Section 9.10 Specified Period Fee Sample Clauses

Section 9.10 Specified Period Fee. If, on the last day of any Specified Fiscal Quarter, the Unsecured Debt Ratio is less than 1.50 to 1.0, the Company shall pay a fee (the “Specified Period Fee”) to each holder in an amount equal 0.125% (12.5 bps) multiplied by the aggregate principal amount of Notes held by such holder, which fee shall be paid by the earlier of 5 Business Days following (a) the date on which the Company has delivered its officer certificate pursuant to Section 7.2 with respect to each such Specified Fiscal Quarter or (b) the date on which the Company was required to deliver its officer certificate pursuant to Section 7.2 with respect to each such Specified Fiscal Quarter, commencing with the Specified Fiscal Quarter ending June 30, 2020, provided, however, that for the avoidance of doubt, any payment of a Make-Whole Amount shall be calculated assuming that no Specified Period Fee applies to any Notes.

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