Single Purpose Collective Shareholding Vehicle Sample Clauses

Single Purpose Collective Shareholding Vehicle. 4.1 All interests in AsiaSat held through the Company None of the parties and their respective subsidiaries or Associates will, except with the written consent of GEC and CITIC or as a result of the Privatisation or any mandatory offer for AsiaSat made in accordance with the provisions of Clauses 9.2.5 or 14.1, at any time during the continuance of this Agreement, acquire or hold any interest in any AsiaSat Shares other than AsiaSat Shares held from time to time by the Company. All interests in AsiaSat Shares (other than any held by Bidco) of the parties and/or their respective subsidiaries and Associates shall be held through the Company, except for any such shares that are held for the account of a pension fund or other third party in accordance with the provisions of Clause 20.

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  • Collective Investment Vehicle An Investment Entity established in Singapore that is regulated as a collective investment vehicle, provided that all of the interests in the collective investment vehicle (including debt interests in excess of $50,000) are held by or through one or more exempt beneficial owners, Active NFFEs described in subparagraph B(4) of section VI of Annex I, U.S. Persons that are not Specified U.S. Persons, or Financial Institutions that are not Nonparticipating Financial Institutions.

  • Single-Purpose Entity Each Mortgage Loan requires the Mortgagor to be a Single-Purpose Entity for at least as long as the Mortgage Loan is outstanding. Each Mortgage Loan with a Cut-off Date Balance of $30 million or more has a counsel’s opinion regarding non-consolidation of the Mortgagor. For this purpose, a “Single-Purpose Entity” shall mean an entity, other than an individual, whose organizational documents and the related Mortgage Loan documents (or if the Mortgage Loan has a Cut-off Date Balance equal to $10 million or less, its organizational documents or the related Mortgage Loan documents) provide substantially to the effect that it was formed or organized solely for the purpose of owning and operating one or more of the Mortgaged Properties and prohibit it from engaging in any business unrelated to such Mortgaged Property or Mortgaged Properties, and whose organizational documents further provide, or which entity represented in the related Mortgage Loan documents, substantially to the effect that it does not have any assets other than those related to its interest in and operation of such Mortgaged Property or Mortgaged Properties, or any indebtedness other than as permitted by the related Mortgage(s) or the other related Mortgage Loan documents, that it has its own books and records and accounts separate and apart from those of any other person (other than a Mortgagor for a Mortgage Loan that is cross-collateralized and cross-defaulted with the related Mortgage Loan), and that it holds itself out as a legal entity, separate and apart from any other person or entity.

  • Single Purpose Entity/Separateness Borrower represents, warrants and covenants as follows:

  • Company Vehicle Silverleaf shall furnish Employee a company owned vehicle for use by Employee in performing his or her duties, and Silverleaf shall pay all expenses associated therewith.

  • Sponsored, Closely Held Investment Vehicle A Singaporean Financial Institution satisfying the following requirements:

  • Single Purpose Borrower hereby represents and warrants to, and covenants with, Lender that as of the date hereof and until such time as the Debt shall be paid in full:

  • PORTFOLIO HOLDINGS The Adviser will not disclose, in any manner whatsoever, any list of securities held by the Portfolio, except in accordance with the Portfolio’s portfolio holdings disclosure policy.

  • Single Asset Entity 15.1. Except as may be provided to the contrary in the Cross-Collateralization Agreements, the Company shall at all timed conduct its business and operations in accordance with the following provisions so as to maintain itself as a single purpose entity:

  • Ownership Interest, Etc The Seller shall (and shall cause the Servicer to), at its expense, take all action necessary or desirable to establish and maintain a valid and enforceable undivided percentage ownership or security interest, to the extent of the Purchased Interest, in the Pool Receivables, the Related Security and Collections with respect thereto, and a first priority perfected security interest in the Pool Assets, in each case free and clear of any Adverse Claim, in favor of the Issuer, including taking such action to perfect, protect or more fully evidence the interest of the Issuer as the Issuer, through the Administrator, may reasonably request.

  • Special Purpose Funding Vehicles Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, any Lender (a “Granting Lender”) may, with notice to, but without prior consent of the Borrower and the Administrative Agent grant to a special purpose funding vehicle identified as such in writing from time to time by the Granting Lender to the Administrative Agent and the Borrower (an “SPC”) the option to provide all or any part of any Loan that such Granting Lender would otherwise be obligated to make pursuant to this Agreement; provided that (i) nothing herein shall constitute a commitment by any SPC to fund any Loan, and (ii) if an SPC elects not to exercise such option or otherwise fails to make all or any part of such Loan, the Granting Lender shall be obligated to make such Loan pursuant to the terms hereof and, if it fails to do so, to make such payment to the Administrative Agent as is required under Section 2.14(e)(ii). Each party hereto hereby agrees that (i) neither the grant to any SPC nor the exercise by any SPC of such option shall increase the costs or expenses or otherwise increase or change the obligations of the Borrower under this Agreement (including its obligations under Section 2.15), (ii) no SPC shall be liable for any indemnity or similar payment obligation under this Agreement for which a Lender would be liable, and (iii) the Granting Lender shall for all purposes, including the approval of any amendment, waiver or other modification of any provision of any Loan Document, remain the lender of record hereunder. The making of a Loan by an SPC hereunder shall utilize the Revolving Credit Commitment of the Granting Lender to the same extent, and as if, such Loan were made by such Granting Lender. In furtherance of the foregoing, each party hereto hereby agrees (which agreement shall survive the termination of this Agreement) that, prior to the date that is one year and one day after the payment in full of all outstanding commercial paper or other senior debt of any SPC, it will not institute against, or join any other Person in instituting against, such SPC any bankruptcy, reorganization, arrangement, insolvency, or liquidation proceeding under any Debtor Relief Laws or any other Laws. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, any SPC may (i) with notice to, but without prior consent of the Borrower and the Administrative Agent and with the payment of a processing fee in the amount of $3,500 (which processing fee may be waived by the Administrative Agent in its sole discretion), assign all or any portion of its right to receive payment with respect to any Loan to the Granting Lender and (ii) disclose on a confidential basis any non-public information relating to its funding of Loans to any rating agency, commercial paper dealer or provider of any surety or guarantee or credit or liquidity enhancement to such SPC.