Sale of the Project Sample Clauses

Sale of the Project. For a period of two years following the Closing Date, the Partnership and the General Partner shall not, without the prior written consent of the affected Equity Holder(s): (a) sell or otherwise dispose of the Project (other than through a deed in lieu of foreclosure, a foreclosure action, or an act of eminent domain) unless such sale or disposition qualifies for non-recognition of gain under the Code (for example, by means of exchanges contemplated under Code sections 351, 354, 355, 368, 721, 1031, or 1033), in such manner as the Code provides from time to time and the Equity Holders recognize no gain as a result thereof or (b) cause a voluntary distribution of property that would cause the Equity Holders to recognize income or gain pursuant to the provisions of either or both of sections 704(c)(1)(B) and 737 of the Code.
Sale of the Project. In the event the Project is sold, conveyed or transferred during the term hereof, Owner may assign this Agreement to the purchaser of the Project, subject to obtaining Manager's prior written consent, or Owner may terminate this Agreement, and Owner shall pay to Manager a termination fee equal to the Fee payable hereunder for the month prior to the month of termination. Manager, unless otherwise agreed, shall have no duties in connection with any such sale except reasonable cooperation with brokers and purchasers.
Sale of the Project. Landlord has the unrestricted right to sell, transfer or assign its rights in the Building, the Project, the Complex, this Lease, or any portion of the foregoing without Tenant's authority or approval. In the event of a sale or conveyance by Landlord of the Project and/or the Building, the same shall operate to release Landlord from any and all liability and obligations under this Lease arising after the date of such sale to the extent such liability and obligations are transferred to a third party. Tenant's right to quiet possession of the Premises shall not be disturbed so long as Tenant shall pay the Rent and observe and perform all of the provisions of this Lease to be observed and performed by Tenant, unless this Lease is terminated pursuant to specific provisions relating thereto or contained herein. Landlord shall have the unrestricted right to assign its rights under this Lease. If Tenant has made or makes any security deposit with Landlord, Landlord may transfer such security deposit to the purchaser, and thereupon Landlord shall be discharged from any further liability in reference thereto.
Sale of the Project. Seller agrees to sell the Project to Purchaser and Purchaser agrees to acquire and purchase the Project from Seller in accordance with the terms and provisions contained herein. As used herein, the term Personal Property shall not include Seller’s rights and interest in the name “The Grove”, the oak leaf logo used in conjunction with such name, or any goodwill and other intangible interests associated therewith (the “Trademarks”), and such Trademarks shall not be conveyed to Purchaser as a part of the transaction contemplated by this Agreement, but Seller shall grant to Purchaser a license to use such Trademarks pursuant to terms and conditions contained in a License Agreement, in the form attached hereto as Exhibit “J”.
Sale of the Project. SECTION 3.1 Sale of the Project ......................................................................................
Sale of the Project. In consideration of this Agreement, Issuer hereby sells to City and City hereby purchases from Issuer, all of the right, title and interest of Issuer in the Project, subject to Permitted Encumbrances. Issuer agrees to execute a limited warranty deed to City and to deliver the same to City upon completion of the Project and no later than June 30, 2021. Said deed shall convey to City the fee simple title to the Project, free and clear from all encumbrances except Permitted Encumbrances. The Issuer shall execute such other instruments and documents as City may reasonably request to perfect the transfer of title to the Project to City.
Sale of the Project. Development Manager is being retained by Owner pursuant to the provisions of this Agreement to negotiate the sale of portions of the Project. All of the proceeds from any such sale shall be the property of Owner and Development Manager shall not have any right or interest with respect thereto except that Owner shall pay Development Manager the Development Management Fee and the Success Fee as provided herein and that Development Manager shall have the right to retain and use fees paid by Buyers for the Co-op Marketing and Advertising Program as provided in Section 4.1.2 above. In no event shall Development Manager sell any portion of the Project without the prior written consent of Owner, which consent may be withheld in Owner's sole and absolute discretion. Development Manager shall use commercially reasonable efforts to sell the Project. Development Manager shall provide experienced marketing, brokerage, administrative and professional personnel to undertake the services of Development Manager as described in this Article. All of the Marketing Materials prepared by or for Development Manager shall be and remain the property of Owner.
Sale of the Project. At such time as approved by the Members, Advertising, promoting and negotiating the sale of Lots within the Project to prospective purchasers on the best terms and for the price approved by the Members and causing the Company to comply with the terms of all sales contracts and escrow instructions and enforcing said sales contracts and escrow instructions for the benefit of the Company.
Sale of the Project. If the Pine Valley Group sells, assigns or transfers to a third party an interest of greater than 50% of the Willow Creek Project or a third party purchases all outstanding shares of Falls Mountain, then the Pine Valley Group will make it a condition of any such transaction that the outstanding Loan principal and accrued Interest will be repaid in full out of the transaction proceeds.
Sale of the Project. Pursuant to an Asset Purchase Agreement relating to Nine Mile Point Unit 1 Nuclear Generating Facility ("NMP1"), dated as of December 11, 2000, by and among the Corporation, Constellation Energy Group, Inc. and Constellation Nuclear, LLC (the "NMP1 Purchaser"), the Corporation has sold NMP1 of which certain portions of the Project are a part to the NMP1 Purchaser. Pursuant to an Asset Purchase Agreement relating to Nine Mile Point Unit 2 Nuclear Generating Facility ("NMP2"), dated as of December 11, 2000, by and among the Corporation, New York State Electric and Gas Corporation, Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation, Central Hudson Gas and Electric Corporation, Constellation Energy Group, Inc. and Constellation Nuclear, LLC (the "NMP2 Purchaser"), the Corporation has sold its interest in NMP2 of which certain portions of the Project are a part to the NMP2 Purchaser. In connection with the delivery of the Bonds, the Corporation has caused a certificate relating to the use of the Project and the applicability of certain tax covenants contained in the asset purchase agreements to the Bonds to be delivered to the Authority by Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station, LLC, as purchaser of the Project, in the form set forth in Exhibit C hereto.