Site Safety Sample Clauses

Site Safety. 29.1 The Design-Builder agrees to be the “prime contractorfor the purposes of all applicable occupational health and safety Laws, including the Workers Compensation Act (British Columbia), and the Design-Builder is responsible for filing any documents necessary to comply with the Workers Compensation Act (British Columbia), including a notice of project. The Design- Builder will comply with all requirements of the Workers Compensation Act (British Columbia) and any other occupational health and safety Laws, applicable to the Project, the Work or to the Site.
Site Safety. Jobsite safety meetings once per week during Installation Work, or upon addition of new personnel to the jobsite.
Site Safety. The Subcontractor shall comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, statutes, orders, and other lawful requirements that concern safety of persons and/or property, and all safety procedures established by Customer, Contractor, and/or the Contract Documents. The Subcontractor also shall provide Contractor with Safety Data Sheets (SDS) as required by law that pertain to the Work and shall implement its own appropriate safety measures concerning the Work and the Project. The Contractor may at any time stop Subcontractor's Work, and/or remove Subcontractor or any of Subcontractor's employees or subcontractors from the Project, if Subcontractor fails to comply with the requirements of this Article 8.
Site Safety. The Contractor is solely responsible for training, initiating, maintaining, and supervising safety precautions and programs in connection with performance of the Construction Work and according to all Applicable Laws governing safety on construction sites and the provisions of Article 8 of Exhibit D, and the Contractor will be the “prime contractorfor the purpose of all applicable occupational and health legislation. The Contractor will defend, indemnify, and hold the Owner and Architect harmless from and against all demands, causes of action, and other claims for damage, loss, and expense, including but not limited to legal fees, resulting from bodily injury, sickness, disease, death, injury, or tangible property damage (other than to the Work itself) to the extent caused by its failure to train, initiate, maintain, or supervise safety precautions and programs in connection with performance of the Construction Work.
Site Safety. 10.1 When the Seller is carrying out any installation, commissioning, repair, servicing or other works in relation to the Goods or is performing the Services at any Delivery Address the Seller shall observe, and shall ensure that its employees, agents, sub-contractors and any other persons under its control observe and comply with the Company’s then current safety and other regulations. It shall be the Seller’s obligation to require and obtain details of all such relevant regulations and to make the same known to its employees, agents, sub-contractors and other persons under its control.