Subject Matter of Agreement Sample Clauses

Subject Matter of Agreement. Customer hereby appoints USF as its Master Distributor and USF hereby accepts such appointment. In connection therewith, Customer agrees to purchase from USF, and USF agrees to purchase, warehouse, sell and distribute to Customer certain products in accordance with the terms and conditions contained herein. A summary of program assumptions ("Assumptions") used to create the Master Distributor Program as described herein and a list of Customer units to be serviced by USF are outlined on ATTACHMENT A. The service benefits defined for this program are automatically extended within the geographic distribution area of any USF distribution center outlined on Attachment A, provided all parameters and requirements of the program are met.
Subject Matter of Agreement. 1.1. Under this Agreement, the Contractor undertakes to provide the Patient with services listed in the offer. The Customer undertakes to pay in a timely manner.
Subject Matter of Agreement. The Contractor shall provide the City with System Integration and Implementation Services For The Citywide Geographic Information Systems Utility as further defined in PD, which is made part of this Agreement as Exhibit "2".
Subject Matter of Agreement. Supply and Requirements ----------------------------------------------------
Subject Matter of Agreement. 1.1. These general terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to asGTC”) shall apply exclusively to any and all contractual agreements (hereinafter each contractual agreement referred to as “Agreement”) between PTV Planung Transport Verkehr AG (hereinafter referred to as “PTV AG”) or any affiliated company of PTV AG the Agreement is made with (PTV AG or the contracting affiliate hereinafter referred to as “PTV”) and a customer or other contracting partner (hereinafter referred to as “Client”, PTV and the Client hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Contracting Parties”) on supplies and services (hereinafter referred to in summary as “Deliveries”) of PTV except for Online Services as described in clause 1.2. Deliveries may particularly, but not limited to, comprise:  delivery of standard software and data;  customizing, installation and adaption of standard software;  consulting services;  software maintenance and support;  development of individual software.
Subject Matter of Agreement. 2.1 The subject matter of this Agreement is to describe the roles and rights and obligations of the Contractual Parties relating to the implementation of the Project, in particular to define the rights and duties of the Contractual Parties with respect to (i) rights to intangible property (e.g. intellectual property) necessary for the implementation of the Project, (ii) rights to intangible property created during or in relation to the Project and (iii) regulation of utilizing the results of the Project.
Subject Matter of Agreement. 3.1 As far as agreed upon, BHS CORRUGATED hereby undertakes to deliver and provide the fol- lowing as listed in detail in the order confirmation and any attachments or exhibits thereto or in a written Contract: - spare parts or other products such as tools; - personnel, tools, spare parts including any necessary journeys/deliveries to the installa- tion sites of machines and/or plants; - repair, maintenance and other services with- in the framework of maintenance agree- ments to the extent in which BHS CORRU- GATED has undertaken to provide them in accordance with the applicable maintenance agreement; and - education and training for the Customer’s employees. A prerequisite on the part of the Customer is a sufficient qualification and, if applicable, a good knowledge of the English language and high motivation.
Subject Matter of Agreement. In accordance with the provisions of the Gold Reserve Agreement and Münze Österreich AG’s General Terms and Conditions (“GTCs”), as in effect at the time this Agreement is concluded, the subject-matter of this Agreement is the purchase ofVienna Philharmonic 1oz“ precious metal investment coins (hereinafter referred to as „Vienna Philharmonic“ or „precious metal investment product“) by the Customer in the form of partial payments.
Subject Matter of Agreement. 2. Under the terms and conditions agreed below the Supplier hereby undertakes to provide the Customer the following Services: deliver the System to the Customer and perform its Installation, Integration and Implementation in the Customer’s environment the (hereinafter referred to as “Work”). The Supplier will begin with delivery of the Work under this Article 2.1. one (1) month from the date of the signature of the Agreement by both Parties, at the latest. enable the use of the System to the Customer and Authorized Persons, perform local maintenance and remote management of installed Hardware, provide the Support within the scope pursuant to Art. VII. of this Agreement, provide Licenses for the CUPPS/CUSS System usage,