Set forth on Sample Clauses

Set forth on. Schedule 3.20.2(a) is a complete list of all patents, trademarks, registered copyrights, trade names and service marks, and any applications therefor, included in the Company Proprietary Rights, specifying, where applicable, the jurisdictions in which each such Company Proprietary Right has been issued or registered or in which an application for such issuance and registration has been filed, including the respective registration or application numbers and the names of all registered owners.
Set forth on. Schedule 3.20.2(c) is a complete list of all material licenses, sublicenses and other Contracts as to which the Company is a party and pursuant to which the Company or any other Person is authorized to use any Company Proprietary Rights (excluding “end-user licenses”) or other trade secret material to the Company’s business, and includes the identity of all parties thereto, a description of the nature and subject matter thereof, the applicable royalty and the term thereof.
Set forth on. Schedule 4.16 is, as of the Closing Date, (i) a complete and accurate list of all real property owned in fee simple by any Group Member or in which any Group Member owns a leasehold interest setting forth, for each such real property, the current street address (including, where applicable, county, state and other relevant jurisdictions), the record owner thereof (for owned property), and, where applicable, each lessee and sublessee thereof, (ii) any lease, sublease, license or sublicense of such real property by any Group Member and (iii) for each such real property that the Administrative Agent has requested be subject to a Mortgage or that is otherwise material to the business of any Group Member, each Contractual Obligation by any Group Member, whether contingent or otherwise, to Sell such real property.
Set forth on. Schedule E are: (i) an unaudited consolidated balance sheet as of March 31, 2011 (the “Latest Balance Sheet”), and the related consolidated statements of income and cash flow of the Company for the 3-month period then ended (together with the Latest Balance Sheet, the “Unaudited Financial Statements”) and (ii) the audited consolidated balance sheet as of December 31, 2010, (the “2010 Audited Balance Sheet”), and the related consolidated statements of income and cash flow of the Company for the fiscal years ended December 31, 2010 (together with the 2010 Audited Balance Sheet, the “Audited Financial Statements” and, together with the Unaudited Financial Statements, the “Financial Statements”). Except as set forth on Schedule E, the Financial Statements (including the related notes and schedules) have been based upon the information concerning the Company and its Subsidiaries contained in the Company’s and its Subsidiaries’ books and records, and present fairly in all material respects the consolidated financial condition and results of operations of the Company and its Subsidiaries (taken as a whole) as of the times and for the periods referred to therein and have been prepared in accordance with GAAP consistently applied throughout the periods referred to therein (subject, in the case of the Unaudited Financial Statements, to normal year-end audit adjustments, which are not expected, individually or in the aggregate, to be material in amount or effect and the absence of footnotes and other presentation items).