Status of Lands Sample Clauses

Status of Lands. Except as expressly set out in this Agreement:
Status of Lands. 34.1 Where less than the full interest or only part of the land right of the First Nation in First Nation land is expropriated by Canada:
Status of Lands. 2.9.1 Labrador Inuit Lands are not "Lands reserved for the Indians" within the meaning of section 91(24) of the Constitution Act, 1867.
Status of Lands. The sale, exchange, or conveyance by gift deed for no or nominal consideration of an interest in trust or restricted land under this section shall not affect the status of that land as trust or re- stricted land.
Status of Lands. ‌ Except as expressly set out in this Agreement:

Related to Status of Lands

  • Waiver of Landlord’s Lien Landlord hereby waives any statutory or common law lien that may be granted or deemed to be granted to Landlord in Tenant Personal Property or Tenant Intangible Property. Landlord agrees that, upon the request of any Person that shall be providing senior secured financing to Tenant, or a purchase money equipment financier or equipment lessor of Tenant, Landlord shall, at Tenant’s sole cost and expense, negotiate in good faith for the purpose of executing and delivering a commercially reasonable waiver or subordination of Landlord’s statutory lien rights, if any, and a consent and agreement with respect to the respective rights of Landlord and such Person regarding the security interests in, and the timing and removal of, any Tenant Personal Property or Tenant Intangible Property which such Person has a secured interest (the “Collateral”), in form and substance reasonably acceptable to Landlord and such Person, so long as such waiver and agreement (i) provides for the indemnification of Landlord against any claims by Tenant or any Person claiming through Tenant, and against any physical damage caused to the Premises, in connection with the removal of any of the Collateral by such Person, (ii) provides for a reasonable, but limited, time frame for the removal of such Collateral by such Person after the expiration of which same shall be deemed abandoned, and (iii) provides for the per diem payment of Rent due hereunder by such Person for each day following the date of the expiration or termination of this Master Lease that Landlord permits such Person’s Collateral to remain in the Premises.