SHAREHOLDERS OF THE CORPORATION. In the event the Corporation shall at any time declare or pay any dividend on Common Stock payable in shares of Common Stock, or effect a subdivision or combination of the outstanding shares of Common Stock (by reclassification or otherwise) into a greater or lesser number of shares of Common Stock, then in each such case the number of votes per share to which holders of shares of Preferred Stock were entitled immediately prior to such event shall be adjusted by multiplying such number by a fraction the numerator of which is the number of shares of Common Stock outstanding immediately after such event and the denominator of which is the number of shares of Common Stock that were outstanding immediately prior to such event.
SHAREHOLDERS OF THE CORPORATION. Jamberry is the sole holder of record and the sole beneficial owner of the Shares. The Shares are held by Jamberry free and clear of any adverse claim or encumbrance.
SHAREHOLDERS OF THE CORPORATION. 2. The Parties hereto acknowledge and confirm that at the date hereof the only issued and outstanding Shares of the Corporation are 15,666,666 Common Shares all of which are fully paid and non-assessable and owned of record at the date hereof as follows: Shareholder No. of Common Shares 1. 1462869 Ontario Inc. 3,000,000 2. Faward Consulting Corp. 1,500,000 3. SDS-Sonsitar Data Services Inc.. 1,500,000 4. Xxxxx Xxxxxxx 4,000,000 “Founding Shareholders” Above As a Group 10,000,000 5. eRoomsystem Technologies Inc. 1,666,666 6. Xxxxxxxx Inc. 166,667 7. Xxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx 166,667 8. Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx 166,667 9. Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx 333,333 10. ASSIF S.A. 166,667 11. Xxx Xxxxx 666,667 12. Xxxxxx Xxxxxx 100,000 13. Xxxxx Xxxxxx 333,333 14. Xxxxxx Xxxxxx 666,667 15. Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx ??? 666,666
SHAREHOLDERS OF THE CORPORATION. As of the date hereof, and immediately prior to the Time of Closing the following Persons are, and will be, the sole registered owners of all of the Shares, to the best of the knowledge of the Corporation, free and clear of all Encumbrances and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, none of the Shares are subject to any voting trust, shareholder agreement or voting agreement other than the Drag Along Agreement: NUMBER OF COMMON NUMBER OF REGISTERED OWNER SHARES PREFERRED SHARES ---------------- ------ ---------------- Arthxx Xxxx 226,866 Michxxx Xxx 100,000 Kam Xxxx Xxx 126,866 Chrixxxxxxx Xxxxxx 226,866 Alfrxx Xxxxx 180,000 Olivxx Xxxxxxxxxx 95,000 Thomxx Xxxxxx 20,000 20,000 Jonaxxxx Xxxxxxx 20,000 20,000 Tim Xxxxxxx 10,000 10,000 Wong Xxxst 226,866 M. Txx Xxxst 100,000 K. C. Xxx Xxxst 126,866 Bailxx Xxxst 226,966 Friexxxxxx Xxxst 95,000 Huger Trust 180,000 PRL Resources Inc. 111,733 111,733 TOTAL 1,117,331 1,117,331


  • Immunity of Incorporators Stockholders Officers and Directors No recourse under or upon any obligation, covenant or agreement contained in this Agreement or in any agreement supplemental hereto, or in the Bonds, or because of any indebtedness evidenced thereby, shall be had against any incorporator, or against any stockholder, member, officer or director, as such, past, present or future, of the Company or of any predecessor or, subject to Section 5.04, successor legal entity, either directly or through the Company or any predecessor or successor legal entity, under any rule of law, statute or constitutional provision or by the enforcement of any assessment or by any legal or equitable proceeding or otherwise, all such liability being expressly waived and released by the acceptance of the Bonds by the Holders thereof and as part of the consideration for the issuance of the Bonds.

