Service Criteria Sample Clauses

Service Criteria. The term ‘Service Criteria’ describes a couple of predefined criteria that Vitesco Technologies uses to evaluate support and services of Supplier in day-to-day business. Score for Relation with Plant is an appreciation from each individual Vitesco Technologies’ location regarding general collaboration. Scores for Packaging, Identification, Delivery Documents and Delivery Criteria are based on Supply Chain Incidents. Additional detailed information on Supply Chain Management incidents for each Service Criterion can be found below: Packaging: Damaged Packaging-Transport Damage, Contaminated Packaging, Packaging not according to specification, Packaging with mix load. Identification: Missing Label, Label not readable, Label not according to specification, Missing ASN, ASN not according to specification, Incorrect Material, Incorrect Quantity, Label not at correct position. Delivery Documents: Missing delivery documents, Delivery documents not according to specification. Delivery: Non-compliance of delivery instructions, Incorrect order code, Incorrect date code, Shelf-life exceeded, Material shortages. Score for each Service Criterion is 100% by default. One Supply Chain Management incident or more leads to a decreasing of rating in the corresponding Service Criterion at the affected Vitesco Technologies’ location for the current month.
Service Criteria. Unit members who have completed five years of service by June 1st of the fiscal year (e.g., have begun their sixth year by June 1st) will receive their vacation longevity payment by August 31st of the next fiscal year.
Service Criteria. The unit member must have five (5) years service credit with the County Office by June 1st of the fiscal year in which the vacation longevity payment option is exercised.
Service Criteria. The RSUs shall vest in accordance with the following schedule, subject to the Participant’s continued employment through the applicable vesting date (each such date, a “Vesting Date”): Vesting Date Percent of Total Award Vested February 20, 2019 33 1/3% February 20, 2020 66 2/3% February 20, 2021 100%
Service Criteria. Xxxxxxxxxx shall meet the following Service Criteria in its performance of the Services:
Service Criteria. Contractor shall choose instructors by their ability to fulfill instruction requirements in specific topics, including subject matter expertise and training experience. End of Exhibit A /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// EXHIBIT B PAYMENT TERMS COUNTY will pay CONTRACTOR:
Service Criteria. 3.1 The part of the pharmacy used for provision of the service provides a sufficient level of privacy and safety and meets other locally agreed criteria.
Service Criteria. It is envisioned that Falcon application processing will take place on back-end real estate servers in the Cendant data center in Denver, Colorado. Due to the fact that the network and hardware environment are managed and maintained by Cendant (and its third party outsourcer, IBM), day-to-day maintenance and monitoring of the hardware environment with which Falcon will integrate will be Cendant's and IBM's responsibility. The Falcon Software Support Staff will be responsible for providing Falcon application support consistent with the responsibilities and commitments set forth in the Agreement and this SL Agreement. There may be instances, however, where database, hardware and/or environmental problems that are outside the scope of the Falcon Software Support Staff's obligations hereunder may require the involvement of Falcon Software Support Staff personnel. The Falcon Software Support Staff shall assist Cendant (as reasonably needed) in remedying such problems. Unless otherwise specified in writing in advance by the Falcon Software Support Staff (and subject to mutual agreement between the parties regarding any fees), such assistance shall be provided at no additional cost to Cendant.
Service Criteria. Paratransit service shall be provided in accordance with U.S. Department of Transportation service criteria for complementary paratransit service (49 CFR 37.131).
Service Criteria. The specification details the following service criteria. The following pages contain some further guidance from the PCT on expected processes, outcomes and deliverables based on this process. Criteria One : Service Delivery Details  The provider will be contacted by social services when they identify a service user who requires help with medication and therefore a DomMAR. The provider should not start the service until it has received written confirmation from social services.  The provider should annotate the patient medication record that the patient requires a domMAR preparing with each dispensed medication.  The provider should prepare duplicate labels for each dispensed medication and attach it to the domMAR. The issuing of labels not attached to the chart is NOT permissible. Once the label has been attached to the chart the letters domMAR should be written starting on the left hand side of the chart and continuing onto the label.  The provider should keep the prepared chart together with the dispensed medication for collection or delivery to the service user.  If medication is prescribed at a different time to regular prescriptions then the DomMAR should be returned to the provider for labels to be attached. Criteria Two: Records Details  Supply of DomMAR will be recorded on the service user’s patient medication record.  A record of any relevant interventions will also be kept.  The PCT will provide a framework for the recording of relevant service information for the purposes of audit and the claiming of payment. Where data is missing or unclear then claims for payment will be returned to the provider for clarification and re-submission.  Claims for payment will be submitted monthly by the provider in a format agreed with the PCT Criteria Three: Training Details  The provider has a duty to ensure that all staff involved in the provision of the service have relevant knowledge and are appropriately trained in the operation of the service.  The provider should ensure that the staff who currently (or may in the future) complete claim forms to be fully aware of the necessity to follow the correct procedures with regards to patient data protection. Criteria Four: Relations with Other Agencies Details  East Riding of Yorkshire Council Adult Services must liaise with the provider before a patient is established on an domMAR, and continue to work closely with the provider of choice.