Sanitary Sample Clauses

Sanitary. All sanitary lines both vertical & horizontal for each and every kitchen & toilets of each flat will be finished with SUPREME make HDPE Pipe & Fittings, will have one basin in Dining. ELECRTICALS:- All wiring will be concealed by PVC CONDUTE with FLAME RETARDANT PVC INSULATED CABLES of necessary GUAGE and specification of FINOLEX Brand along with Modular Switch, Plug-Points, and 15 AMP. Power Points, Fuses, MCB Switches of ISI Marked Modular.
Sanitary. 9.1 Water closets – EWC of standard quality
Sanitary. If there is a sanitary disposal system for Tenant's exclusive use, then Tenant shall be required to maintain, repair and replace same at Tenant's sole cost and expense. In such event, Tenant shall not be required to share in the cost and expense of the maintenance, repair and replacement of any other sanitary disposal system used by Landlord or other tenants of the Building of which the Demised Premises forms a part.
Sanitary. Employee driving sanitary vehicle, an extra weekly amount at the rate specified in Schedule 11.
Sanitary. Standard good quality fixtures and fittings
Sanitary. Good Quality WC with Showers and Wash Basin (Parryware/Hindustan/Nycer/Cera or equivalent) - Chromium Plated fittings (Jaquar/Essco/Marc or equivalent) - Concealed Hot & Cold Lines. These shall be as per design & specification of the Architect.
Sanitary. The Employer shall provide adequate sanitary facilities on the job site commensurate with the number of men employed as laid down in the Municipal, Provincial and Federal Government regulations. Flush toilets will be supplied wherever the length of the job, the number of men employed and the availability of sewer and water connections make it practical to do so. Where potable running water is not available drinking water will be supplied in sanitary insulated containers complete with paper cups (unless supplied by others). Chemical hand cleaner will be provided by the Employer where wash up facilities are not available on the job site. In the event that proper toilet facilities, as described above are not provided, no employee will be penalized for leaving the job in the case of necessity. Employers shall allow employees sufficient time to put away tools before quitting time. No member of the Union shall be allowed to drive a vehicle of any description for the purpose of transporting tools or materials unless said vehicle is furnished by the Employer.
Sanitary. GUEST is responsible for following the check in and check out guidelines for trash, recycling, and bottle return provided for you in your welcome letter. In the event trash/recycling is not removed during your stay a $150.00 penalty will be charged to GUEST. If your stay is NOT during trash day per property penalty fee will not apply.
Sanitary. Sanitary fixtures and fittings, sanitary installations, internal & external water supply arrangement with provision of geyser line, internal sanitary systems, pumps house, pumps, sewerage/Septage disposal system, rain water disposal/ harvesting etc./ fittings as per IS specification - as will be approved by Vendor.
Sanitary. The minimum size of a sanitary sewer, typically 200mm, has capacity to service parcels other than the Developer’s and will not be considered to be an excess service. If abutting lands can connect to a 200mm main, it will be considered to be an extended service only. Where the Developer installs a sewage pump station and force main, these works shall be considered to be an excess service and the cost shall be calculated using the total area contained in the Developer’s lands and the upstream catchment area.