SERVICES TERMS AND CONDITIONS. The additional terms and conditions for the applicable Services can be found in the attached Addendum.
SERVICES TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Symantec agrees to provide the Services specified in the Services Order subject to the foregoing terms and conditions. In addition, certain Services may require software, hardware and associated documentation to be separately provided by Symantec as part of the Service (“Service Components”). These terms and conditions will control in the event of any conflict with a Services Order, unless otherwise specified in the Services Order. However, the Services Order may contain terms and conditions specific to the applicable Services ordered which terms will have no effect on other Services Orders. Terms not otherwise defined in these terms and conditions shall have the meanings set forth in the Services Order. For the purposes of these terms and conditions, the termAgreement” shall mean collectively these terms and conditions and the Services Order.
SERVICES TERMS AND CONDITIONS. The following additional terms will apply in relation to the Internet Data Centre Service.
SERVICES TERMS AND CONDITIONS. The following terms and conditions detail the provision of support services by X.commerce, Inc. d/b/a Smartlog, Inc. and its Affiliates (“Smartlog”) to an eligible entity (“Customer”) for the applicable On-premise Software and Managed Services (each a "Product" and collectively “Products”). Smartlog may modify these Support Terms at any time in its sole discretion, or its successor location. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Smartlog agrees that there will be no material diminishment in the benefits provided to Customer under these Support Terms during Customer’s License Term (as set forth in Customer’s Order Form). In the event of a conflict between these Support Terms and the Customer’s commercial agreement with Smartlog (the “Agreement”), the Agreement shall control, but only to the extent of such conflict. For clarity, these Support Terms do not apply to any On-demand Services, pre-release and/or beta features and products, Early Adopter Programs, or development licenses. Capitalized terms used herein, but not defined, shall have the meanings set forth in the Agreement. Subject to Customer’s payment of the applicable fees and Customer’s compliance with the Agreement, Smartlog will provide the following Support Services with respect to the Products: I. SUPPORT COMMITMENT
SERVICES TERMS AND CONDITIONS. The services, terms and conditions as contained in HMH’s Scope of Work are incorporated herein as set forth on Attachment A.
SERVICES TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Check writing Authorization. If you have requested check writing privileges for your brokerage account (“Account”), your Broker and COR must first approve your application. By requesting the check writing privilege, you authorize COR and the Bank to honour and pay checks drawn on your Account. You appoint the Bank as your agent for the purposes of this CCPA Agreement. The Bank is authorized upon presentment of checks to transmit such checks or payment information derived from such checks to withdraw funds in the Account in an amount sufficient to pay such checks and to effect their payment. You also agree that the Bank may honour electronic payments to and from the Account as authorized by you, when such payments are processed in accordance with law and the applicable payment systems rules. By requesting the check writing privilege, you authorize COR and the Bank to withdraw funds in the Account to pay a check or other such electronic debit. Withdrawal of funds is always subject to the acceptance of the Bank, COR or vendors. Both COR and the Bank may refuse any withdrawal that you attempt on checks or other forms not approved by COR and the Bank or by any method not specifically permitted. COR and the Bank reserve the right to terminate your check writing privileges in their sole discretion at any time. COR may amend the CCPA Agreement terms and conditions at any time. Upon receipt of notification, relevant amendments will be binding on you and the Account. Further, it is agreed that payments made from the Account under this CCPA Agreement are governed by the laws, including the Uniform Commercial Code, as enacted in the State of Missouri, as amended from time to time. Sufficient Funds. By requesting the check writing privilege, you agree that you will not write checks or authorize other electronic debits on your Account in amounts exceeding the amount of funds in the Account and available for payment at the time the check or debit is presented. If a check or debit causes your Account to be less the amount of available funds at the time presented, the check or debit will be returned unpaid and marked to indicate insufficient funds and a returned item fee will be charged against your Account. Authorized signers. Your signature(s) as represented on this application will serve as a signature card for participation in check writing services. In providing such signature(s), you represent and warrant that each signature set forth therein is a genuine representat...
SERVICES TERMS AND CONDITIONS. A. SERVICE OFFERING. You agree you are contracting for the services ("services") referenced on the XO Service Order Agreement ("SOA") with the applicable XO operating entities providing such Services (herein, "XO") This Agreement (as defined below) between you ("you" may also, be referred to as "Customer") and XO sets forth the legal rights and obligations governing the XO offer, provisioning, and delivery of Services to you and your use of the Services. This Agreement consists of the SOA, including the following terms and conditions, the Product Ts and Cs (as defined in Section D below) and the general Service terms and conditions (collectively, the "Additional Terms"), both set forth at ( (collectively, and as applicable, the "Terms and Conditions'), and applicable tariffs (collectively, the "Agreement"). Some Services offered by XO under this Agreement are offered pursuant to applicable tariffs, which are filed with applicable regulatory agencies ("Tariffed Services"), and the Terms and Conditions. All applicable tariffs are fully incorporated herein. For Tariffed Services in the event of conflict between the Terms and Conditions and a tariff, the tariff shall control to the extent of any inconsistency. Upon cancellation of any tariff the Terms and Conditions shall control. The terms and conditions set forth herein announce in most respects the Additional Terms. In the event of any inconsistency between the terms contained herein and the Additional Terms, and only to the extent of the inconsistency, the Additional Terms shall control.