TASK 4: BLM shall Sample Clauses

TASK 4: BLM shall. Prepare and submit to County an annual plan and budget for the succeeding calendar year (each an “Annual Plan”). Subsequent Leases: By December 31, 2013 and by December 31 of each succeeding year that this Agreement remains in effect, BLM shall use best efforts to accomplish the following: A) Perform TASK 1 for the succeeding calendar year. B) Perform TASK 2 for the succeeding calendar year.The terms of any proposed lease shall take into account the following: (a) BLM’s observations and analysis of Lessee agricultural operations during the prior calendar year. Implementation of Annual Plans:The parties acknowledge that implementation of the Annual Plans depend on a number of variable factors. BLM’s obligations under this Agreement are limited solely to the tasks herein enumerated. Any Agreement between BLM and County to undertake implementation of any portion of any Annual Plan shall be made by separate contract(s) executed and approved by both parties (each an “Implementation Agreement”).EXHIBIT C Payment Schedule Maximum Payment to BLM A) The Maximum Total Annual Payment Amount under this Agreement is $10,000.00. Therefore, the total maximum compensation due to BLM under this Agreement is $50,000.00 B) BLM shall submit an invoice to COUNTY by October 31st of each year of the term of this Agreement. The invoice shall reflect that payment for that calendar year is due by December 1st of the given year. BLM will be paid annually. C) If this Agreement is terminated by either party, BLM shall only be paid for any services completed and provided prior to notice of termination. BLM shall be paid an amount which bears the same ratio to the total compensation authorized by the Agreement as the services actually performed bear to the total services of CONTRACTOR covered by this Agreement, less payments of compensation previously made. In no event, however, shall COUNTY pay BLM an amount which exceeds a pro rata portion of the Agreement total based on the portion of the Agreement term that has elapsed on the effective date of the termination. D) BLM shall maintain for four years following termination of this agreement full and complete documentation of all services and expenditures associated with performing the services covered under this Agreement. Expense documentation shall include: time sheets or payroll records for each employee; receipts for supplies; applicable subcontract expenditures; applicable overhead and indirect expenditures.