Summary of Services and Fees Sample Clauses

Summary of Services and Fees. 1.1 Letting & Rent Collection Service (11% plus VAT)
Summary of Services and Fees. 1.1 Standard Lettings Service (10%plus VAT)
Summary of Services and Fees. 1.1 Letting & Rent Collection Service (13.2% inclusive of VAT)

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  • Services and Fees (a) The Advisor will, if requested by the Company:

  • Compensation and Fees As consideration for Consultant entering into this Agreement, Client and Consultant shall agree to the following:

  • Performance of Services The Contractor is responsible for fully meeting all obligations set forth in the Contract and for providing Product in accordance with the Contract or any Authorized User Agreement.

  • Services Fees 甲乙双方同意,作为本协议第1条第1款项下甲方向乙方提供的管理和咨询服务的对价,乙方应向甲方支付服务费,服务费的数额及支付方式详见本协议附件。该附件可根据双方商议并根据实施情况进行修改。 The Parties agree that, Party B shall pay relevant services fees to Party A which shall be determined according to the Appendix of this Agreement. This Appendix can be amended by the Parties in considering the circumstances. 第三条 知识产权和保密

  • Account Rates and Fees The Credit Union's payment of dividends on any account is subject to the account rates and fees, earnings, payment and balance requirements as set forth on the Rate and Fee Schedule and each Share Certificate Account Receipt, which are incorporated herein by this reference. You agree the Credit Union may impose fees and charges for the deposit account services provided by the Credit Union. A current Rate and Fee Schedule has been provided to you separately. You agree the Credit Union may change the Rate and Fee Schedule from time to time and you will be notified of such changes as required by law.

  • Types of Services This Article governs the provision of internetwork facilities (i.e., physical interconnection services and facilities), Meet-Point Billing (MPB) by GTE to NEN or by NEN to GTE and the transport and termination and billing of Local, IntraLATA Toll, optional EAS traffic and jointly provided Interexchange Carrier (IXC) access between GTE and NEN. The services and facilities described in this Article shall be referred to in this Article V as the "Services."

  • Services Provided Subcontractor agrees to complete the following: ____________ ___________________________________________________________ (“Services”).

  • Dues and Fees Grantee certifies that it is not prohibited from receiving an Award because it pays dues or fees on behalf of its employees or agents, or subsidizes or otherwise reimburses them for payment of their dues or fees to any club which unlawfully discriminates (775 ILCS 25/1 et seq.).

  • Professional Services Fees You agree to pay us the professional services fees in the amounts set forth in the Investment Summary. Those amounts are payable in accordance with our Invoicing and Payment Policy. You acknowledge that the fees stated in the Investment Summary are good-faith estimates of the amount of time and materials required for your implementation. We will bill you the actual fees incurred based on the in-scope services provided to you. Any discrepancies in the total values set forth in the Investment Summary will be resolved by multiplying the applicable hourly rate by the quoted hours.

  • Points and Fees No Mortgagor was charged "points and fees" (whether or not financed) in an amount greater than (i) $1,000, or (ii) 5% of the principal amount of such Mortgage Loan, whichever is greater. For purposes of this representation, such 5% limitation is calculated in accordance with Fannie Mae's anti-predatory lending requirements as set forth in the Fannie Mae Guides and "points and fees" (x) include origination, underwriting, broker and finder fees and charges that the mortgagee imposed as a condition of making the Mortgage Loan, whether they are paid to the mortgagee or a third party; and (y) exclude bona fide discount points, fees paid for actual services rendered in connection with the origination of the Mortgage Loan (such as attorneys' fees, notaries fees and fees paid for property appraisals, credit reports, surveys, title examinations and extracts, flood and tax certifications, and home inspections), the cost of mortgage insurance or credit-risk price adjustments, the costs of title, hazard, and flood insurance policies, state and local transfer taxes or fees, escrow deposits for the future payment of taxes and insurance premiums, and other miscellaneous fees and charges that, in total, do not exceed 0.25% of the principal amount of such Mortgage Loan. This representation and warranty is a Deemed Material and Adverse Representation;