SUBJECT PARTNERSHIP INTEREST. The Subject Partnership Interest is free and clear of any liens, encumbrances, claims or liabilities of any kind or nature except as created by this Agreement and the transactions contemplated hereby. Selling Partner has no claim or liability against the Partnership except as provided herein. As of the Closing Date, Buyer will acquire hereunder good title to, and the entire right, title and interest in, the Subject Partnership Interest, free and clear of all liens, encumbrances, liabilities, claims, rights, demands, exceptions, agreements, covenants and restrictions of any kind or character, including any security interests or any restriction on the sale, creation or assignment of all or any part of such partnership interest, or, except for the rights created by the Right of First Opportunity, any option, right or agreement for the purchase or acquisition of the same or any interest in the same. D. Existing Agreements. Neither Selling Partner, Hahn Inc., Associates, nor any "affiliate" (as defined in Section 9.7 hereof) of any of the foregoing (individually and collectively, the "Hahn Entities") have entered into or have caused the Partnership to enter into, either in the name of any of the foregoing or in the name of the Partnership, any agreements or understandings relating to the Business Property, except for the Permitted Exceptions, the Existing Loan Documents, the Tenant Leases and the Continuing Contracts. No alterations, amendments or waivers pertaining to the foregoing will be made prior to the Closing Date. A full, true and correct copy of the Partnership Agreement and all amendments thereto that will be in effect on the Closing Date is attached as Exhibit "J". E.


  • General Partnership Interest A number of Partnership Units held by the General Partner equal to one percent (1%) of all outstanding Partnership Units shall be deemed to be the General Partner Partnership Units and shall be the General Partnership Interest. All other Partnership Units held by the General Partner shall be Limited Partnership Interests and shall be held by the General Partner in its capacity as a Limited Partner in the Partnership.

  • Additional Partnership Interests If the Partnership issues Partnership Interests in accordance with Section 4.2 or 4.3, the distribution priorities set forth in Section 5.1 shall be amended, as necessary, to reflect the distribution priority of such Partnership Interests and corresponding amendments shall be made to the provisions of Exhibit B.

  • Partnership Interest Except as provided in this Agreement and the Transferor Partnership Agreement, no right (contingent or otherwise) to purchase or acquire the Transferor Partnership Interests held by such Transferor Partner is authorized or outstanding. Except as disclosed on Schedule 5.34, such Transferor Partner owns and holds the Transferor Partnership Interests set forth opposite its name on Schedule I beneficially and of record free and clear of any liens, pledges and encumbrances of any kind whatsoever and free of any rights of assignment of any third party. Prior to the Closing, all liens disclosed on Schedule 5.34 will be paid in full. Upon the Closing, good, valid, marketable, and indefeasible title to such Transferor Partnership Interests shall be vested in the BRI Partnership free and clear of any lien, claim, charge, pledge, encumbrance, limitation, agreement or instrument whatsoever. The provisions of this Section 5.34 shall survive the Closing indefinitely.

  • Transfer of General Partner’s Partnership Interest A. Except as provided in Section 11.2.B or Section 11.2.C, and subject to the rights of any Holder of any Partnership Interest set forth in a Partnership Unit Designation, the General Partner may not Transfer all or any portion of its Partnership Interest (whether by sale, disposition, statutory merger or consolidation, liquidation or otherwise) without the Consent of the Limited Partners. It is a condition to any Transfer of a Partnership Interest of a General Partner otherwise permitted hereunder (including any Transfer permitted pursuant to Section 11.2.B or Section 11.2.C) that: (i) coincident with such Transfer, the transferee is admitted as a General Partner pursuant to Section 12.1 hereof; (ii) the transferee assumes, by operation of law or express agreement, all of the obligations of the transferor General Partner under this Agreement with respect to such Transferred Partnership Interest; and (iii) the transferee has executed such instruments as may be necessary to effectuate such admission and to confirm the agreement of such transferee to be bound by all the terms and provisions of this Agreement with respect to the Partnership Interest so acquired and the admission of such transferee as a General Partner.

  • Transfers of Partnership Interests Except as the Partners may otherwise agree from time to time, a Partner may not Transfer all or any part of its Partnership Interest without the Consent of each other Partner, which Consent may be withheld in the sole discretion of each such other Partner.

  • Transfer of Partnership Interests The foregoing power of attorney shall survive the delivery of an instrument of transfer by any Partner of the whole or any portion of or interest in its Partnership Interest, except that (i) where a Partner becomes a Former Partner, or (ii) where a Transferee of such Partnership Interest has been approved as a successor Partner and the Transferor shall thereupon cease being a Partner (all in accordance with this Agreement), then the power of attorney of the Former Partner or the Transferor Partner, as the case may be, shall survive the cessation of Partner status or the delivery of such instrument of transfer, as the case may be, for the sole purpose of enabling the attorneys-in-fact for such Former Partner or the Transferor Partner (or any of them) to execute, swear to, acknowledge and file any and all instruments necessary to effectuate or reflect such cessation, transfer and succession.

  • Partnership Interests Except as may otherwise be provided herein, each Partner’s percentage interest in the assets, profits, and distributions of the Partnership (“Partnership Interest”) shall be as set forth in Exhibit B attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference.

  • Redemption of Partnership Interests of Non-citizen Assignees (a) If at any time a Limited Partner or Assignee fails to furnish a Citizenship Certification or other information requested within the 30-day period specified in Section 4.9(a), or if upon receipt of such Citizenship Certification or other information the General Partner determines, with the advice of counsel, that a Limited Partner or Assignee is not an Eligible Citizen, the Partnership may, unless the Limited Partner or Assignee establishes to the satisfaction of the General Partner that such Limited Partner or Assignee is an Eligible Citizen or has transferred his Partnership Interests to a Person who is an Eligible Citizen and who furnishes a Citizenship Certification to the General Partner prior to the date fixed for redemption as provided below, redeem the Partnership Interest of such Limited Partner or Assignee as follows:

  • Ownership Interests Borrower owns no interest in any Person other than the Persons listed in Schedule 7.4, equity investments in Persons not constituting Subsidiaries permitted under Section 9.7 and additional Subsidiaries created or acquired after the Closing Date in compliance with Section 8.19;

  • Transfer of the General Partner’s Partnership Interest (a) The General Partner shall not transfer all or any portion of its General Partnership Interest or withdraw as General Partner except as provided in, or in connection with a transaction contemplated by, Section 7.1(c), (d) or (e).