Service Pricing Sample Clauses

Service Pricing. Quoted by Sycamore TAC at time of service request.
Service Pricing. (1) Term Agreement Pricing - You agree that service pricing for MTA On-Net service shall be subject to a separate service quotation with a unique quote number identified on the Local Exchange Services Addendum. Service pricing for any ILEC resold local telephone services shall mirror the current rates as published in the local exchange tariffs or local exchange service guides of the applicable Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier, less the promotional discount designated on the Local Exchange Services Addendum. Service Pricing for Inter-Exchange Voice Services shall be designated on the Inter-Exchange Voice Service Addendum.
Service Pricing. The pricing will cover labor, equipment testing and warranty parts for all products and equipment owned by the PFA as listed below. PFA shall pay the Service Provider for performance of the contract in monthly payments proportionate to the annual cost. Equipment/Personnel requiring servicing in 2016: QTY Description 25 Scott SCBA w/o regulator- annual testing and repair as needed 50 Cylinders and valve assemblies for hydro testing and valve repair 250 Personnel for annual fit testing (PFA personnel plus select other government personnel as determined by PFA) 185 Facepieces for testing and repair as required 200 Regulator– annual testing 5 Quarterly compressor air quality tests and maintenance At the City’s and/or PFA’s option, additional non-warranty repair parts that are not available in the existing PFA inventory may be purchased directly from the Service Provider at the currently published price list, less 15% discount. Such purchases will be invoiced separately as they occur. EXHIBIT B INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS
Service Pricing. MEMBER shall either: (i) pay fees for participation in the Service as published by VISA from time to time; or (ii) pursuant to the terms of the appropriate Master Agreement.
Service Pricing. Pricing for CDPD Services will be in accordance with the Pricing Plan that is attached hereto and incorporated herein as Exhibit B. It is specifically acknowledged and agreed by the parties that GTEW cannot and will not attempt to set, influence or determine the service rates or pricing of other carriers.
Service Pricing. SBL $19.95 monthly charge Set-up fee $40.00 one time charge Custom Greeting $10.00 one time charge Custom Greeting $2.95 monthly Expanded local calling $9.95 (pricing will vary slightly by area) DISTRIBUTION: Master Distributors and Agents. Commissions available. COMPETITION: None EXHIBIT 3 EMMA VPA, FF, ID, CD Commission Schedule:
Service Pricing. Buyer shall pay to U.S. Seller (i) during the Initial Term (as defined below), $154,167 per month (the “Base Rate”), (ii) for the first Extension Term, $169,583 per month, and (iii) for the second Extension Term, $177,292 per month. The Base Rate shall be allocated among the Services as provided under the heading “Charge or Rate” or similar heading on Schedule A and any amendment thereto. The charge to Buyer of any Additional Services that are not Services that were being provided to the Business as of the Closing shall be U.S. Seller’s actual cost to provide such Service or the cost otherwise agreed by the Parties. Any Additional Services that are Services that were being provided to the Business as of the Closing shall be included in the Base Rate. Any amounts payable by Buyer to U.S. Seller according to this Section 3.1 shall be reduced by the cost of any third-party services that are included in the amount but paid directly by Buyer, as long as Buyer has given notice to U.S. Seller of Buyer’s direct payment before Seller’s payment to the third party.
Service Pricing. (a) Prior to its Termination Date, each Transition Service will be provided to the Company at the appropriate unit price identified on Exhibit A (with respect to each Transition Service, its "Unit Price").
Service Pricing. Service pricing for out-of-warranty or additional service Service level US Costa Rica All Asia Israel Onsite FSE (Dedicated 40 hrs/wk – 52wks/yr) *** *** *** *** Hourly FSE Rate *** *** *** *** 16x7 on call w/ 4 hr on site response *** *** *** *** 24x7 on call w/ 4 hr on site response *** *** *** *** INTEL CONFIDENTIAL Page 37 of 44 *** Confidential material redacted and submitted separately to the Commission Seller is responsible for all travel, lodging expenses, and per diem for Seller’s field service support and instructors. The following exception will be in place for the following Buyer sites until the expiration date at which time it will revert to the stated agreement above. The following exceptions are as follows: On an exception basis only, Buyer will *** (in accordance with Buyers Travel Service Guidelines) only if Seller has a qualified *** training capability available at that site and Buyer requests additional or alternative support out of geographical region. For any Intel site worldwide, if Seller is required to hire a new person to fulfill a field service contract on a piece of equipment that is not currently supported by a service contract, the service contract is not cancelable within the first year. Service contracts may be renewed on a yearly basis. Engineering hourly charges: For Projects with a duration of less than *** months: Hourly rates for a Technician / Designer /Manufacturing - *** Hourly rates for an Engineer - ***
Service Pricing. A. HIQ DATA CORP agrees to provide Customer with Voice services for local and long distance telecommunication services, internet services and/or any other services selected on the form entitled “Fees and Hardware/Services Selected” attached hereto as the Customer Order Form during the Term and successive terms for the agreed upon price set forth in this Service Agreement and exhibits hereto, and, if requested and approved by HIQ DATA CORP in writing, may assist Customer in troubleshooting and repairing problems with Customer’s telephone system during the Term and successive terms (collectively “Service” or “Services”). Customer shall pay for all products and hardware listed on the Customer Order Form in connection with the Services. If HIQ DATA CORP agrees to perform Services in connection with troubleshooting and repairing problems with Customer’s telephone system or any other problem arising in whole or in part out of Customer’s network malfunction or deficiency, products or services provided by Customer or third parties or acts or omissions of Customer or third parties, HIQ DATA CORP will charge Customer for said Services at a mutually agreeable hourly rate. In addition, HIQ DATA CORP agrees to comply with the Service Level Agreement posted on HIQ DATA CORP’S website, (“Website”) and specifically at, and which is an exhibit to this Agreement. All Services and Products purchased after the effective date of this Agreement shall be subject to this Agreement, as amended. In the event Customer terminates a Service prior to the start of Service date (“Installation Date” or “Start of Service Date”) or subsequent thereto, Customer shall pay HIQ DATA CORP all third party charges incurred by HIQ DATA CORP as a result of the termination and arising out of this Agreement, including without limitation the DATA Service Termination Fee set forth in section 2 A.1and charged if Service is terminated on or before the Installation Date (there may be additional fees charged by third parties for termination of DATA Service) and all amounts paid or owed to third parties by HIQ DATA CORP in connection with the purchase, lease or providing of equipment or products to Customer as a result of this Agreement, in addition to all other amounts recoverable under this Agreement or under applicable law.