at intervals required by the appropriate taxing authorities. A tax exemption certificate must be supplied for each individual Freedom entity purchasing Services under this Agreement. Upon BellSouth’s receipt of a properly completed tax exemption certificate, subsequent xxxxxxxx to Freedom will not include those taxes or fees from which Freedom is exempt. Prior to receipt of a properly completed exemption certificate, BellSouth shall xxxx, and Freedom shall pay all applicable taxes and fees. In the event that Freedom believes that it is entitled to an exemption from and refund of taxes with respect to the amount billed prior to BellSouth’s receipt of a properly completed exemption certificate, BellSouth shall assign to Freedom its rights to claim a refund of such taxes. If applicable law prohibits the assignment of tax refund rights or requires the claim for refund of such taxes to be filed by BellSouth, BellSouth shall, after receiving a written request from Freedom and at Freedom’s sole expense, pursue such refund claim on behalf of Freedom, provided that Freedom promptly reimburses BellSouth for any costs and expenses incurred by BellSouth in pursuing such refund claim, and provided further that BellSouth shall have the right to deduct any such outstanding costs and expenses from the amount of any refund obtained prior to remitting such refund to Freedom. Freedom shall be solely responsible for the computation, tracking, reporting and payment of all taxes and fees associated with the services provided by Freedom to its End Users.
TAX EXEMPTION. The Department of Montana is exempt from Federal Excise Taxes (#00-0000000).
TAX EXEMPTION. City is exempt from all federal excise and state sales taxes (State of Florida Consumer’s Certification of Exemption 85-8012621655C-9). The City’s Employer Identification Number is 59-60000392. Contractor shall not be exempted from paying sales tax to its suppliers for materials to fulfill contractual obligations with the City, nor will Contractor be authorized to use City’s Tax Exemption Number for securing materials listed herein.
TAX EXEMPTION. 94.1. The City is exempt from payment of Federal, State, and local taxes, including sales and compensating use taxes of the State of New York and its cities and counties on all tangible personal property sold to the City pursuant to the provisions of this Contract. These taxes are not to be included in bids. However, this exemption does not apply to tools, machinery, equipment or other property leased by or to the Contractor, Subcontractor or Materialman or to tangible personal property which, even though it is consumed, is not incorporated into the completed Work (consumable supplies) and tangible personal property that the Contractor is required to remove from the Site during or upon completion of the Work. The Contractor and its Subcontractors and Materialmen shall be responsible for and pay any and all applicable taxes, including sales and compensating use taxes, on such leased tools, machinery, equipment or other property and upon all such consumable supplies and tangible personal property that the Contractor is required to remove from the Site during or upon completion of the Work.
TAX EXEMPTION a. Material covered by this proposal is exempt from all FEDERAL and STATE TAXES. Such taxes shall not be included in prices quoted.
TAX EXEMPTION. The State is generally exempt from Federal excise taxes, Maryland sales and use taxes, District of Columbia sales taxes and transportation taxes. Exemption certificates shall be completed upon request. Where a Contractor is required to furnish and install material in the construction or improvement of real property in performance of a contract, the Contractor shall pay the Maryland sales tax and the exemption does not apply.
TAX EXEMPTION. All State and Federal tax exemptions applicable to the units of local government of the State of Florida will apply, and appropriate certifications furnished. Purchasers shall comply with all federal, state and local tax requirements. The Florida Sheriffs Association is a 501(c)3 organization and is exempt from all Federal Excise and State Taxes. State Sales Tax and Use Certificate Number is 85-8012646919C-3.
TAX EXEMPTION. The Borrower undertakes to ensure that both the principal and the interest and other charges of the Loan shall be paid without any deduction or restriction whatsoever, exempt from any tax, fee, duty or charge established or that may be established by the laws of its country, and to pay any tax, fee, or duty applicable to the signing, negotiation, and execution of this Contract. CHAPTER IX