Site Plans Sample Clauses

Site Plans. 1) All legends, symbols, and general notes.
Site Plans. Project site facilities must be attractive for public use and compatible with the environment. Plans and specifications for Project site improvements and facilities must be in accordance with current engineering and architectural standards. Grantees should emphasize the health and safety of users, accessibility to the general public, and the protection of the recreational and natural values of the area. A Grantee may alter a conceptual site plan only after written approval by the Department and National Park Service (NPS). All utility lines installed within the Project site must be placed underground. The Grantee shall have final site plans (site, engineering, and architectural) prepared for the Project and sealed by a registered architect or engineer licensed in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida (collectively the “Project Plans”). The Grantee must deliver a complete original, signed, and sealed set of the Project Plans to the Department.
Site Plans. A dimensioned site plan which complies with City standards indicating the arrangement and tentative location and setbacks of all proposed structures, including buildings, signs, open space, roads, parking and loading areas, pedestrian areas and walkways, easements, natural topographic features, transportation, and utilities.
Site Plans. As was the case with verification of floor plans, the Utility has responsibility for reviewing site plans if the ECM installation is outside existing buildings. It is recommended that the Utility offer a preferred site plan and at least one alternative.
Site Plans. Provide preliminary graphic materials to describe in general the proposed development of the entire project site, including vehicular and pedestrian circulation; parking; snow storage; fire equipment access; buildings including entrance points for general public, deliveries, and persons with disabilities; locations for transformer and generator, existing and proposed site structures and significant natural features; wetlands, storm water management; new and existing overhead and underground utilities; existing and proposed grades; views; sun and wind orientation; vegetation; and relationship of all elements of the project to the natural and built context.
Site Plans. 1. The District and Association agree that holding ourselves accountable to student growth and achievement is a core responsibility of school staff. Annual updates to the school site plan by the building leadership team (administration and teacher leaders) provide a structure for data driven evaluation of impact of support structures and monitoring progress toward site plan goals.
Site Plans. If proposed ECMs require installation outside existing buildings or structures, a site plan showing recommended siting of ECMs shall be prepared for Government review and approval. Site plans shall be submitted as part of the Utility's proposal. It is recommended that the Utility propose alternate sites for review in case the primary site is unavailable.
Site Plans. All site plans relating to the Property in Seller's possession.