  • By the Corporation The Corporation shall indemnify and hold harmless, to the extent permitted by law, each Holder, such Holder’s officers, directors, managers, employees, partners, stockholders, members, trustees, Affiliates, agents and representatives, and each Person who controls such Holder (within the meaning of the Securities Act) (the “Holder Indemnified Parties”) against all losses, claims, actions, damages, liabilities and expenses (including with respect to actions or proceedings, whether commenced or threatened, and including reasonable attorney fees and expenses) caused by, resulting from, arising out of, based upon or related to any of the following statements, omissions or violations (each a “Violation”) by the Corporation: (i) any untrue or alleged untrue statement of material fact contained in (A) any registration statement, prospectus, preliminary prospectus or Free-Writing Prospectus, or any amendment thereof or supplement thereto or (B) any application or other document or communication (in this Section 7, collectively called an “application”) executed by or on behalf of the Corporation or based upon written information furnished by or on behalf of the Corporation filed in any jurisdiction in order to qualify any securities covered by such registration under the securities laws thereof, (ii) any omission or alleged omission of a material fact required to be stated therein or necessary to make the statements therein not misleading or (iii) any violation or alleged violation by the Corporation of the Securities Act or any other similar federal or state securities laws or any rule or regulation promulgated thereunder applicable to the Corporation and relating to action or inaction required of the Corporation in connection with any such registration, qualification or compliance. In addition, the Corporation will reimburse such Holder Indemnified Party for any legal or any other expenses reasonably incurred by them in connection with investigating or defending any such losses. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Corporation shall not be liable in any such case to the extent that any such losses result from, arise out of, are based upon, or relate to an untrue statement or alleged untrue statement, or omission or alleged omission, made in such registration statement, any such prospectus, preliminary prospectus or Free-Writing Prospectus or any amendment or supplement thereto, or in any application, in reliance upon, and in conformity with, written information prepared and furnished in writing to the Corporation by such Holder Indemnified Party expressly for use therein or by such Holder Indemnified Party’s failure to deliver a copy of the registration statement or prospectus or any amendments or supplements thereto after the Corporation has furnished such Holder Indemnified Party with a sufficient number of copies of the same. In connection with an underwritten offering, the Corporation shall indemnify such underwriters, their officers and directors, and each Person who controls such underwriters (within the meaning of the Securities Act) to the same extent as provided above with respect to the indemnification of the Holder Indemnified Parties.

  • Shareholders Section 5. In case any Shareholder or former Shareholder shall be held to be personally liable solely by reason of his or her being or having been a Shareholder and not because of his or her acts or omissions or for some other reason, the Shareholder or former Shareholder (or his or her heirs, executors, administrators or other legal representatives or, in the case of a corporation or other entity, its corporate or other general successor) shall be entitled to be held harmless from and indemnified against all loss and expense arising from such liability.

  • Stockholders The Stockholders recognize and acknowledge that they had in the past, currently have, and in the future may possibly have, access to certain confidential information of the Company, the Other Founding Companies, and/or TCI, such as operational policies, and pricing and cost policies that are valuable, special and unique assets of the Company's, the Other Founding Companies' and/or TCI's respective businesses ("Confidential Information"). The Stockholders agree that they will not disclose such Confidential Information to any person, firm, corporation, association or other entity for any purpose or reason whatsoever, except (a) to authorized representatives of TCI, (b) following the Closing, such Confidential Information may be disclosed by the Stockholders as is required in the course of performing their duties for TCI or the Surviving Corporation and (c) to counsel and other advisers, provided that such advisers (other than counsel) agree to the confidentiality provisions of this Section 14.1, unless (i) such Confidential Information becomes known to the public generally through no fault of the Stockholders, (ii) disclosure is required by law or the order of any governmental authority under color of law, provided, that prior to disclosing any Confidential Information pursuant to this clause (ii), the Stockholders shall, if possible, give prior written notice thereof to TCI and provide TCI with the opportunity to contest such disclosure, or (iii) the disclosing party reasonably believes that such disclosure is required in connection with the defense of a lawsuit against the disclosing party. In the event of a breach or threatened breach by any of the Stockholders of the provisions of this Section 14.1, TCI shall be entitled to an injunction restraining such Stockholders from disclosing, in whole or in part, such confidential information. Nothing herein shall be construed as prohibiting TCI from pursuing any other available remedy for such breach or threatened breach, including the recovery of damages. In the event the transactions contemplated by this Agreement are not consummated, Stockholders shall have none of the above-mentioned restrictions on their ability to disseminate Confidential Information with respect to the Company. Each Stockholder further agrees that in the event the transactions contemplated herein are not consummated (i) neither the Company nor any Stockholder can thereafter use any Confidential Information of the Other Founding Companies for any purpose and (ii) upon written request of any Other Founding Company to the Company, the Company and Stockholders will return all Confidential Information pertaining to such Other Founding Company to such Other Founding Company.

  • The Corporation The Corporation assumes and shall pay or cause to be paid all other expenses of the Corporation and the Fund (except for the expenses paid by the Mercury Funds Distributor division of Princeton Funds Distributor, Inc. (the "Distributor")), including, without limitation: taxes, expenses for legal and auditing services, costs of printing proxies, shareholder reports, prospectuses and statements of additional information, charges of the custodian, any sub-custodian and transfer agent, expenses of portfolio transactions, expenses of redemption of shares, Securities and Exchange Commission fees, expenses of registering the shares under Federal, state and foreign laws, fees and actual out-of-pocket expenses of Directors who are not affiliated persons of the Administrator, or of an affiliate of the Administrator, accounting and pricing costs (including

  • Meetings of Holders of the Preferred Securities (a) No annual meeting of Holders is required to be held. The Property Trustee, however, shall call a meeting of the Holders of the Preferred Securities to vote on any matter upon the written request of the Holders of at least twenty five percent (25%) in aggregate Liquidation Amount of the Outstanding Preferred Securities and the Administrative Trustees or the Property Trustee may, at any time in their discretion, call a meeting of the Holders of the Preferred Securities to vote on any matters as to which such Holders are entitled to vote.

  • Directors and Officers of the Surviving Corporation The directors of Purchaser immediately prior to the Effective Time shall, from and after the Effective Time, be appointed as the directors of the Surviving Corporation, and the officers of the Company immediately prior to the Effective Time, from and after the Effective Time, shall continue as the officers of the Surviving Corporation, in each case until their respective successors shall have been duly elected, designated or qualified, or until their earlier death, resignation or removal in accordance with the Surviving Corporation’s certificate of incorporation and bylaws.

  • Preferred Stock Directors Whenever, at any time or times, dividends payable on the shares of Designated Preferred Stock have not been paid for an aggregate of six quarterly Dividend Periods or more, whether or not consecutive, the authorized number of directors of the Issuer shall automatically be increased by two and the holders of the Designated Preferred Stock shall have the right, with holders of shares of any one or more other classes or series of Voting Parity Stock outstanding at the time, voting together as a class, to elect two directors (hereinafter the “Preferred Directors” and each a “Preferred Director”) to fill such newly created directorships at the Issuer’s next annual meeting of stockholders (or at a special meeting called for that purpose prior to such next annual meeting) and at each subsequent annual meeting of stockholders until all accrued and unpaid dividends for all past Dividend Periods, including the latest completed Dividend Period (including, if applicable as provided in Section 3(a) above, dividends on such amount), on all outstanding shares of Designated Preferred Stock have been declared and paid in full at which time such right shall terminate with respect to the Designated Preferred Stock, except as herein or by law expressly provided, subject to revesting in the event of each and every subsequent default of the character above mentioned; provided that it shall be a qualification for election for any Preferred Director that the election of such Preferred Director shall not cause the Issuer to violate any corporate governance requirements of any securities exchange or other trading facility on which securities of the Issuer may then be listed or traded that listed or traded companies must have a majority of independent directors. Upon any termination of the right of the holders of shares of Designated Preferred Stock and Voting Parity Stock as a class to vote for directors as provided above, the Preferred Directors shall cease to be qualified as directors, the term of office of all Preferred Directors then in office shall terminate immediately and the authorized number of directors shall be reduced by the number of Preferred Directors elected pursuant hereto. Any Preferred Director may be removed at any time, with or without cause, and any vacancy created thereby may be filled, only by the affirmative vote of the holders a majority of the shares of Designated Preferred Stock at the time outstanding voting separately as a class together with the holders of shares of Voting Parity Stock, to the extent the voting rights of such holders described above are then exercisable. If the office of any Preferred Director becomes vacant for any reason other than removal from office as aforesaid, the remaining Preferred Director may choose a successor who shall hold office for the unexpired term in respect of which such vacancy occurred.

  • Shareholders Voting Powers and Meeting Voting Powers -------------

  • Shareholders Voting Powers and Meetings The Shareholders shall have power to vote only (i) for the election or removal of Trustees as and to the extent provided in Section 4.1, (ii) with respect to such additional matters relating to the Trust as may be required by federal law including the 1940 Act, or any registration of the Trust with the Commission (or any successor agency) or any state and (iii) as the Trustees may otherwise consider necessary or desirable in their sole discretion. Provisions relating to meetings, quorum, required vote, record date and other matters relating to Shareholder voting rights are as provided in the By-Laws.