Supportive Sample Clauses

Supportive. SERVICES (1 HOUR)- Provision of a broad spectrum of services; Includingbut notlimitedto health,socialization,educational opportunities, recreation,general Information,interpretation Itranslation for the older person. This shouldbeenteredasgroup utilization in NAMIS. Note: FROGS and other non-evidence based health pro1rams should be entered as Supportive Services. Contact the State Uniton Aclnc for subservice creation. Note: The unit reflects the hours of operation at multipurpose senior centers. A multipurposesenior centerisa community facilityfor theorganization and provisionof abroad spectrum of services, which shall include provision of health (including mental health), social, nutritional,and educationalservicesandtheprovisionoffacilitiesfor recreationalactivities forolder individuals.
Supportive. An empathic, nonjudgmental approach attempting to alleviate anxiety. (examples from group) Crisis Development/Behavior Levels Staff Attitudes/Approaches

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  • Support During the term of this Addendum, State Street agrees to provide the support services set out in Attachment D to this Addendum.

  • Developing Educator Plan shall mean a plan developed by the Educator and the Evaluator for one school year or less for an Educator without Professional Teacher Status (PTS); or, at the discretion of an Evaluator, for an Educator with PTS in a new assignment.

  • Transition Planning J. Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, Xx., and ------------------- Xxxxxx Xxxx, as Chief Executive Officers of the Texas Company and the Delaware Company, respectively, jointly shall be responsible for coordinating all aspects of transition planning and implementation relating to the Merger and the other transactions contemplated hereby. If either such person ceases to be Chief Executive Officer of his respective company for any reason, such Person's successor as Chief Executive Officer shall assume his predecessor's responsibilities under this Section 5.19. During the period between the date hereof and the Effective Time, Messrs. Xxxxxxxx and Xxxx jointly shall (i) examine various alternatives regarding the manner in which to best organize and manage the businesses of the Texas Company and the Delaware Company after the Effective Time, and (ii) coordinate policies and strategies with respect to employees and employee compensation and benefit matters, in all cases subject to applicable law.

  • Related Services a) Customized Routing

  • Access Toll Connecting Trunk Group Architecture 8.2.1 If Reconex chooses to subtend a Verizon access Tandem, Reconex’s NPA/NXX must be assigned by Reconex to subtend the same Verizon access Tandem that a Verizon NPA/NXX serving the same Rate Center subtends as identified in the LERG.

  • Assistance Registry Operator will co-­‐operate and provide reasonable assistance to ICANN and the CZDA Provider to facilitate and maintain the efficient access of zone file data by permitted users as contemplated under this Schedule.

  • Outreach Not less than 30 days prior to the opening of bids or the selection of contractors, the Agency-Assisted Contractor or Contractor shall:

  • Infrastructure (a) Each Loan Party has and will maintain a sufficient infrastructure to conduct its business as presently conducted and as contemplated to be conducted following its execution of this Agreement.

  • Procurement Planning Prior to the issuance of any invitations to bid for contracts, the proposed procurement plan for the Project shall be furnished to the Association for its review and approval, in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 1 of Appendix 1 to the Guidelines. Procurement of all goods and works shall be undertaken in accordance with such procurement plan as shall have been approved by the Association, and with the provisions of said paragraph 1.

  • Chiropractic Services This plan covers chiropractic visits up to the benefit limit shown in the Summary of Medical Benefits. The benefit limit applies to any visit for the purposes of chiropractic treatment or diagnosis.