Risk and Ownership Sample Clauses

Risk and Ownership. C14.1 Subject to clause C13 above, risk in the Goods shall, without prejudice to any other rights or remedies of the Authority (including the Authority’s rights and remedies under clause C16 below) pass to the Authority when delivery is completed to the Authority’s reasonable satisfaction.
Risk and Ownership. 6.1. Risk in the Goods remains with you until the Goods are delivered to us in accordance with the Order.
Risk and Ownership. 5.1 All risk in Goods supplied by the Seller will pass to the Customer upon delivery or deemed delivery of the Goods to the Customer, a carrier commissioned by the Customer or the Customer’s nominated agent.
Risk and Ownership. Upon 90% of payment, C-DAC shall become owners of goods ordered but all risks, responsibilities; liabilities thereof in all goods shall remain with selected bidder till delivery of all goods to all end users. Part deliveries shall not be treated as deliveries. Only full deliveries of all items ordered will be considered as delivery.
Risk and Ownership. 9.1 All rights of ownership in and to any Equipment: