Shafts Sample Clauses

Shafts. Shafting shall be Aquamet/Aquatec 22. Shaft diameter shall be in accordance with the elected IACS Classification Society rules. The Contractor shall prepare and submit drawing 846-C610-01 SHAFTING to the COR during Phase I. The drawing shall include details of the shafts and shaft struts. The Contractor shall update the drawing during Phase II of the contract.
Shafts. 3.4 Major deviations from set targets will be addressed with organised labour to determine the sustainability of these shafts.
Shafts. Where shipment permits, motor output shafts shall be complete with motor half coupling mounted, connected to the driven equipment, and adjusted ready for operation. The output shafts of motors furnished with sleeve bearings shall be circumscribed with permanent marks indicating the motor magnetic center and end float limits when level and running uncoupled with rated voltage and frequency applied. A permanent, identified reference point shall be indicated or attached to the bearing housing or shaft seal. The markings shall be easily identifiable for use during motor installation. For horizontal sleeve bearing motors, the rotor end float and coupling end play shall be in accordance with NEMA MG 1.
Shafts. The danger involved in the work inside the shaft must be addressed in terms of safety - It is prohibited to step or stand on partitions inside the shafts, and there is no authorization for dismantling existing fire protection.
Shafts. Shafts shall be inspected for undue wear, scoring, straightness, and runout. Re- metallized shafts shall meet the original manufacturer's specifications.
Shafts. Shafts of motors shall be furnished with corrosion resistant treatment or shall be of corrosion resistant metal.
Shafts. Valve shafts shall be of high grade stainless steel. Valve shafts shall either be continuous through the disc or of a stub shaft design as described in the Project Specification and will be horizontal to the installed valve position. In the case of the sub-shaft type, each stub shaft shall extend into the disc hub for a distance of at least 1.5 times the shaft diameter. All keys, dowel pins and taper pins used to attach the shaft to the disc shall be mechanically secured. The shaft shall be so sealed that the only two wetted parts shall be the disc and the seat.
Shafts. 1. Ball shaft shall be so designed that the factor of safety for all combined stresses shall be at least
Shafts electricity cabinets and hydrants
Shafts. 1. The lineshaft shall be of enclosed design, minimum diameter to provide satisfactory operation