Riverside Sample Clauses

Riverside. The Riverside Centre for Outdoor Learning is part of the Residential and Edge of Care Service (REoC). Riverside provides bespoke evidence-based interventions through the medium of outdoor learning. Access to Riverside’s services is by a referral process. Referrals often outstrip delivery capacity, so Riverside prioritise referrals with clear outcomes identified for the work. Riverside will accept work referrals for individual young people, family units and groups. The main duties of the Riverside Centre and its staff are to: • Provide high quality bespoke evidence-based interventions • Provide high quality safety management for all activities • Provide a mechanism for accreditation for any young people in the YPSA • Monitor the quality of our interventions for our effectiveness The core Riverside service is without cost, but a referring service would be expected to pay for any consumable items used e.g. transport, food, entry fees (such as climbing walls), etc.
Riverside. This Agreement is intended to award credit to students completing the Aviation Maintenance Technology program at Spartan College – Riverside. The parties desire to promote the most efficient and effective use of their resources and to offer students the broadest possible range of educational opportunities. It has been determined that the Spartan College – Riverside Aviation Maintenance Technology diploma program curriculum meets the Federal Aviation Administration requirements established in the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 14, Chapter 1, Subpart H, Part 147 Appendix AGeneral Curriculum Subjects, Appendix B – Airframe Curriculum Subjects, and Appendix D – Powerplant Curriculum Subjects; therefore, these courses have been determined to be equivalent to the Spartan College – Tulsa Aviation Maintenance Technology degree program technical curriculum and shall be articulated. This leaves only the courses counted towards college level academic general education and career exploration to complete the Spartan College - Tulsa Aviation Maintenance Technology Associate of Applied Science (“AAS”) degree.
Riverside. Riverside has been duly incorporated and is an existing corporation in good standing under the laws of Georgia, with its principal executive offices located in Marietta, Georgia. As of July 31, 2005, Riverside had authorized: (1) 8,000,000 shares of Class A common stock, par value $1.00 per share (“Riverside Class A Common Stock”), of which 5,074,180 shares are outstanding as of the date hereof; and (2) 2,000,000 shares of Class B common stock, par value $1.00 per share (“Riverside Class B Common Stock”), of which 110,814 shares are outstanding as of the date hereof. All of the issued and outstanding shares of Riverside Class A and Class B Common Stock are duly and validly issued and outstanding and are fully paid and nonassessable and not subject to any preemptive rights. Riverside has one wholly-owned banking Subsidiary, Riverside Bank, which Subsidiary is an “insured institution” as defined in the Federal Deposit Insurance Act and the applicable regulations thereunder, and the deposits in which are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and other non-banking Subsidiaries.
Riverside. (All increases to be effective October 1, 2001 unless otherwise noted)
Riverside. Vendor's Principal Place of Business (State) In what state is Vendor's principal place of business located?
Riverside. The Riverside zone is the main road, rail and air gateway to Dundee from the Scottish central lowlands. It accommodates Dundee Airport and there are proposals in place to create a rail stop and Park and Ride facilities to enable swift access to the other waterfront zones. Riverside also provides recreation and sporting resources. A former landfill site has been transformed to create a 35 hectare nature park with views over the River Tay, which is intended to be used and accessed by all those living and working in the city and developers are currently building riverside apartment to take advantage of the location and amenities provided.
Riverside. New Article Lead Positions- Management may designate lead positions, they may not be removed for arbitrary or capricious reasons. Appendix III, F- List of Identified Past Practices- Language added regarding rotation of overtime shifts and double-time shifts in the respiratory department. Regional Medical Center of San Xxxx and Good Samaritan
Riverside. An effort to merge the two issues would have thwarted the agreement on the cap, according to stakeholder discussions.
Riverside. As part of the consideration for the products and services received hereunder, UCC hereby acknowledges that it has received full, complete and adequate compensation with respect to UCC's lease to a third party (pre-existing the Effective Date) of a certain ten-mile segment of six-inch pipeline (the so-called Riverside pipeline) in Assumption, Ascension and Iberville Parishes, Louisiana ("Riverside Lease"), and no further compensation from DHRI or DHRI Affiliates is due to UCC in connection with the Riverside Lease.
Riverside a. Within-range increases will be provided as described in Provisions A and B above.