San Mateo County Sample Clauses

San Mateo County. Two representatives of the county to be appointed by the Board of Supervisors; two representatives of Member cities within the county to be appointed by the mayors of Member cities meeting in conference.

Related to San Mateo County

  • County The County shall be represented in such bargaining or negotiations by such representation as the County Executive shall designate.

  • Joint Funded Project with the Ohio Department of Transportation In the event that the Recipient does not have contracting authority over project engineering, construction, or right-of- way, the Recipient and the OPWC hereby assign certain responsibilities to the Ohio Department of Transportation, an authorized representative of the State of Ohio. Notwithstanding Sections IV, VI.A., VI.B., VI.C., and VII of the Project Agreement, Recipient hereby acknowledges that upon notification by the Ohio Department of Transportation, all payments for eligible project costs will be disbursed by the Grantor directly to the Ohio Department of Transportation. A Memorandum of Funds issued by the Ohio Department of Transportation shall be used to certify the estimated project costs. Upon receipt of a Memorandum of Funds from the Ohio Department of Transportation, the OPWC shall transfer funds directly to the Ohio Department of Transportation via an Intra-State Transfer Voucher. The amount or amounts transferred shall be determined by applying the Participation Percentages defined in Appendix D to those eligible project costs within the Memorandum of Funds. In the event that the Project Scope is for right-of-way only, notwithstanding Appendix D, the OPWC shall pay for 100% of the right-of-way costs not to exceed the total financial assistance provided in Appendix C. APPENDIX D LOCAL SUBDIVISION CONTRIBUTION, PROJECT FINANCING AND EXPENSES SCHEME AND DISBURSEMENT RATIO

  • Location and Type of Mortgaged Property The Mortgaged Property is a fee simple property located in the state identified in the Mortgage Loan Schedule and consists of a parcel of real property with a detached single family residence erected thereon, two-to-four family dwelling, an individual condominium unit in a low-rise condominium project, or an individual unit in a planned unit development, provided, however, that any condominium project or planned unit development shall conform with the Company's Underwriting Guidelines regarding such dwellings, and no residence or dwelling is a mobile home, a manufactured dwelling, a modular home or rural property. No portion of the Mortgaged Property is used for commercial purposes;

  • Name; State of Organization; Chief Executive Office; Collateral Locations (a) The exact legal name of each Borrower and Guarantor is as set forth on the signature page of this Agreement and in the Information Certificate. No Borrower or Guarantor has, during the five years prior to the date of this Agreement, been known by or used any other corporate or fictitious name or been a party to any merger or consolidation, or acquired all or substantially all of the assets of any Person, or acquired any of its property or assets out of the ordinary course of business, except as set forth in the Information Certificate.

  • Official Records The resolutions of the Board of Directors of the Transferor’s Managing Member approving each of the Transaction Documents and all documents relating thereto are and shall be continuously reflected in the minutes of the Board of Directors of the Transferor’s Managing Member and in the official records of the Transferor. Each of the Transaction Documents and all documents relating thereto are and shall, continuously from the time of their respective execution by the Transferor, be official records of the Transferor.

  • Non-State Agencies Participation in Centralized Contracts New York State political subdivisions and others authorized by New York State law may participate in Centralized Contracts. These include, but are not limited to local governments, public authorities, public school and fire districts, public and nonprofit libraries, and certain other nonpublic/nonprofit organizations. See "Participation in Centralized Contracts" in Appendix B, General Specifications January 2015 22772 Project Based Information Technology Consulting (Statewide). Upon request, all eligible non-State agencies must furnish Contractors with the proper tax exemption certificates and documentation certifying eligibility to use State contracts. Questions regarding an organization's eligibility to purchase from New York State Contracts may also be directed to OGS Customer Services at 000-000-0000.

  • COUNTY RIGHTS a. All County rights and functions, except those which are expressly abridged by this Agreement, shall remain vested with the County.

  • County of Orange Child Support Enforcement Subrecipient certifies it is in full compliance with all applicable federal and state reporting requirements regarding its employees and with all lawfully served Wage and Earnings Assignment Orders and Notices of Assignments and will continue to be in compliance throughout the term of the Contract with the County of Orange. Failure to comply shall constitute a material breach of the Contract and failure to cure such breach within 60 calendar days of notice from the County shall constitute grounds for termination of the Contract.

  • School Official Designation Pursuant to Article I, Paragraph 1 of the DPA Standard Clauses, and in accordance with FERPA, ISSRA and SOPPA, in performing its obligations under the DPA, the Provider is acting as a school official with legitimate educational interest; is performing an institutional service or function for which the LEA would otherwise use its own employees; is under the direct control of the LEA with respect to the use and maintenance of Student Data; and is using Student Data only for an authorized purpose and in furtherance of such legitimate educational interest.

  • Filings with State Offices Upon the terms and subject to the conditions of this Agreement, Purchaser shall execute and file the Certificate of Merger with the Secretary of State of Georgia in connection with the Closing.