SUBSTITUTION OF. CONCESSIONAIRE At any time during the period of Suspension, the Lenders' Representative, on behalf of Senior Lenders, shall be entitled to substitute the Concessionaire under and in accordance with the Substitution Agreement, and upon receipt of notice there under from the Lender's Representative, the ULB/Authority shall withhold Termination for a period not exceeding 180 (one hundred and eighty) days from the date of Suspension, and any extension thereof under Clause 2.7.1, for enabling the Lenders' Representative to exercise its rights of substitution on behalf of Senior Lenders.
SUBSTITUTION OF. The Employer may at any time substitute another carrier for any Plan (other than provided that:
SUBSTITUTION OF. CAR(S) ------------------------------- Lessor may substitute for any Car another Car of the same type and capacity without the prior consent of Lessee. The rent for the substituted Car will commence upon delivery of such Car to Lessee.
SUBSTITUTION OF. Room The University reserves the right, to be exercised by Graduate House reasonably, to substitute another room and suite in Graduate House for the Room and the Suite at any time during the Occupancy Period, in which event the substituted room and suite shall be deemed to be the Room and the Suite for all purposes hereunder and the Resident shall forthwith move to that other Room. The Resident agrees to accept the University's prerogative/responsibility to relocate the Resident to an alternative room as deemed necessary due to factors that may include, but are not limited to, roommate/suitemate withdrawal or incompatibility, emergency situations, threats to personal safety, construction, repairs, unplanned business disruption, Acts of God, or to maximize occupancy. Residents must be prepared to welcome a new person to their room or unit or be relocated to another room any time a vacancy exists. When a vacancy exists that cannot be filled, the bedroom is locked and access or use is not permitted.


  • Substitution of Mortgage Loans Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, in lieu of purchasing a Mortgage Loan pursuant to the Mortgage Loan Purchase Agreement or Sections 2.02 or 2.03 of this Agreement, the Seller may, no later than the date by which such purchase by the Seller would otherwise be required, tender to the Trustee a Substitute Mortgage Loan accompanied by a certificate of an authorized officer of the Seller that such Substitute Mortgage Loan conforms to the requirements set forth in the definition of "Substitute Mortgage Loan" in this Agreement; provided, however, that substitution pursuant to the Mortgage Loan Purchase Agreement or Section 2.04 of this Agreement, as applicable, in lieu of purchase shall not be permitted after the termination of the two-year period beginning on the Startup Day; provided, further, that if the breach would cause the Mortgage Loan to be other than a "qualified mortgage" as defined in Section 860G(a)(3) of the Code, any such cure or substitution must occur within 90 days from the date the breach was discovered. The Custodian, as agent for the Trustee, shall examine the Mortgage File for any Substitute Mortgage Loan in the manner set forth in Section 2.02(a) and the Trustee or the Custodian, as its agent, shall notify the Seller, in writing, within five Business Days after receipt, whether or not the documents relating to the Substitute Mortgage Loan satisfy the requirements of the fifth sentence of Subsection 2.02(a). Within two Business Days after such notification, the Seller shall provide to the Trustee for deposit in the Distribution Account the amount, if any, by which the Outstanding Principal Balance as of the next preceding Due Date of the Mortgage Loan for which substitution is being made, after giving effect to the Scheduled Principal due on such date, exceeds the Outstanding Principal Balance as of such date of the Substitute Mortgage Loan, after giving effect to Scheduled Principal due on such date, which amount shall be treated for the purposes of this Agreement as if it were the payment by the Seller of the Repurchase Price for the purchase of a Mortgage Loan by the Seller. After such notification to the Seller and, if any such excess exists, upon receipt of such deposit, the Trustee shall accept such Substitute Mortgage Loan which shall thereafter be deemed to be a Mortgage Loan hereunder. In the event of such a substitution, accrued interest on the Substitute Mortgage Loan for the month in which the substitution occurs and any Principal Prepayments made thereon during such month shall be the property of the Trust Fund and accrued interest for such month on the Mortgage Loan for which the substitution is made and any Principal Prepayments made thereon during such month shall be the property of the Seller. The Scheduled Principal on a Substitute Mortgage Loan due on the Due Date in the month of substitution shall be the property of the Seller and the Scheduled Principal on the Mortgage Loan for which the substitution is made due on such Due Date shall be the property of the Trust Fund. Upon acceptance of the Substitute Mortgage Loan (and delivery to the Custodian of a Request for Release for such Mortgage Loan), the Custodian, as agent for the Trustee, shall release to the Seller the related Mortgage File related to any Mortgage Loan released pursuant to the Mortgage Loan Purchase Agreement or Section 2.04 of this Agreement, as applicable, and shall execute and deliver all instruments of transfer or assignment, without recourse, representation or warranty in form as provided to it as are necessary to vest in the Seller title to and rights under any Mortgage Loan released pursuant to the Mortgage Loan Purchase Agreement or Section 2.04 of this Agreement, as applicable. The Seller shall deliver to the Custodian the documents related to the Substitute Mortgage Loan in accordance with the provisions of the Mortgage Loan Purchase Agreement or Subsections 2.01(b) and 2.02(b) of this Agreement, as applicable, with the date of acceptance of the Substitute Mortgage Loan deemed to be the Closing Date for purposes of the time periods set forth in those Subsections. The representations and warranties set forth in the Mortgage Loan Purchase Agreement shall be deemed to have been made by the Seller with respect to each Substitute Mortgage Loan as of the date of acceptance of such Mortgage Loan by the Trustee. The Master Servicer shall amend the Mortgage Loan Schedule to reflect such substitution and shall provide a copy of such amended Mortgage Loan Schedule to the Trustee and the Rating Agencies.

