Service Cancellation Sample Clauses

Service Cancellation. You may cancel a service by providing written notice to ATB Financial. ATB Financial has the right at any time, without notice to you, to cancel any service, right or privilege in respect of the Account. If the Account is overdrawn, ATB Financial may, but is not required to, suspend any overdraft privileges, or the Account until such time as the Account is not overdrawn. If a Customer Card is cancelled or suspended:
Service Cancellation. County cancels service of process and if one or more attempts at service have been made at time of cancellation. $ Regular Rates
Service Cancellation. 4.7.1 The Customer can cancel their Service via the Zettagrid My Account self-service portal at any time or by emailing Zettagrid during normal business hours.
Service Cancellation. County cancels service of process prior Contractor making first attempt at service, documents shall be returned to County. $ 12.50
Service Cancellation. Xxxx Atlantic may cancel a Service connection at any -------------------- time by providing 60 days prior written notice via email to the designated cancellation point of contact. Xxxx Atlantic agrees to pay all Service fees accrued as of the effective cancellation date and an early cancellation fee equal to: for one-year Service quotations, 25% of the other monthly fees due for the canceled portion of the Service period, or for multi-year Service quotations, 25% of the other monthly fees due either (i) until the end of the 2nd year of the quotation's Service period, or (ii) for one (1) year following the effective cancellation date, whichever is greater. The early cancellation fee shall not apply to those instances where service was terminated due to Genuity's failure to timely cure a material breach of its obligations, as established in this Service Schedule.
Service Cancellation. If you wish to cancel your Service after activation, you must notify the MyRepublic Customer Support team by telephone. Services can be cancelled by you by giving five working daysnotice unless otherwise provided. You shall be responsible for all charges relating to your account up until the effective cancellation date. In all cases without exception MyRepublic is not responsible for any equipment purchased by you and cannot offer reimbursement of any equipment upon cancellation. Service downgrading will be treated as a cancellation unless otherwise allowed under the Service Specific Terms.
Service Cancellation. Please review the SurfEasy Cancellation and Refund Policy for information on how to cancel and to obtain a refund, if applicable. Independently of any statutory rights like withdrawal rights, certain Services may include a money-back guarantee, if you are not satisfied for any reason. However, if you obtained the right to use the Service through a Provider, and you wish to cancel, you must do so directly with that Provider following that Provider’s instructions. In such instance, you may not be entitled to any refund by us of any fee paid by you to a Provider.