Seeds Sample Clauses

Seeds. The Deliverables may contain seed names and addresses or phone numbers (“Seeds”) for control purposes. The Client acknowledges that these Seeds will not be made known to them. It shall constitute a material breach of the Agreement if the Company’s records indicate that any Seeds received any communications undertaken by or on behalf of the Client or with the Client’s consent or knowledge outside the Permitted Purposes.
Seeds. New seeds are available starting in March; year-round, first come first serve at the Seed Shed in front of our warehouse: 0000 Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx Xx XX, Xxxxx XX.
Seeds. Seeds, within the meaning of this agreement, shall mean, dormant generative reproductive organs, such as seeds, fruits, pseudo-fruits, fruit clusters or parts thereof, as well as any vegetative plant organs from which whole plants can be generated – by whatever method –, as well as pollen, and all informational components therein, which have in each case been placed on the market under the terms and conditions con- tained in this licence or has been obtained from such seeds through propagation or has been enhanced.
Seeds. (6) 5. Joint Declaration on national asylum policies The Contracting Parties shall draw up an inventory of national asylum policies with a view to the harmonisation thereof.
Seeds. A key focus of the co-operation agreement is to jointly develop and commercialise cultivars that Agria, PGW, and their development partners have access to internationally. This would see the licence of intellectual property held by PGW licensed in China and Internationally, and at the same time give PGW access to Chinese intellectual property. Both PGW through its relationship with it development partners including: • Grasslands Innovations -(AgResearch JV Company) • INIA / Grasslands Innovations (Uruguay) • Noble Foundation — (US) • University of Georgia (US) • Endophyte Management (AgResearch — Collaboration Agreement) • Forage Innovations (Brassicas) — (Plant and Food JV Company) • Graminia JV Company -(MPBCRC — Australia) • Brazil — ENBRAPA • Uruguay — INIA • Argentina — University Buenos Aires / INTA • Nickersons (UK — Limagrain GroupFrance) • PGWS has a large number of other collaborative agreements which cover: • Grass / Legumes /Barley /Wheat / Maize / Soya Beans / and a number of other species in the various markets in which PGWS have operating entities (Some of these relationships could be potentially introduced to China as appropriate) and Agria through its extensive relationship with the China National Academy of Agricultural Science (“CNAAS”) and in particular through Agria’s completion of its acquisition of a strategic shareholding of Beijing Xxxxx Xxxxx Seed Industry Co., Ltd. a Company partly owned by CNAAS to commercialise CNAAS Intellectual Property. Cooperation agreement 16th October 2009 Both parties agree to cooperate in the commercialisation of cultivars (that they have produced collaboratively or either party already has rights or access to, that the other party could commercialise) in the various markets where they either have existing distribution channels or access to new markets and territories. Cultivars will be made available on commercial terms that reflect the basis of the relative contribution each party has made in the overall supply chain. (refer commercialisation matrix below). Initially, access to Chinese market may be provided through Agria’s existing operations and later through joint ventures to be formed by the Parties pursuant to Clause 1. Both parties agree to expand CNAAS advanced technologies for development of seed cultivars in China and other territories. Agria will lead the initiative jointly with PGW in identification, development and application of such commercial opportunities. Four Parts to commercialis...
Seeds. New seeds are available starting in March; year-round, first come first serve at the Seed Shed in front of our warehouse: 0000 Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx Xx XX, Xxxxx XX. There will also be one bulk seed distribution day in March.
Seeds. New seeds are available by appointment in the month of February; year round, first come first serve at the Seed Shed in front of our warehouse, 0000 Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx Xx XX, Xxxxx XX.

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