Socially and Economically Disadvantaged Individuals Sample Clauses

Socially and Economically Disadvantaged Individuals. Any individual who is a citizen (or lawfully admitted permanent resident) of the United States and who is:
Socially and Economically Disadvantaged Individuals. There is a rebuttable assumption that an individual is both socially and economically disadvantaged if s/he is a citizen or lawfully admitted permanent resident of the United States and is:

Related to Socially and Economically Disadvantaged Individuals

  • HEALTH & WELFARE 16:1 The parties signatory hereto shall enter into a Health and Welfare Plan for which there is a Trust Agreement, known as the Line Construction Benefit Fund, for the purpose of providing insurance benefits for eligible employees and/or their dependents. Effective the first of the month following the signature date of this Agreement, the Employer shall pay to the Line Construction Benefit Fund the sum of $6.50 for each hour worked. Hours worked shall be deemed to include straight-time hours worked, overtime hours worked, and report time not worked. Remittance shall be forwarded to the place designated by the parties hereto on or before the fifteenth (15th) day of each month for each hour worked in weekly payroll periods ending during the preceding month, together with a monthly payroll report on a form to be furnished to the Employer. It is understood and intended by the parties to this Agreement that the purpose of this clause is to establish an Employer financed Health and Welfare Trust and that contributions thereto shall not be deemed to be wages to which any employee shall have any right other than the right to have such contributions paid over to the Trust fund in accordance herewith. Failure of an individual Employer to make all payments provided for, including liquidated damages for late payments, within the time specified, shall be a breach of this Agreement and will further require action by the Trustees as set forth in the Trust Agreement. Any increase in the required contributions set forth above will be paid equally (50% by the Employer and 50% by the Employee). The amount paid by the Employee will come from their NEAP contribution.

  • FAIR EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES Pursuant to NRS 338.125, Fair Employment Practices, the following provisions must be included in any contract between CONSULTANT and a public body such as CITY:

  • Health & Welfare Benefits Executive shall be eligible to participate in all health and welfare benefits provided generally to other employees of the Company.

  • HEALTH AND WELFARE PLAN 1 6.01 The Employer agrees to pay the amount as set out in Schedule "A" for all hours worked for each employee towards the Insurance plan administered by the CLAC Health and Welfare Trust Fund.

  • Health and Welfare Benefits (Article 17 applies to full-time nurses only)

  • Retiree Health Insurance Retired members of the Department receiving, or to receive City of Lincoln monthly pension checks, may participate in the group comprehensive health care plan for active City employees, provided that each retiree so desiring will execute the required forms in a timely fashion, and further provided that each retiree will be required to pay the full monthly cost at the current rates subject to any rate increases which may occur from time to time. Such payment will be made by payroll deduction from pension checks, or by direct payment in the case of an early retiree.

  • Unfair Labor Practices The Grantee shall comply with the Employers Engaging in Unfair Labor Practices Act, 1980 PA 278, as amended, MCL 423.321 et seq.

  • Health Plans All MAMP Benefit Plans that are group health plans, including health care flexible spending accounts, have been operated in compliance in all material respects with the requirements of Section 4980B of the Code and Parts 6 and 7 of Title I of ERISA, to the extent those requirements are applicable. No MAMP Benefit Plan provides (or has any obligation to provide) postretirement medical or life insurance benefits to any Service Providers, except as otherwise required under state or Federal benefits continuation Laws. No MAMP Benefit Plan that is a Welfare Plan is (i) a “multiple employer welfare arrangement” within the meaning of Section 3(40) of ERISA, or (ii) a “voluntary employees’ beneficiary association” within the meaning of 501(c)(9) of the Code or other funding arrangement for the provision of welfare benefits (such disclosure to include the amount of any such funding), or (iii) self-insured by MAMP or any MAMP Subsidiary. None of MAMP, the MAMP Subsidiaries or the MAMP Benefit Plans have failed to comply with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and its companion xxxx, the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010, to the extent applicable, whether as a matter of substantive Law or in order to maintain any intended Tax qualification, and no excise Tax, penalty, or assessable payment under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, as amended, and all regulations thereunder, including Section 4980H of the Code, is outstanding, has accrued, or has arisen with respect to any period prior to the Closing.

  • Health and Welfare Plans (a) A copy of the master contracts with the carriers for the extended health care, dental and group life plans shall be sent to the President of the Union.

  • Health and Welfare Benefit Plans During the Employment Period, Executive and Executive’s immediate family shall be entitled to participate in such health and welfare benefit plans as the Employer shall maintain from time to time for the benefit of senior executive officers of the Employer and their families, on the terms and subject to the conditions set forth in such plan. Nothing in this Section shall limit the Employer’s right to change or modify or terminate any benefit plan or program as it sees fit from time to time in the normal course of business so long as it does so for all senior executives of the Employer.