  • Substitution of Collateral A Fund may substitute securities for any securities identified as Collateral by delivery to the Custodian of a Pledge Certificate executed by such Fund on behalf of the applicable Portfolio, indicating the securities pledged as Collateral.

  • Substitution of Banks Upon the receipt by a Borrower from any Bank (an "Affected Bank") of a claim for compensation against such Borrower under Section 3.1 or Section 3.3 or any circumstances exist with respect to such Bank described in Section 3.2, such Borrower may: (i) request the Affected Bank to use its best efforts to obtain a replacement bank or financial institution satisfactory to such Borrower to acquire and assume all or a ratable part of all of such Affected Bank's Loans and Commitment (a "Replacement Bank"); (ii) request one or more of the other Banks to acquire and assume all or part of such Affected Bank's Loans and Commitment (it being understood that no such other Bank shall in any way be required to effect any such acquisition and assumption); or (iii) designate a Replacement Bank. Any such designation of a Replacement Bank under clause (i) or (iii) shall be subject to the prior written consent of the Agent (which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld) and payment in full of all amounts due and owing hereunder to the Replacement Bank. Each Bank which is an Affected Bank agrees to execute the necessary documentation to assign its interest to a Replacement Bank upon five (5) days' written notice from such Borrower after a Replacement Bank is identified.

  • Substitution of Engines Upon the occurrence of an Event of Loss with respect to an Engine under circumstances in which an Event of Loss with respect to the Airframe has not occurred, Owner shall promptly (and in any event within 15 days after such occurrence) give the Mortgagee written notice of such Event of Loss. The Owner shall have the right at its option at any time, on at least 5 Business Days’ prior notice to the Mortgagee, to substitute, and if an Event of Loss shall have occurred with respect to an Engine under circumstances in which an Event of Loss with respect to the Airframe has not occurred, shall within 60 days of the occurrence of such Event of Loss substitute, a Replacement Engine for any Engine. In such event, immediately upon the effectiveness of such substitution and without further act, (i) the replaced Engine shall thereupon be free and clear of all rights of the Mortgagee and the Lien of this Trust Indenture and shall no longer be deemed an Engine hereunder and (ii) such Replacement Engine shall become subject to this Trust Indenture and be deemed part of the Aircraft for all purposes hereof to the same extent as the replaced Engine. Such Replacement Engine shall be an engine manufactured by Engine Manufacturer that is the same model as the Engine to be replaced thereby, or an improved model, and that is suitable for installation and use on the Airframe, and that has a value, utility and remaining useful life (without regard to hours and cycles remaining until overhaul) at least equal to the Engine to be replaced thereby (assuming that such Engine had been maintained in accordance with this Trust Indenture). The Owner’s right to make a replacement hereunder shall be subject to the fulfillment (which may be simultaneous with such replacement) of the following conditions precedent at the Owner’s sole cost and expense, and the Mortgagee agrees to cooperate with the Owner to the extent necessary to enable it to timely satisfy such conditions:

  • Substitution of Receipts At the request of a Holder, the Depositary shall, for the purpose of substituting a certificated Receipt with a Receipt issued through any book-entry system, including, without limitation, DRS/Profile, or vice versa, execute and Deliver a certificated Receipt or deliver a statement, as the case may be, for any authorized number of ADSs requested, evidencing the same aggregate number of ADSs as those evidenced by the relevant Receipt.

  • Substitution of Bank If (i) the obligation of any Bank to make Euro-Dollar Loans has been suspended pursuant to Section 8.02 or (ii) any Bank has demanded compensation under Section 8.03 or 8.04, the Company shall have the right, with the assistance of the Agent, to seek a mutually satisfactory substitute bank or banks (which may be one or more of the Banks) to purchase the Note and assume the Commitment of such Bank, which agrees in such event to sell its Note and transfer its Commitment.

  • Substitution of Key Personnel Consultant has represented to City that certain key personnel will perform and coordinate the Services under this Agreement. Should one or more of such personnel become unavailable, Consultant may substitute other personnel of at least equal competence upon written approval of City. In the event that City and Consultant cannot agree as to the substitution of key personnel, City shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement for cause. As discussed below, any personnel who fail or refuse to perform the Services in a manner acceptable to the City, or who are determined by the City to be uncooperative, incompetent, a threat to the adequate or timely completion of the Project or a threat to the safety of persons or property, shall be promptly removed from the Project by the Consultant at the request of the City. The key personnel for performance of this Agreement are as follows: [ INSERT NAMES ].

  • Substitution of Members The Board of Directors may designate one or more directors as alternate members of any committee, who may replace any absent or disqualified member at any meeting of such committee. In the absence or disqualification of a member of a committee, the member or members present at any meeting and not disqualified from voting, whether or not constituting a quorum, may unanimously appoint another member of the Board of Directors to act at the meeting in the place of the absent or disqualified member.

  • Substitution of ADRs The Depositary shall execute and deliver a new Direct Registration ADR in exchange and substitution for any mutilated certificated ADR upon cancellation thereof or in lieu of and in substitution for such destroyed, lost or stolen certificated ADR, unless the Depositary has notice that such ADR has been acquired by a bona fide purchaser, upon the Holder thereof filing with the Depositary a request for such execution and delivery and a sufficient indemnity bond and satisfying any other reasonable requirements imposed by the Depositary.

  • Substitution of Trustee Beneficiary may from time to time substitute a successor or successors to any Trustee named herein or acting hereunder to execute this Trust. Upon such appointment, and without conveyance to the successor trustee, the latter will be vested with all title, powers, and duties conferred upon any Trustee herein named or acting hereunder. Each such appointment and substitution is to be made by written instrument executed by Beneficiary, containing reference to this Deed of Trust and its place of record, which, when duly recorded in the proper office of the county or counties in which the Property is situated, will be conclusive proof of proper appointment of the successor trustee.