Stopping Sample Clauses

Stopping. Any halting, even momentarily, of a Vehicle, whether occupied or not, except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic or in compliance with the direction of a police officer or traffic control sign or signal.

Related to Stopping

  • Reclamation At its sole cost and expense, Purchaser shall reclaim and leave the Property at termination in a condition satisfactory to the University and consistent with the terms of this Agreement including but not limited to Paragraph 8 above, and in full compliance with all federal, state and local codes, regulations and statutes including but not limited to, compliance with Alaska Statutes 27.19 and 11 Alaska Administrative Code 97 (including but not limited to 11 AAC 97.250) and other applicable statutes and regulations that may be enacted by an entity with jurisdiction over the operations conducted on the Property during the Term. Purchaser’s responsibility to reclaim the Property shall include all areas developed, mined or otherwise disturbed by Purchaser. Purchaser’s responsibility to reclaim the Property under the terms of this Agreement shall survive termination of this Agreement. It is the intent of this Agreement that Purchaser shall reclaim all disturbed areas as soon as Purchaser’s use of the area is concluded.

  • Retrenchment At any time during an individual’s service, the individual may be subject to retrenchment in accordance with the provisions of Article 22 of the Agreement. In such cases, the notice provisions and all other terms of that article shall apply, anything above to the contrary notwithstanding.

  • Closure Area Calculation Sheet – A computer generated print-out of the area and the perimeter bearings, distances, curve data, and coordinates of an individual parcel of land to be acquired.

  • Coaching Informal discussion or instruction between employee and their immediate supervisor. Supervisor may follow up in writing which may include a simple action plan. This is not a form of corrective action.

  • Transportation Transportation to the nearest physician or hospital for employees requiring medical care as a result of an on-the-job accident shall be at the expense of the Employer.

  • Recycling If this Agreement provides for the purchase or use of goods specified in PCC 12207 (for example, certain paper products, office supplies, mulch, glass products, lubricating oils, plastic products, paint, antifreeze, tires and tire-derived products, and metal products), this section is applicable with respect to those goods. Without limiting the foregoing, if this Agreement includes (i) document printing, (ii) parts cleaning, or (iii) janitorial and building maintenance services, this section is applicable. Contractor shall use recycled products in the performance of this Agreement to the maximum extent doing so is economically feasible. Upon request, Contractor shall certify in writing under penalty of perjury, the minimum, if not exact, percentage of post consumer material as defined in the PCC 12200, in such goods regardless of whether the goods meet the requirements of PCC 12209. With respect to printer or duplication cartridges that comply with the requirements of PCC 12156(e), the certification required by this subdivision shall specify that the cartridges so comply.

  • Recreation Recreation rooms shall be supplied. Smokes and soft drinks shall be available. Outside wall of the above to be completely closed in the cold weather. Sidewalk to be provided between the living quarters from living quarters to dining rooms and recreation rooms. The above to be standards for Stationary or Permanent type camps. In the initial construction of the above, the camp construction workers in areas where there are no hotel accommodations, shall construct such housing as is necessary for them (this is not to be a tent). When bunkhouses are built to the degree that they can be occupied, the camp construction workers shall move into such quarters, and their original buildings shall be disposed of or not used for lodging from that time on.

  • WATERBEDS The Tenant: (check one) ☐ - Shall have the right to use a waterbed on the Premises. ☐ - Shall not have the right to use a waterbed on the Premises.

  • Inclement Weather 4:1 Employees who report for work on a workday or for prearranged work on a workday and are unable to work in the field because of inclement weather, heat or other causes, shall be paid for actual time worked, if any, but not less than two (2) hours at straight-time rates. Employees receiving subsistence as provided for in Section 5:2 shall continue to receive subsistence in addition to the amount provided for under this Section.

  • System Logging The system must maintain an automated audit trail which can identify the user or system process which initiates a request for DHCS PHI or PI, or which alters DHCS PHI or PI. The audit trail must be date and time stamped, must log both successful and failed accesses, must be read only, and must be restricted to authorized users. If DHCS PHI or PI is stored in a database, database logging functionality must be enabled. Audit trail data must be archived for at least 3 years after occurrence.