Special Section 13.2 Remedies & Penalties Sample Clauses

Special Section 13.2 Remedies & Penalties. Longshore workers, clerks, walking bosses/foremen, superintendents or managers, outside truck drivers, ven- dors, contractors, or others who violate Section 13.2 of the Agreement, as described in this Policy, by engaging in Prohibited Conduct in connection with any action subject to the terms of the PCWB&FA (including at work sites, joint dispatch halls, training sites, and other locations, when rea- sonably related to employment covered by this Agreement) will be subject to discipline or penalties up to and including termination, deregistration or permanent loss of dispatch privileges or loss of access to employer sites. Likewise, PMA Employers, PMA offices and ILWU Locals are sub- SCOPE OF THIS CONTRACT DOCUMENT AND SECTION 1ASSIGNMENT OF WORK TO LONGSHOREMENEQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY POLICY & PROCEDURES ADDENDA ject to all appropriate remedies for directly violating this Policy, including mandatory training, distribution of notices to employees, and changes in policies and practices found to violate this Policy. Violations of this Policy are subject to the attached Guidelines for Remedies & Penalties in Cases of Discrimination, Harassment & Retaliation Under the Special Section 13.2 Grievance Procedures.ADDENDA SPECIAL GRIEVANCE/ARBITRATION PROCEDURES FOR THE RESOLUTION OF COMPLAINTS RE DISCRIMINATION AND HARASSMENT