SERVICES TO BE PERFORMED BY EMPLOYEE. 2.1 Employee shall serve as Chief Financial Officer and shall perform the duties and responsibilities specified for said position in the By-Laws of the Employer, and such other duties and responsibilities as are usually and customarily performed by the Chief Financial Officer of a corporation. Employee shall work at the direction of and under the supervision of Employer's President and Chief Operating Officer. Employee shall perform such duties and acts commensurate with his position, skills and experience as may be reasonably required by Employer's Board of Directors in connection with any aspect of Employer's business.


  • SERVICES TO BE PERFORMED BY CONSULTANT A. Consultant hereby agrees to render to City, as an independent contractor, certain professional, technical and expert services of a temporary and occasional character as set forth in Exhibit A (“Scope of Work”).

  • Services to be performed by Contractor In consideration of the payments set forth herein and in Exhibit “B,” Contractor shall perform services for County in accordance with the terms, conditions and specifications set forth herein and in Exhibit “A.”

  • Services to be Performed Subject always to the supervision of Fund's Board of Trustees and the Manager, Sub-Adviser will furnish an investment program in respect of, make investment decisions for, and place all orders for the purchase and sale of securities for the portion of the Fund's investment portfolio allocated by Manager to Sub-Adviser, all on behalf of the Fund and as described in the investment policy section of the Fund's initial registration statement on Form N-2 as declared effective by the Securities and Exchange Commission, as such policies described therein may subsequently be changed by the Fund's Board of Trustees and publicly described. In the performance of its duties, Sub-Adviser will satisfy its fiduciary duties to the Fund, will monitor the Fund's investments in securities selected for the Fund by the Sub-Adviser hereunder, and will comply with the provisions of the Fund's Declaration of Trust and By-laws, as amended from time to time, and the stated investment objectives, policies and restrictions of the Fund. Manager will provide Sub-Adviser with current copies of the Fund's Declaration of Trust, By-laws, prospectus and any amendments thereto, and any objectives, policies or limitations not appearing therein as they may be relevant to Sub-Adviser's performance under this Agreement. Sub-Adviser and Manager will each make its officers and employees available to the other from time to time at reasonable times to review investment policies of the Fund and to consult with each other regarding the investment affairs of the Fund. Sub-Adviser will report to the Board of Trustees and to Manager with respect to the implementation of such program. The Sub-Adviser will vote all proxies solicited by or with respect to the issuers of securities which assets of the Fund's investment portfolio allocated by Manager to Sub-Adviser are invested, consistent with its proxy voting guidelines and based upon the best interests of the Fund. The Sub-Adviser will maintain appropriate records detailing its voting of proxies on behalf of the Fund and upon reasonable request will provide a report setting forth the proposals voted on and how the Fund's shares were voted, including the name of the corresponding issuers. Sub-Adviser is authorized to select the brokers or dealers that will execute the purchases and sales of portfolio securities for the Fund, and is directed to use its commercially reasonable efforts to obtain best execution, which includes most favorable net results and execution of the Fund's orders, taking into account all appropriate factors, including price, dealer spread or commission, size and difficulty of the transaction and research or other services provided. It is understood that the Sub-Adviser will not be deemed to have acted unlawfully, or to have breached a fiduciary duty to the Fund, or be in breach of any obligation owing to the Fund under this Agreement, or otherwise, solely by reason of its having caused the Fund to pay a member of a securities exchange, a broker or a dealer a commission for effecting a securities transaction for the Fund in excess of the amount of commission another member of an exchange, broker or dealer would have charged if the Sub-Adviser determined in good faith that the commission paid was reasonable in relation to the brokerage or research services provided by such member, broker or dealer, viewed in terms of that particular transaction or the Sub-Adviser's overall responsibilities with respect to its accounts, including the Fund, as to which it exercises investment discretion. In addition, if in the judgment of the Sub-Adviser, the Fund would be benefited by supplemental services, the Sub-Adviser is authorized to pay spreads or commissions to brokers or dealers furnishing such services in excess of spreads or commissions that another broker or dealer may charge for the same transaction, provided that the Sub-Adviser determined in good faith that the commission or spread paid was reasonable in relation to the services provided. The Sub-Adviser will properly communicate to the officers and trustees of the Fund such information relating to transactions for the Fund as they may reasonably request. In no instance will portfolio securities be purchased from or sold to the Manager, Sub-Adviser or any affiliated person of either the Fund, Manager, or Sub-Adviser, except as may be permitted under the 1940 Act; Sub-Adviser further agrees that it:

  • SERVICES TO BE RENDERED 2.1 Either party by giving the other party notice may reserve for periods of not less than one (1) or more than twelve (12) months, such electric power (herein called "Limited Term Power (Firm)") as the other party may be willing to make available as Limited Term Power (Firm). The party asked to supply Limited Term Power (Firm) shall be the sole judge as to the amounts and periods that it has electric power available that may be reserved by the other party as Limited Term Power (Firm).

  • SERVICES TO BE RENDERED BY SUB-ADVISER A. As a sub-adviser to the Portfolio(s), the Sub-Adviser will invest and reinvest the assets of the Portfolio(s) and determine the composition of the assets of the Portfolio(s), subject always to the supervision and control of the Adviser and the Trust Board.

  • STATEMENT OF SERVICES TO BE PROVIDED The Parties agree to cooperate to provide necessary and authorized services and resources in accordance with the terms of this Contract. Specific services provided are described in Attachment A – Statement of Work.

  • SERVICES TO BE PROVIDED Provided Tenant is not in Default, Landlord shall furnish to Tenant, except as noted below, the following utilities and other building services to the extent reasonably necessary for Tenant's comfortable use and occupancy of the Leased Premises for the Permitted Use or as may be required by law or directed by governmental authority:

  • Services Rendered At the discretion of the Committee, Shares may be awarded under the Plan in consideration of services rendered to the Company or a Subsidiary. If Shares are awarded without the payment of a Purchase Price in cash, the Committee shall make a determination (at the time of the Award) of the value of the services rendered by the Participant and the sufficiency of the consideration to meet the requirements of Section 6(b).

  • Consulting Services 7. Except as ADB may otherwise agree, and except as set forth in the paragraph below, the Borrower shall apply quality- and cost-based selection for selecting and engaging Consulting Services.

  • Service to be Rendered Transporter shall perform and Shipper shall receive service in accordance with the provisions of the effective FTS Rate Schedule and applicable General Terms and Conditions of Transporter's FERC Gas Tariff, Fourth Revised Volume No. 1 ("Tariff"), on file with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ("Commission"), as the same may be amended or superseded in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Commission. The maximum obligation of Transporter to deliver gas hereunder to or for Shipper, the designation of the points of delivery at which Transporter shall deliver or cause gas to be delivered to or for Shipper, and the points of receipt at which Shipper shall deliver or cause gas to be delivered, are specified in Appendix A, as the same may be amended from time to time by agreement between Shipper and Transporter, or in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Commission.