Stewards shall be employed in or on leave from a classification in one Sample Clauses

Stewards shall be employed in or on leave from a classification in one. 1) of the Bargaining Units covered by this Agreement. Section B. Chief Stewards.The Union may designate one (1) Chief Steward for up to eighty (80) employees or fraction thereof in a Department. A Chief Steward may also be designated as a Steward at a work site. At a work site where no Steward has been authorized by secondary negotiations or the designated Steward is not available, the Chief Steward may act as a temporary Steward . Any pay provided by the employer is governed by Civil Service Rules and Regulations.The District of a Chief Steward shall be established so as to reflect representation of approximately eighty (80) employees within a Department. In circumstances where this approximation is not possible within a work site a Chief Steward may represent more than one (1) work site within a Department. Each Chief Steward shall have a defined District.The Union shall furnish to the Employer, in writing, the names of the designated Chief Stewards with their jurisdictions and work sites and the names of Stewards with their work sites or their jurisdictions that have been mutually agreed upon in secondary negotiations. The Union shall do so promptly after the effective date of this Agreement. Any changes or additions thereto shall be forwarded to the Employer by the Union, in writing, as soon as such changes are made. Section C. Release of Union Representatives.No Steward or Chief Steward shall leave his/her work to engage in employee representation activities authorized by this Agreement without first notifying and receiving approval from his/her supervisor or designee. Such approval shall normally be granted and under no circumstances shall unreasonably be denied. In the event that approval is not granted for the time requested by such Union Representative, the Union, at its discretion, may either request an alternate Union Representative or have the activity postponed and rescheduled. In making such request, the Union will provide timely representation so that the activity would not be unreasonably delayed. Section D. Union Leave.If any Union Representative(s) is expected to spend more than 25% (520 hours) of the contract work year (beginning the effective date of this Agreement) in representation activities, he/she may be so designated and identified by the Union. Such notice shall be in writing to the departmental Employer and must be provided at least fourteen (14) calendar days in advance of the pay period in which the leave is to begin. They sha...
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