Software Maintenance Quality Control Report Sample Clauses

Software Maintenance Quality Control Report. This document describes the status and performance of the quality control task with details on the availability and execution of regression tests for the supported EMI components, the unit test availability and coverage and various static and dynamic metrics on released components. This aggregated data is internally generated every month, the first deliverable at M06 marks the first EMI reference release, the following deliverables are reported to the EC every twelve months. [month 22]
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  • Use; Quality Control a. Neither party may alter the other party’s trademarks from the form provided and must comply with removal requests as to specific uses of its trademarks or logos.

  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control Contractor shall establish and maintain a quality assurance/quality control program which shall include procedures for continuous control of all construction and comprehensive inspection and testing of all items of Work, including any Work performed by Subcontractors, so as to ensure complete conformance to the Contract with respect to materials, workmanship, construction, finish, functional performance, and identification. The program established by Contractor shall comply with any quality assurance/quality control requirements incorporated in the Contract.

  • Software Maintenance Subrecipient shall apply security patches and upgrades in a timely manner and keep virus software up-to-date on all systems on which State data may be stored or accessed.

  • Data Quality 4.1 Each party ensures that the shared Personal Data is accurate.

  • Implementation Report Within 150 days after the Effective Date, Extendicare shall submit a written report to OIG summarizing the status of its implementation of the requirements of this CIA (Implementation Report). The Implementation Report shall, at a minimum, include:

  • Routine Maintenance Services PM1.03.2-1 Respond immediately to restrict all access to Highway Crossing Infrastructure, as directed by the Province.

  • Software Maintenance and Support If You purchase Software Maintenance and Support for the Software, the Software Maintenance and Support will be provided as described in Kofax’s then current Software Maintenance and Support Agreement, available at xxxx://, and which is incorporated herein by this reference. If You are active and current on Software Maintenance and Support, You may request reconfigurations of the Software subject to Your payment of Kofax’s then current standard rates for such reconfigurations. Kofax will have no liability to You arising from or related to Your cessation of Software Maintenance and Support, whether from Your failure to timely renew Software Maintenance and Support or otherwise. If You elect to reinstate Software Maintenance and Support following expiration of the Software Maintenance and Support for whatever reason, You will (a) pay a reinstatement fee equal to the sum of the current annual Software Maintenance and Support fees, any unpaid Software Maintenance and Support fees from the date of expiration to the date of reinstatement, and an amount equal to one additional year of Software Maintenance and Support fees, and (b) apply all upgrades, enhancements and new releases to the Software needed to bring Your Software current with Kofax’s most current supported version of the Software. Software Maintenance and Support pricing will increase for renewal terms by an amount not to exceed 5% of the prior year term fee, provided that increases associated with additional software license purchases, if any, will be incorporated into the base for the purpose of calculation of each annual increase.

  • Service Quality The Transfer Agent shall maintain a quality control process designed to provide a consistent level of quality and timeliness for its call center, correspondence services and transaction processing.

  • Image Quality You are responsible for the image quality of any Image that you transmit. If an Image that we receive from you or for deposit to your Account is not of sufficient quality to satisfy our image quality standards as we may establish them from time to time, we may reject the Image without prior notice to you. Each Image must include the front and back of the Item and the following information must be clearly readable: amount, payee name, drawer signature, date, check number, account number, routing and transit number, MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) line, and any endorsement or other information written on the check.

  • COMMERCIAL COMPUTER SOFTWARE If performance involves acquisition of existing computer software, the following Company Exhibit is incorporated by reference: CCS Commercial Computer Software License (Company – July 2010).

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