SUBSTITUTION OF. CONCESSIONAIRE At any time during the period of Suspension, the Lenders' Representative, on behalf of Senior Lenders, shall be entitled to substitute the Concessionaire under and in accordance with the Substitution Agreement, and upon receipt of notice there under from the Lender's Representative, the ULB/Authority shall withhold Termination for a period not exceeding 180 (one hundred and eighty) days from the date of Suspension, and any extension thereof under Clause 2.7.1, for enabling the Lenders' Representative to exercise its rights of substitution on behalf of Senior Lenders.
SUBSTITUTION OF. Room The University reserves the right, to be exercised by Graduate House reasonably, to substitute another room and suite in Graduate House for the Room and the Suite at any time during the Occupancy Period, in which event the substituted room and suite shall be deemed to be the Room and the Suite for all purposes hereunder and the Resident shall forthwith move to that other Room. The Resident agrees to accept the University's prerogative/responsibility to relocate the Resident to an alternative room as deemed necessary due to factors that may include, but are not limited to, roommate/suitemate withdrawal or incompatibility, emergency situations, threats to personal safety, construction, repairs, unplanned business disruption, Acts of God, or to maximize occupancy. Residents must be prepared to welcome a new person to their room or unit or be relocated to another room any time a vacancy exists. When a vacancy exists that cannot be filled, the bedroom is locked and access or use is not permitted.
SUBSTITUTION OF. CAR(S) ------------------------------- Lessor may substitute for any Car another Car of the same type and capacity without the prior consent of Lessee. The rent for the substituted Car will commence upon delivery of such Car to Lessee.
SUBSTITUTION OF. The Employer may at any time substitute another carrier for any Plan (other than provided that:
SUBSTITUTION OF. SUBCONTRACTORS AND/OR SUPPLIERS BEFORE AWARD A. Substitution of Subcontractors before Contract Award. If the Bidder determines, before award, that it is necessary to substitute a subcontractor identified on the Women, and Minority Business Enterprises Utilization Form, the Bidder shall notify the County of such intent to substitute. For all substitutions, the Bidder shall explain in detail the reasons for the substitution. Every effort shall be made to meet the Fair Share Goals. The Good Faith Efforts identified herein and in 40 CFR 33 Part C shall be documented and provided. The County may investigate such substitution and make a determination of whether the Bidder is responsive. C01072C17 page 8 of 22 §00120 Rev (10/06/2016) SRF
SUBSTITUTION OF. It is agreed that the Employer can change the carrier of any plan, provided that there is no reduction in benefits and provided that the Employer gives the Union not less than sixty (60) days notice of such change, furnishes the Union with particulars of the plan to be submitted and, if requested to do so, meets with the Negotiating Committee to discuss and explain the change proposed. short term sick leave plan shall be registered with the Unemployment Insurance Commission The employee's share of the employer's unemployment insurance premium reduction will be retained by the Hospital towards offsetting the cost of benefits contained in this Agreement.


  • Substitution of Receipts At the request of a Holder, the Depositary shall, for the purpose of substituting a certificated Receipt with a Receipt issued through any book-entry system, including, without limitation, DRS/Profile, or vice versa, execute and Deliver a certificated Receipt or deliver a statement, as the case may be, for any authorized number of ADSs requested, evidencing the same aggregate number of ADSs as those evidenced by the relevant Receipt.

  • Substitution of Equipment In the event the device becomes inoperable, RSSD has a limited number of spare devices for use while the device is repaired or replaced. However, it cannot guarantee a loaner will be available at all times. This agreement remains in effect for such a substitute. Please note that if the Student forgets to bring the device or power adapter to school, a substitute will not be provided.

  • Substitution of Key Personnel Consultant has represented to City that certain key personnel will perform and coordinate the Services under this Agreement. Should one or more of such personnel become unavailable, Consultant may substitute other personnel of at least equal competence upon written approval of City. In the event that City and Consultant cannot agree as to the substitution of key personnel, City shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement for cause. As discussed below, any personnel who fail or refuse to perform the Services in a manner acceptable to the City, or who are determined by the City to be uncooperative, incompetent, a threat to the adequate or timely completion of the Project or a threat to the safety of persons or property, shall be promptly removed from the Project by the Consultant at the request of the City. The key personnel for performance of this Agreement are as follows: Xxxxx Xxxxx.

  • Substitution of Members If unanimous written approval is received, the transferee shall:

  • Substitution of ADRs The Depositary shall execute and deliver a new Direct Registration ADR in exchange and substitution for any mutilated certificated ADR upon cancellation thereof or in lieu of and in substitution for such destroyed, lost or stolen certificated ADR, unless the Depositary has notice that such ADR has been acquired by a bona fide purchaser, upon the Holder thereof filing with the Depositary a request for such execution and delivery and a sufficient indemnity bond and satisfying any other reasonable requirements imposed by the Depositary.