Sole Custody Sample Clauses

Sole Custody. When a Couple dissolves, the Children under the care of the Spouses must be placed in a reliable home. Inidcate if “Sole Custody” will be given to the Husband or to the Wife by selecting the appropriate checkboxes in the third article. (52)

Related to Sole Custody

  • Custody Nothing in this Agreement shall permit the Adviser to take or receive physical possession of cash, securities or other investments of a Fund.

  • Designees (a) The Company and the Principal Stockholders shall take all Necessary Action to cause the Board to consist of members designated as follows:

  • Non-Custody Assets As an accommodation to the Fund, the Custodian provides consolidated recordkeeping services pursuant to which the Custodian reflects on statements certain securities and other assets not held by, or under the control of, the Custodian. Non-Custody Assets shall be designated on Custodian’s books as “shares not held” or by other similar characterization. The Fund acknowledges and agrees that it shall have no security entitlement against the Custodian with respect to Non-Custody Assets, that the Custodian shall rely, without independent verification, on information provided by the Fund, its designee or the entity having custody regarding Non-Custody Assets (including but not limited to positions and market valuations), and that the Custodian shall have no responsibility whatsoever with respect to the existence of the Non-Custody Assets, provided however that the Custodian will record and report such Non-Custody Assets in accordance with its standard of care.

  • SUB-CUSTODIANS Upon receipt of Proper Instructions, the Custodian shall on behalf of a Fund appoint one or more banks, trust companies or other entities located in the United States and designated in the Proper Instructions to act as a sub-custodian for the purposes of effecting such transactions as may be designated by the Fund in the Proper Instructions. The Custodian may place and maintain each Fund’s foreign securities with foreign banking institution sub-custodians employed by the Custodian or foreign securities depositories, all in accordance with the applicable provisions of Sections 4 and 5. An entity acting in the capacity of Underlying Transfer Agent is not an agent or sub-custodian of the Custodian for purposes of this Agreement.

  • Fund Custody Accounts As to each Fund, the Custodian shall open and maintain in its trust department a custody account in the name of the Trust coupled with the name of the Fund, subject only to draft or order of the Custodian, in which the Custodian shall enter and carry all Securities, cash and other assets of such Fund which are delivered to it.

  • BNY AS A FOREIGN CUSTODY MANAGER 1. The Fund on behalf of its Board hereby delegates to BNY with respect to each Specified Country the Responsibilities.

  • Custody Services Whenever Southwest has been instructed to act as custodian of the securities in any Correspondent or Customer Account, or to hold such securities in "safekeeping," Southwest may hold the securities in the Customer's name or may cause such securities to be registered in the name of Southwest or its nominee or in the names of nominees of any depository used by Southwest. Southwest will perform the services required in connection with acting as custodian for securities in Correspondent and Customer accounts, such as (i) collection and payment of dividends; (ii) transmittal and handling (through Correspondent) of tenders or exchanges pursuant to tender offers and exchange offers; (iii) transmittal of proxy materials and other shareholder communications; and (iv) handling of exercises or expirations of rights and warrants, and of redemptions of securities.

  • Custody of Cash As custodian for the Fund, the Bank will open and maintain a separate account or accounts in the name of the Fund or in the name of the Bank, as Custodian of the Fund, and will deposit to the account of the Fund all of the cash of the Fund, except for cash held by a subcustodian appointed pursuant to Sections 14.2 or 14.3 hereof, including borrowed funds, delivered to the Bank, subject only to draft or order by the Bank acting pursuant to the terms of this Agreement. Pursuant to the Bank's internal policies regarding the management of cash accounts, the Bank may segregate certain portions of the cash of the Fund into a separate savings deposit account upon which the Bank reserves the right to require seven (7) days notice prior to withdrawal of cash from such an account. Upon receipt by the Bank of Proper Instructions (which may be continuing instructions) or in the case of payments for redemptions and repurchases of outstanding shares of common stock of the Fund, notification from the Fund's transfer agent as provided in Section 7, requesting such payment, designating the payee or the account or accounts to which the Bank will release funds for deposit, and stating that it is for a purpose permitted under the terms of this Section 5, specifying the applicable subsection, the Bank will make payments of cash held for the accounts of the Fund, insofar as funds are available for that purpose, only as permitted in subsections 5.1-5.9 below.

  • The Custodian as Foreign Custody Manager Each Fund, by resolution adopted by its Board of Trustees, hereby delegates to the Custodian, subject to Rule 17f-5(b), the responsibilities set forth in this Section 2.3 with respect to Foreign Securities of the Funds held outside the United States, and the Custodian hereby accepts such delegation as Foreign Custody Manager with respect to the Funds. The services and duties of the Custodian shall be confined to those matters expressly set forth herein, and no implied duties are assumed by or may be asserted against the Custodian hereunder.

  • The Guide to Custody in World Markets (hardcopy annually and regular website updates) An overview of settlement and safekeeping procedures, custody practices and foreign investor considerations for the markets in which State Street offers custodial services. Global Custody Network Review (annually) Information relating to Foreign Sub-Custodians in State Street’s Global Custody Network. The Review stands as an integral part of the materials that State Street provides to its U.S. mutual fund clients to assist them in complying with SEC Rule 17f-5. The Review also gives insight into State Street’s market expansion and Foreign Sub-Custodian selection processes, as well as the procedures and controls used to monitor the financial condition and performance of our Foreign Sub-Custodian banks. Securities Depository Review (annually) Custody risk analyses of the Foreign Securities Depositories presently operating in Network markets. This publication is an integral part of the materials that State Street provides to its U.S. mutual fund clients to meet informational obligations created by SEC Rule 17f-7. Global Legal Survey (annually) With respect to each market in which State Street offers custodial services, opinions relating to whether local law restricts (i) access of a fund’s independent public accountants to books and records of a Foreign Sub-Custodian or Foreign Securities System, (ii) a fund’s ability to recover in the event of bankruptcy or insolvency of a Foreign Sub-Custodian or Foreign Securities System, (iii) a fund’s ability to recover in the event of a loss by a Foreign Sub-Custodian or Foreign Securities System, and (iv) the ability of a foreign investor to convert cash and cash equivalents to U.S. dollars. Subcustodian Agreements (annually) Copies of the contracts that State Street has entered into with each Foreign Sub-Custodian that maintains U.S. mutual fund assets in the markets in which State Street offers custodial services. Global Market Bulletin (daily or as necessary) Information on changing settlement and custody conditions in markets where State Street offers custodial services. Includes changes in market and tax regulations, depository developments, dematerialization information, as well as other market changes that may impact State Street’s clients. Foreign Custody Advisories (as necessary) For those markets where State Street offers custodial services that exhibit special risks or infrastructures impacting custody, State Street issues market advisories to highlight those unique market factors which might impact our ability to offer recognized custody service levels.